Book a Mobile Escape Room for Groups in Barcelona. The next generation of escape rooms is here and there’s plenty of space for everyone! This exciting team building activity can accommodate more than 200 participants, meaning that escape rooms and code-breaking activities are no longer just for small businesses.

The average Barcelona escape room can hold 6 – 10 participants, which seriously restricts the types of events and businesses that can take part. Enter our activity: Mission: Classified.

Mission: Classified is a completely mobile escape room activity for large groups that can be held in almost any venue. Each team simply needs access to a table on which the activity materials can be placed and you’re ready to go!

Team size: From 3 to 8 players
Minimum number: 10 players
Maximum number: 240 players
Space needed: 1 table per team, 8 – 10m2 per team
Duration of activity: 80 – 90 minutes
Set up time: 30 minutes
Gamemasters and BarcelonaTours guide.
Venue hire.
CAPACITY 10 – 240 people.
DURATION Two hours.

Escape your hotel, or a restaurant, or a conference room…

It might seem strange to have an “escape room” without needing to, well, escape a room, but the Mobile Escape Room still has all the pressure, all the drama and, most importantly, all the teamwork of a traditional escape room. Time limits, tough questions and impending doom are great motivators…

How does the Mobile Escape Room work?

It’s easy to set up the Mobile Escape Room for Groups in Barcelona. All we need is a spot to set up some tables, one per team. We can arrange a venue for you, or you can organise your own. We know great restaurants and locations with plenty of space for large groups. If you already have a conference or meeting room in your hotel then we can easily do the activity there.

Wherever you choose to hold the event, our gamemasters will keep the energy and excitement high, ensuring every participant becomes engrossed in the game.

What’s included in the Mobile Escape Room?

All the equipment for the game will be brought to the venue and set up (set up time is around 30 minutes). There will also be at least one gamemaster there to explain the mission and encourage participant throughout the game.

This escape room activity for large groups will last between 70 – 90 minutes (depending on how fast you can complete the tasks!). As well as the gamemaster, there will be a representative of BarcelonaTours on site too.

Important: the price on this page does not include the price of the venue or transport.

What’s the mission?

Well, it’s classified! But you have the necessary clearance.

Mankind once used to live in harmony with nature, but after years of pollution, deforestation, war and destruction, we are close to the end of the world as we know it… or are we?

The government has been putting together a secret team of experts, the best of the best, who can help to save the planet. The brightest minds have been collected and you have been selected for the final phase of testing. Prove that you and your team members are the best and deserve to be chosen to help save the world.

There are questions to be answered, codes to be broken, and you’ll never make it to the end without critical thinking, perseverance, and above all, teamwork.

Will you join the elite or be left behind?

More options

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Please note the price does not include venue hire. The activity can be set up anywhere that has enough space. We can organise a venue for you, such as a restaurant or a conference room – please get in touch for a quote.

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