Team Building in Barcelona: FAQ
team building activities for groups in Barcelona

Planning a Team Building in Barcelona

When planning a team building event, it can be difficult to know where to start or even why you’re planning such an event at all. Check out our Team Building in Barcelona FAQ for answers to some of your burning questions related to team building activities.

Planning an event abroad can be very stressful, and in Barcelona it can be especially difficult. Local businesses are not always quick to answer or forthcoming with details, which can leave you with unanswered questions and unsure on how to get the information you need. Barcelona is also a city with so many restaurants, event venues, activities and tours, that finding the right things to include in your visit to the city is understandably overwhelming.

Your Local Event Agency in Barcelona

Enter, the only event agency in Barcelona that you need. We will handle your booking from beginning to end, with personalised service and bespoke itineraries. Trust us to organise your transport, activities, dinners and accommodation. We have all the contacts, local knowledge and a genuine passion for the stunning Mediterranean city of Barcelona to create a stunning event for your group.

Get in touch with the dates you’re visiting, the number of people and the goals of your visit, and one of our dedicated agents will get to work preparing your proposal. You will receive clear, concise information from us, and we will always keep you informed. We pride ourselves on our stellar communication and many clients have commented on how easy it was to speak to and work with their BarcelonaTours contact. Please see our Reviews on Google to see what else our clients have said about us.

Team Building FAQ

Once you’ve had a look at the questions below, make sure you get in touch with to start planning your corporate event in Barcelona.

What is a team building activity?

A team-building activity is a group activity that companies organise to help co-workers form stronger bonds. They can also help reinforce the ideals of the business, such as teamwork, patience, problem-solving and communication.

What is the main purpose of team building?

The main purpose of team building is to bring members of the same team together through fun activities and this, in turn, will boost performance, positivity and productivity at work. The activity may just be something relaxing, but it can also involve healthy competition to unite teams with a common goal. The result of a good team-building will be that colleagues feel more comfortable with each other and hopefully built stronger bonds which can be carried into their day-to-day interactions. Of course, every company will have their own aims for the team building too.

What are the types of team building?

There are many different types of team building activities. An in-office team building activity might involve using what you have in the office to create challenges. If you've taken your team building out of the office, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. At BarcelonaTours, we have a multitude of different team building options. They can be relaxing activities, such as a boat trip or group dinner, collective projects, like our Graffiti Art Collective or the Mosaic making class, and finally competitions, like our Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt or the Paella Cooking Competition.

What are the benefits of team building?

Benefits of team building include: forming and reinforcing strong relationships between colleagues; making fun memories with colleagues that everyone will be able to share when back at work; taking some time away from the workplace in order to discover more about each other in an entirely new environment; finding out more about skills and talents colleagues have outside the workplace and seeing if they can be applied to work; having fun as a team without the pressure of being in a working environment.

What are the best team building activities for work?

Take your team building out of the office if you can! People will feel more relaxed and engaged if they are in a new environment.

What are some team building games?

Try the Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt, the Paella or Tapas Cooking Competition, Wipeout: Warriors of Fun and an Escape Room.

How do you conduct team building activities?

We recommend contacting us at BarcelonaTours to plan your team building activities in Barcelona. We have all the resources and local knowledge you need to create the best possible team building abroad.

To read more about the benefits of hiring a local company to plan your event, please read our blog on that topic.