Sailing the Mediterranean Sea

Booking a private yacht charter in Barcelona is one of the best ways to enjoy what Barcelona has to offer.

One of the most gorgeous sights when looking over the Mediterranean from the shoreline, are the little white sails routinely dotted all over the horizon. Locals love to sail and make the most of the blue skies and you can too when you visit this amazing city.

Who should book a private yacht in Barcelona?

People relaxing on board a private yacht in Barcelona

Small groups on holiday: celebrating, relaxing and everything in between

Private yacht trips in Barcelona are great for any group looking to spend a few hours on the sea. We use only clean, comfortable, spacious yachts and each boat can hold up to 11 people.

Boats can be hired for a minimum of two hours and up to a full day (eight hours). This gives you the option to choose between having a quick boat trip as part of a busy schedule or taking a full day to kick back and relax with friends or colleagues.

Included in the price is also a welcome drink, which can be cava, beer or a soft drink, and some “pica-pica”, or small snacks, to go with the beverage. Imagine sipping on a cold, refreshing drink as you set sail on your private yacht.

Yachts depart from Port Vell, Port Olimpic or the new Port Vela, all easily accessible from different parts of Barcelona.

We can also organise a catering service – just ask us for a price when you get in touch. Or see some of the different yacht charter options we offer here.

Hiring multiple private yachts in Barcelona

We say, the more the merrier! For groups of more than 11 people, you can hire multiple private yachts that will sail side-by-side.

This can be a lot of fun! Boats can stop in the same place – and in the summer months everyone can jump in the water and cool off together.

Spreading the group over multiple yachts also gives everyone more space to spread out and make the most of their boat trip in Barcelona. If you’re sitting towards the back, the skipper may even let you try steering the yacht! All sunseekers will want to stretch out at the front and soak up the rays.

Exceptional Skippers

We use only the best skippers to take charge of our boats! They are friendly, welcoming and ready to answer any questions you might have about the yacht itself or Barcelona’s beautiful skyline which you’ll be admiring from some of the best seats available.

All boats that we rent include a skipper, so there’s no sailing experience needed.

Team Building in Barcelona: Sailing Regatta

Sailing on the Sea
Sailing Regatta in Barcelona

For large groups that are visiting for a corporate event in Barcelona, be sure to consider our Sailing Regatta as a brilliant way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and include some healthy competition to boot.

Your group will be split into teams and each team will board their own boat with their own skipper to teach them all the necessary skills to win the regatta. No previous experience is required, but of course it will be an advantage for your team!

There will be a prepared route of buoys to navigate during the Sailing Regatta in Barcelona and the winning team will be the one that finishes the course the fastest.

Winners get a delicious bottle of cava! Will you sip it demurely or shake it up over the losers like the winner of a Formula 1 race? You decide.

There’s no danger of getting lost at sea as you will have a support motorboat coming along for the ride – the motorboat team are also judge, jury and executioner… well, timekeepers and judges at least! Do your best to impress them.

Private Catamarans

We also have a number of stunning catamarans available.  See our Barcelona Boat Trips page for more information.

Some options include a Private Catamaran Charter in Barcelona, a Catamaran Jazz Cruise, Catamaran Sunset Sailing and more.

See also Barcelona Boat Trips – Top 3 Places to Visit by Boat.


Barcelonatours has been offering a flamenco class for team building and groups in Barcelona for many years. It has always been one of our most popular activities, and today we decided to put the spotlight on this activity and one of our hardworking teachers, Lucero.

What is Flamenco?

If you type the word “flamenco” into a search engine, you’ll find the following definition: a style of Spanish music, played especially on the guitar and accompanied by singing and dancing.

As is often the problem when describing music and movement, this does not even begin to scratch the surface of the passion and drive that goes into flamenco music and dancing.

Why does a Flamenco class for team building make great activity?

First and foremost, a flamenco class for teambuilding engages your team members in an activity that is directly related to Spain and Spanish traditions. While Flamenco is not native to Barcelona, it’s still popular and people love to hear the music and go to shows.

Secondly, it’s likely to be something your group has never tried before. This is not a team building activity you’re likely to be able to find outside Spain so it’s a great idea to give it a try while you’re here!

How does the Flamenco Class for team building work?

Learning some basic clapping rhythms and steps is a fun and appealing way to get people to let loose and try something new. There’s no need to worry about people feeling embarrassed about being better or worse at flamenco because everyone is a beginner.

Finally, the start time and location are easily adjusted to suit your needs. It’s suitable if you have a spare hour during a busy itinerary and would like a teacher sent to the hotel or venue. Alternatively, our teacher Lucero has her own flamenco school in the charming Gracia neighbourhood.

Extras for a complete flamenco experience

For a full flamenco experience, have a flamenco class in Barcelona followed by our Flamenco Night at Poble Espanyol. We can also organise live flamenco music and bands, get in touch to found out more.

To read more about the history of how this Andalusian music and dance came to Barcelona, you can read our Flamenco in Barcelona blog. In this blog, we’re more interested in the passion and drive that makes someone want to become a flamenco dancer and a flamenco teacher.

Interview with a Professional Flamenco Teacher has been fortunate to work with Lucero for a very long time and our groups have always loved her classes. We interviewed Lucero to find out more about her life, her flamenco school, and her plans for 2021.

Learn to dance Flamenco in Barcelona

When did you start dancing flamenco?

I started dancing at the age of four. First, I did an introduction to dance, then continued with Spanish classical dancing and ballet. When I turned 18, I started dancing flamenco.

Who was your inspiration?

My parents were very supportive and took me to the dance school. After that, I decided to continue, and my inspiration to do so was my fellow dancers and professors at the dance school.

How long have you had your own dance school?

I have been teaching flamenco for more than 20 years. I’ve also had my own dance school under my own name, “Lucero Cárdenas”, for the last 12 years.

Most of our clients book a one-hour class, what can they expect to learn in this time?


An hour is great to give people an introduction to flamenco. We begin with a brief history of flamenco and its origins, to put the flamenco universe in context for the participants. Then we move onto the dynamic part! We will practice the rhythm of flamenco with “las palmas” (the clapping), learn the basic steps and finish by learning some choreography.

Above all, we will be teaching the participants how much fun it is to dance flamenco!

Do you have a favourite place in Barcelona to listen to flamenco music?

I really like El Tarantos, but my school is a great place too! There are shows once a month and the setting is very intimate.

What about a favourite flamenco song and/or artist?

I like so many artists. And example would be la Macanita and their song “Tierra adentro”.

Exciting plans for the Flamenco School in 2021

The pandemic made us realize more than ever the importance of dancing, taking care of our body and exercising.  We want to be able to share dance with a wider audience. So they can also benefit from the joys of Flamenco.  This is our main motivation for setting our objectives for the year! We want to reach more people, share our passion and teach them of the benefits of Flamenco.  So as many people as possible can enjoy this wonderfully expressive dance for themselves.

We are planning the following:

  • Keeping the school open all year round
  • Providing intensive summer courses
  • Offering  private lessons to clients
  • Increasing our presence on social media
  • Inviting renowned musicians and artists to our school
  • Collaborating  with different companies in our sector
  • Creating a safe environment that complies with the health regulations, so that students dance safely and confidently in our school
  • Share the passion of authentic flamenco with our students, to help them enjoy the experience to the maximum!

We look forward to welcoming clients to the school and filling 2021 with the joy of flamenco!

A big thank you to Lucero for sharing her story and her plans with us!

Team Building and Group Travel Services in Barcelona

As well as offering flamenco classes can help you plan your whole corporate event in Barcelona. Visit our Team Building Activities page and our Group Travel Services page for more information, then drop us a line at

Here at Barcelona Tours we continue with our Travel Blogger Series. Asking what our favourite bloggers have been up to during the last year. Given that travel was off the table, how did they fill their time and what does the future hold?

We talked to Chris from Aussie on the Road.  We wanted to hear about his recent experiences and what he makes of it all.

Thanks for joining our Travel Blogger Series. How much did the pandemic affected your life as a travel blogger?

Both my travel blogging and my day job as a safari tour operator were severely impacted by COVID-19. My income dried up almost overnight. Thankfully, I was able to pivot into doing something different – running paid games of Dungeons & Dragons.

I am slowly starting to see offers trickle back in for partnerships as a blogger.  The depressed climate means people are making lowball offers. These aren’t worth the time and effort it would take to put them into action. I imagine travel blogging will be a hobby for the foreseeable future for me.

How do you think travel might change after the pandemic?

I think we’ll see a heightened level of caution being exercised by people, especially when it comes to travel insurance. Working in safari sales, I’ve seen countless people find out the hard way that their chosen insurance package did not cover them for events such as a pandemic. Thankfully, there are some reputable insurers who did work with my clients to help them recoup their lost money, but the vast majority were left high and dry by their insurers.

I also think we’ll see a slow period of growth.  Where people take tentative travel steps by visiting places closer to their own backyard, before making long-haul international trips.

We are asking everyone in our Travel Blogger series, what are your plans for future travels, where is top of your list to visit?

I haven’t seen my family back in Australia since the day after my wedding back in 2019, so my #1 goal would be getting back to see them. I’ve got a new nephew or niece on the way that I’m dying to meet!

Beyond that, my wife and I moved to Tbilisi right before the outbreak, and our plan had been to finally see some of Europe. Aside from having seen lots of Georgia, we haven’t made much headway in that area yet! My goal for 2022 would be to see as much of Europe as we can.

Do you think people during this time have lost interest in travel stories?

Not at all! I think there is still plenty of demand for escapism and daydreaming, but that doesn’t necessarily pay the bills as a travel blogger. I think as things begin to ease up, more and more people are excited to read about the countries they can visit now or will be able to visit soon. There are already plenty of countries opening for tourism with appropriate precautions- I think we’ll see these early adaptors getting a lot of attention, as cooped up bloggers make their way there and begin to sing their praises.

What is your opinion on the new travel measures that they are currently implementing in your country?

I applaud Australia’s efforts to curtail the spread of the pandemic. The swift and strict early lockdown prevented the pandemic from spreading out of control in Australia. Even if it did mean a major hit to the tourism economy.

What I wasn’t a fan of was the way my country left ex-pats stranded abroad high and dry. Between the inhibitive cost of international flights and the brutally expensive mandatory quarantine, it hasn’t been possible for us to get back home. No real support was offered to those of us who couldn’t get home before the borders were closed.

Now, our favourite question in the travel blogger series. If you have been to Barcelona before what would be your ‘must-see place to visit? If you haven’t visited Barcelona before, would you like to and why?

I’ve not had the pleasure to visit Barcelona (or any of Europe outside of Georgia and the UK) just yet, but that had been our plan for 2020. I’m definitely going to be building up a dream itinerary for a 2–3-month European itinerary once things get back to normal!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Chris and taking part in our travel blogger series. We hope that Barcelona is on that dream itinerary! And incase Chris feels like a sneak preview he can check out some of the amazing things to do here

We continue with our series of posts on Travel Bloggers! Discovering how they have been affected by the pandemic and what the future holds. We spoke with Thomas Dowson about his niche blog ‘Archaeology Travel’. 

About Thomas

Archaeology Travel is a travel blog written specifically for people who enjoy exploring archaeology and history sites when they travel. It is produced by travel blogger Thomas Dowson, an archaeologist who trained in South Africa. His research focused on prehistoric arts of southern Africa and western Europe. 

In the mid-90s he moved to the UK where he set up the world’s first postgraduate degree program on rock art. Other research activities include the contemporary significance of the past, which continues to influence his writing on Archaeology Travel. Thomas travels to explore the ways in which archaeological and historical sites and museums are experienced. 

  • How much has the pandemic affected your life as a travel blogger

In February 2020 when I was buying my visa to visit Jordan, already then there were restrictions for people from southeast Asia on entering Jordan. A few weeks later, on my return home via Paris, I got off the plane in Charles de Gaulle Airport and was very surprised to see how many people in the terminal were wearing masks. Back then it was voluntarily. 

A few weeks later Europe was in lockdown. It was a very strange feeling after 5 years of non-stop traveling as a travel blogger to suddenly find myself ‘grounded’. But I was able to use the time to develop a few features on Archaeology Travel. The pandemic, more specifically, not being able to travel, made me think carefully about what it is I was offering on my website. I am still learning! 

  • How do you think travel might change after the pandemic?

Hopefully, we have seen an end to crowds. With social distancing being the order of the day, there will surely be fewer people visiting the once very popular attractions such as the Acropolis in Athens or the Colosseum in Rome. Those that see millions of visitors each year. Being with fewer people sounds like a great thing. But the way we experience these places will change as we are forced to follow one-way routes. 

I also hope everyone starts exploring more, rather than just chasing bucket lists. While there is nothing wrong with seeing the most popular sites, there are many other places just as worthy of our attention. Thinking about the Colosseum, for example, it is a great place and well worth visiting. But there are the remains of some 200 other roman amphitheaters around what was the Roman world. They may not be the size of the Colosseum or as well preserved but they are every bit as interesting. Visiting these places can be just as rewarding.  

  • What are your plans for future travels, where is top of your list to visit?

Rome, I can not wait to visit Rome again. There are now so many new things to see there since my last visit, including the Mausoleum of Augustus. I have been to the Colosseum, but I want to see more of Roman and Middle Ages Rome. I would also love to do more long-distance travel, and the Great Wall of China and Machu Picchu are at the top of my list. 

  • Do you think people during this time have lost interest in travel blogger stories?

It is too early for me to say yes or no now with any certainty.  My feeling is people are going to be more interested in authentic travel stories, as they search for experiences away from popular attractions that are difficult to visit.

  • What is your opinion on the new travel measures that they are currently implementing in your country?

Personally, I think most if not all countries are doing the best they can: following good practices that are grounded in science. These measures in place now are not popular with everyone. But I have no time for conspiracy theorists. We are in a time when two groups of people are self-evident: those who are willing to play their part for the good of all and those who are shouting about some imagined loss of liberties. 

  • If you haven’t visited Barcelona before, would you like to and why?

I have not explored as much of Sapin as I should have, yet. This is definitely something I hope to remedy soon. One area I have visited a number of times, and love, is Costa Daurada – Tarragona and Reus. The area has such a long and fascinating history. So Barcelona must be the next step: to go from Gaudí in Reus and the Romans in Tarragona to the Sagrada Família and the Roman ruins in the Museu d’Història de Barcelona Plaça del Rei. And of course, Barcelona is one of Europe’s great cities. I hope to get there this year, if not, definitely next year!

Thank you Thomas! We’d love to see you in Barcelona very soon.

Looking for team building activities in Barcelona? 

Our Barcelona team building treasure hunt is one of the most popular team building activities in the city.  It’s an exciting, interesting, and unique way to get acquainted with Barcelona.

Every day, we get lots of questions about our Barcelona team building treasure hunt (see, we told you it was popular). Here are the answers to them all…

How does your Barcelona treasure hunt work?

It’s all pretty simple. We give the whole group a detailed briefing before splitting you into smaller teams.  Then each team gets a backpack crammed with useful equipment.

We then unleash you on Barcelona’s incredible Gothic Quarter (or old town, whatever you prefer to call it) in a crazy, chaotic, madcap treasure hunt. Using the kit given, and the brains of your team, you compete to solve clues, collect scavenger items, and take pictures.  This is all to gather as many points as you can to win the activity and prove your team is the best! 

Why are your Barcelona team building treasure hunts so popular?

Mainly because it is fun. We know it is fun because we designed it! Furthermore, people keep telling us how much they enjoy the activity. 

We’ve all done team building activities before. Let’s be honest, some of them are terrible, but we guarantee this one isn’t.

Our Barcelona team building treasure hunt is affordable, adventurous, and exciting. The activity helps to bring teams closer together and they’re a unique way to explore Barcelona.

Where do we go?

The entire treasure hunt takes place in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, which is the central part of the old city. During your treasure hunt, you’ll see attractions such as:

  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Placa del Pi
  • Sant Felip Neri
  • Placa Reial
  • La Rambla
  • … and plenty more!

More than that, the way the activity is designed you’ll notice more than you every would on a simple tour.  Your team wanders in, through and around lots of great architecture. You stroll past cafes, ancient buildings, monuments, houses, galleries, all while keeping your eyes peeled for clues. 

What equipment do we get?

Everything you need, we give you (well, apart from your own brain – you need to bring that). Each team is allocated the following items: 

  • Rucksack; easy to carry on the move and keeps all your kit together. 
  • Laminated map.
  • Clue booklet. This includes obscured pictures. It’s your job to find the unobscured sites in real life and answer the questions.
  • Scavenger hunt.  Which is a list of things you need to find. Haggling, buying, borrowing, and finding are all fair game.
  • Vintage Polaroid camera. Using this, you’ll need to snap some pictures. Some fun, some challenging, and some embarrassing. Your team will need to get creative.
  • A brilliant surprise prize (but only for the winning team).
  • All the other important stuff, like pens and paper.

Once it’s all over, your team gets to keep as a memento a photo album. Stuffed with all the photos you’ve taken on your Barcelona treasure hunting team building trip.

Who is it for?

Anyone, anywhere, who wants to have fun. If you want a team building treasure hunt in Barcelona, it’s for you.

Work in a small team? We accommodate teams as small as 8. Work in a large team? We have the capacity for up to 200.

Beyond company events, our treasure hunt is also suitable for families, groups of friends and anyone else.

How long does it last?

You should allow approximately three hours. Afterwards, most teams go for food or drinks, where we normally also hold a prize-giving ceremony. Usually, teams extend the night long beyond this ceremony.  To enjoy the excitement, laughter and good vibe still lingering long after the treasure hunt is over. 

Your team will still be talking about the activity after you’ve returned to the office.

Do you offer any other Barcelona team building activities?

Yes, we offer loads!

Our other Barcelona team building activities include boat trips, sailing races, tapas cooking, flamenco nights, city tours, plus many more.  

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about our Barcelona team building treasure hunt. If we haven’t, get in touch and ask them – we’re always here to help.

Here at Barcelona Tours, as much as we love the beautiful city that is Barcelona, we also love to travel the globe.  

When we can’t do that travel blogs are the next best thing. At Barcelona Tours we love to hear from those who dedicate themselves to exploration.  We devour travel adventures accompanied by amazing photos. 

Curious to find out how travel bloggers have experienced the pandemic, we reached out to ask some of our favorites.  How has the pandemic affected them, and where they plan to travel to first when they are able to do so? 

Kathy is an Australian Travel and Lifestyle blogger at and although has travelled all over the world, she is very passionate about her own country – Australia. When she’s not travelling, taking photos and blogging, she enjoys long walks, yoga, reading, cooking and watercolour painting.

 We caught up with Kathy who shared some of her thoughts with us. 

Interview: Being a travel blogger during covid, what’s next? 

  1.  How much has the pandemic affected your life as a travel blogger? 

Covid-19 and the immediate introduction of international and domestic travel restrictions in my country Australia, have heavily impacted my life as a travel blogger. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to travel as frequently as before and this has limited the amount of material I’m able to write about. I also believe that my audience has disappeared dramatically because no one is planning trips nor can travel since the pandemic. Without the material and audience, it has been tough, to say the least.

  1. How do you think travel might change after the pandemic?

I think travel after Covid-19 will change dramatically. I think for many people they will be afraid to travel overseas again and will limit their travel to within their own country. For others, they will be super cautious about travelling and will probably take more precautions. I believe things like Covid vaccine certificates, wearing masks and using hand sanitiser, will be mandatory for air travel. It will be a changed world for sure. 

  1. What are your plans for future travels, where is top of your list to visit?

At present I’m only travelling domestically within Australia. I have trips planned to North Queensland and Tasmania this year. Recently I have paid a deposit on a cruise in June 2022 to Hawaii and Alaska, but I’m unsure whether this will eventuate at present. It will depend on whether the Australian government lift the international travel restrictions that are in place at present.

  1. Do you think people during this time have lost interest in travel stories?

Yes, I do for international travel, but I believe that people are still interested in travel within their own countries. Most of the Australian content on my blog is attracting a good audience. I’ve recently been writing for a publication called The Big Lap Bible about travelling in Australia. 

  1. What is your opinion on the new travel measures that they are currently implementing in your country?

I totally agree with the international travel bans that are in force in my country. However, I would like to see them slowly open up some of our nearest neighbouring countries within the Pacific and South East Asia sectors. We already can travel to our nearest neighbour, New Zealand which is a step in the right direction. I was totally in disagreeance with the domestic travel bans when they were in force. It made it very difficult for families and business people to go about their lives as per normal and impacted on businesses heavily. 

  1. If you haven’t visited Barcelona before, would you like Barcelona Tours to show you and why?

I haven’t been to Barcelona, but had a trip booked to Spain and Portugal in 2020. That obviously didn’t proceed, but Barcelona and Spain are high on my bucket list. I would like to see the La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and watch Flamenco dancers. Then sip on sangria, feast on paella, and stroll through the streets of La Rambla.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kathy. We would love to see you in Barcelona soon! 

When Kathy is able to visit us, we could certainly help her fulfil that bucket list. We would suggest she starts with our Gaudi Tour , follows that with a hearty paella lunch by the beach, and rounds off the day with a stunning flamenco show with some tapas and sangria at Poble Espanyol.  

The sun has pushed away the winter chill, and as we move towards summer our minds turn to the sea and all  the fabulous Barcelona Boat trips we can take!

Lots of Barcelona’s tourists walk down La Rambla, wander around the Sagrada Familia and stroll through the city’s countless markets.

But too few of them explore Barcelona by boat. With its massive coastline, Barcelona is one of the world’s best beach cities.

If you’re interested in sailing around and along Barcelona’s colossal coastline, consider boat hire in Barcelona, or one of our Barcelona boat trips. We arrange Barcelona boat trips, Barcelona boat hire, Barcelona yacht charters, Barcelona catamaran charters and more.

Our boat-based experiences are popular with an endless number of Barcelona’s tourists, including families, groups of friends, couples, staff teams and everyone in between.

We offer lots of different boats, lots of different experiences, and even distant day trips.

What types of boats can I ride on Barcelona boat trips?

We offer several types of boats, for both short jaunts and long journeys:


With our personalised Barcelona charter catamaran tours, you sail around Barcelona’s coast, enjoying incredible cityscape views and Mediterranean dips (and we don’t mean hummus).

Addable extra perks include catering, BBQ, a bar, snorkelling, wine tasting, live music, and much more. We offer both large and small catamarans for teams and groups of different sizes.

barcelona boat trips catamaran costa brava


Some of our sailboats are small, charming and humble, perfect for small groups. These diminutive boats can be rented by the hour, and come with snacks, drinks and some of the best possible views and vistas of Barcelona. Eat, swim, luxuriate, laugh and enjoy the excellent sunset views.

Feeling inspired? Check out the different options for sailboats right here

For massive groups with cash to splash, we also offer bigger boats with bigger reputations. The biggest name in our fleet is the Southern Cross, one of the most famous boats in Spain. Dating back to 1962 and popular with wedding parties and corporate groups, this thing once belonged to Frank Sinatra.

Luxury yachts

Our small luxury yachts are really more like speedboats, allowing you to zoom along Barcelona’s coastline. Again, they come equipped with food, drinks and a guarantee of being one of the best experiences that Barcelona has to offer.

Where do the boats travel to?

That’s up to you. If you just want to sail around Barcelona’s coast for an hour or two, you can. But if you want to take a day trip somewhere further afield, some of the most popular options include:

Costa Brava

Running a lengthy line all the way from Barcelona to the Spanish-French border, the so-called ‘rugged coast’ lives up to its name, with cliffs, caves, coves, shores, sands and a whole load of sun.

Barcelona boats costa brava coastline


For something a little closer to Barcelona, this long, golden, dune-packed beach sits around 20km south of Barcelona’s centre.


Just 35km south of Barcelona, Sitges is brimming with charm, but it’s also packed with contradictions. It’s upbeat, busy, and full of good nightlife, but it’s also homely, historic, and ridiculously loveable.

If you want to enjoy a Barcelona boat trip, Barcelona boat hire, or any of our other sea-based adventures, get in touch: Contact Us

Alternatively, you can find more information on the many different boat hire options, both private and shared, right here