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The America’s Cup Barcelona: 37th Race Promises to Make History

The 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona runs between August to October 2024. This prestigious sailing competition, known for drawing the world’s attention to the sport of sailing, will transform Barcelona into the epicenter of international sporting excitement. The event also showcases the city’s unique charm and the competitive spirit of the America’s Cup. As Barcelona

Mobile World Congress 2024: Top 3 Activities After The Show

Barcelona opens the floodgates to business executives from around the globe as the Mobile World Congress 2024 gets ready to kick off.  This is one of the busiest commercial weeks of the Barcelona calendar, as we welcome companies from all corners of the world of mobile communication. In 2024, The Mobile World Congress (MWC) will

What to do in Barcelona in February: Carnival 2024, Festivals and Calçotadas!

Are you visiting Barcelona in February and want to know what to do? If so, BarcelonaTours has you covered. February is a great month to visit Barcelona and this year is no different, with lots of activities and things to see and do. The evenings may be cooler, but there’s warm sunshine in the afternoon

Christmas Markets and Shopping in Barcelona

The Christmas markets and shopping around Barcelona is an enjoyable and magical time of year. While it may not be the obvious choice for a festive trip, and there won’t be snow on the ground or a Santa Claus on every corner, Barcelona is a great choice for a Christmas trip. The weather outside isn’t

What to do in Barcelona in December: Markets, Meals & Merry Making

Barcelona in December: the Christmas lights are up, there’s the distinct smell of roasted chestnuts, and a feeling of warmth – even though it’s cold outside. This old city doesn’t stop just because it’s chilly in the streets and the wind is blowing leaves around the ankles of the locals. There’s still plenty to see

What to do in Barcelona in November: Chestnuts, Markets & More

It’s starting to get chilly out there! But don’t worry, Barcelona in November is still a great time to visit. Though Barcelona is on the Mediterranean the sea breezes start to turn cooler. However, a blustery walk along the seafront is still good fun! And while Barcelona still has the odd warm day and the

Tibidabo Amusement Park: How to Get There, Rides and Prices

Tibidabo Amusement Park boasts some of the best views of the city and is a fun and exhilarating addition to any holiday, especially when travelling with children. It is officially Spain’s oldest theme park that is still in operation, and the third oldest in Europe. Perched atop Barcelona’s highest point, the Tibidabo Amusement Park has

What to do in Barcelona in October: the “ABCs” – Art, Beer and Concerts

October is a great time to visit Barcelona. The throngs of tourists that line the streets throughout the summer have reduced dramatically, which is appealing to those who prefer a more tranquil time on their vacation. As well as this, the weather is still lovely – think long, warm afternoons with crisp, fresh mornings and

Barcelona Shopping Guide – Gràcia

Discover the Boho-chic Boutiques of Gràcia We’ve already uncovered some unique places to shop in beautiful Born, now we want to reveal the fabulous boutiques located in gorgeous Gràcia. Keep reading for your Barcelona shopping guide to Gracia. The Born is on the tourist track in the Old Town, while the independent boutiques and sassy

Exploring Catalonia: Cities, Hiking, Mountains, Beaches

We love exploring Catalonia and all it has to offer. In this post, we will point you in the direction of some amazing experiences that the region has to offer from the cities to the beaches, historical sites to mountains. Let’s unpack what this great region has to offer. Five Great Historical sites in Catalonia

Top Day Trips from Barcelona

Looking for top day trips from Barcelona? Many people visit Barcelona to take in the fantastic sights of the city without realising that there are many incredible sights only a short journey away. Here are our top five unmissable places which are just a short train or car ride from Barcelona. Who knows, they could

Top 5 Luxury Rooftop Terraces in Barcelona

Barcelona is brimming with beautiful, luxury rooftop terraces – you just need to know where to look. Most terraces start their season in May until around October, often with entertainment or other types of activities available to members of the public. To help you make the most of the coming season, we’ve created a short

Barcelona Restaurants with a View

Dining in Barcelona restaurants is undoubtedly one of the most popular pursuits of the city by tourists and locals alike. But dining with a great view always adds a special dynamic to your dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, or just a place to enjoy the city views, Barcelona has it all.

Primavera Sound 2023 – Barcelona Edition

Primavera Sound Barcelona is an annual music festival that has traditionally been held in Barcelona, Spain but has also expanded in recent years to Porto, Portugal, and this year, to Madrid, Spain. It’s also one of the most anticipated music events on the festival calendar and attracts music lovers from all over the world who

What to do in Barcelona in April: Fairs, Markets and Love

Barcelona in April is a springtime delight. Although we have our fair share of showers, the days are warmer and longer, and there’s plenty to head outside for. With temperatures averaging 20 degrees and a stunning blue sky overhead, you can walk around in the afternoons without a coat and extra layers in your bag

Calçotadas: All You Need to Know about this Catalan Tradition

Calçotadas – a Special Catalan Tradition It is no secret that here in Barcelona we love to eat. No matter the occasion or season we always manage to tie-in some gastronomic angle to every get-together. One favourite foodie traditions loved by Catalans, ex-pats and visitors alike is a Calçotada. A Calçotada is a popular ritual

Hiring a Local Travel Company in Barcelona

Looking to hire a local travel company in Barcelona for your next trip? Whether you’re arranging a conference, a team building activity or an incentive trip in a foreign country, making all of the arrangements yourself can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why hiring a local travel company that can take care of your group

FAQ: Barcelona Treasure Hunt

Our Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt is one of the most popular activities that we offer. It’s a fun way to get acquainted with Barcelona and do some team building. Since we often get questions about this memorable city scavenger hunt, we’ve compiled some answers for you. How does your Barcelona Photo Treasure hunt work? It’s

Barcelona Barrios – The Born

In this blog, we explore The Born aka El Born and provide a taste of the different areas to be found in beautiful Barcelona. Along with some history, we’ve also included some of our top picks. Let’s dive in! What’s a barrio? Barrio is a Spanish word used to describe a neighbourhood or quarter of

Team Building: A Flamenco Class in Barcelona

BarcelonaTours has been offering a private flamenco class for team building and group activities in Barcelona for many years. It has always been one of our most popular activities, and today we decided to put the spotlight on this activity and one of our hardworking teachers, Lucero. What is flamenco? If you type the word

What to do in Barcelona in September: La Mercè Festival

September in Barcelona is one of the best months of the year (if we do say so ourselves). Compared to a sweatier, stickier – and sometimes stormier – August, many locals look forward to the cooler evenings, while still enjoying their daily dose of sunshine.  The city is still buzzing and BarcelonaTours has some great tips

Unique Barcelona Shopping Guide – El Born

Shopping in El Born is a unique Barcelona experience. Forget London and New York, Barcelona is fast becoming every fashionista’s fantasy shopping destination. Brimming with independent boutiques, local designers, and unique accessories, the city offers a completely original shopping experience. There are many different shopping areas all distinct in their character. From Passeig de Gracia,

Boats for Work, Fun or Leisure

One of the best things about Barcelona is its proximity to the sea. And with warmer weather here, this means booking sailing trips and boats for work, fun or leisure.  Whether you’re a local, or just visiting, you can sample the best of the city and the sea in one day with a Barcelona boat

Affordable Team Building Activities in Barcelona

If you’ve been searching for creative and affordable team building activities to do in Barcelona, you’re in the right place. Barcelona is an excellent location for your next team building activity, but with so many options available in this dynamic city it can be easy to blow the budget. We’ve put together a list of

Private Yacht Charters in Barcelona

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea Booking a private yacht charter in Barcelona is one of the best ways to enjoy what Barcelona has to offer. One of the most gorgeous sights when looking over the Mediterranean from the shoreline, are the little white sails routinely dotted all over the horizon. Locals love to sail and make

Barcelona Tours Interviews; Travel Bloggers Series

Here at Barcelona Tours we continue with our Travel Blogger Series. Asking what our favourite bloggers have been up to during the last year. Given that travel was off the table, how did they fill their time and what does the future hold? We talked to Chris from Aussie on the Road.  We wanted to

Barcelona Tours Interviews Travel Bloggers

We continue with our series of posts on Travel Bloggers! Discovering how they have been affected by the pandemic and what the future holds. We spoke with Thomas Dowson about his niche blog ‘Archaeology Travel’.  About Thomas Archaeology Travel is a travel blog written specifically for people who enjoy exploring archaeology and history sites when they

Barcelona Tours Interviews: Travel Bloggers and Covid

Here at Barcelona Tours, as much as we love the beautiful city that is Barcelona, we also love to travel the globe.   When we can’t do that travel blogs are the next best thing. At Barcelona Tours we love to hear from those who dedicate themselves to exploration.  We devour travel adventures accompanied by amazing

Best Barcelona Team Activities on the Sea

Looking for team building activities in Barcelona?  Here are some things you won’t want to do: sit in a windowless conference room. That overused activity where you fall back and pretend not to catch each other. Cringe-inducing team meditation. An in-office buffet. If you want to avoid all those banal bore fests, Barcelona is a

What to do in Barcelona: Top Transport Tips

When planning what to do in Barcelona we recommend checking out all transport options.  We love city breaks; they are a fun and vibrant way to travel. Sometimes we only visit a city for a few days and want to cram in a much as possible. Weighing up how to get around is key! Barcelona

Best Places To Visit in Barcelona: Top 5 Gaudi Attractions

Barcelona has so much to offer tourists, so where should you start? Where are the best places to visit in Barcelona? We suggest that no visit would be complete without checking out the modernist treasures left by Anthony Gaudi. His work is so iconic that not only has it shaped the skyline of the city,

The Wonders of Barcelona – The Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Tours and Activities: The Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most well-known, if not the most famous of all our iconic tourist attractions. In fact, calling it a tourist attraction doesn’t really cover it. It is a wonderous piece of art, architecture, a slice of the city’s history and a story of dedication, all

What to do in March in Barcelona: Classic Cars and Sweet Festivals

This blog was originally posted on February 15th 2019 and was updated for March 2020. Barcelona begins to awaken from its winter slumber in March and spring is tapping at the windows. With temperatures rising, the days growing longer and the streets growing busier, March is a great month to dust off the cobwebs and

Dinner for Groups: Roots & Rolls and the Plant-Based Revolution

The popularity of plant-based diets has exploded in recent years. More and more people are reducing their consumption of meat, fish and dairy, and looking to get their nutrients from plants. People have also become more concerned about additives, such as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in their food. Vegan or plant-based diets may once

What to do in Barcelona in January: Cakes, Kings and Choirs

This was originally posted on the 22nd December 2018; it was updated 18th December 2019. January in Barcelona is a quieter time, but that doesn’t mean that the festivities stop and the city shuts down for a month. On the contrary, as a Catholic country (officially, although many people in Cataluña are not religious), there

Case Study: “Onna Camp” Team Building in Barcelona

Company name: Onna Event date: 19 – 20th September 2019 Number of people: 60 Company details: A tech company that has employees in Barcelona, New York, North Carolina and Toulouse. Activities provided: Photo Treasure Hunt, Basics of Mosaics, Graffiti Collective, Sangria Class, Desk Yoga class, Cava tasting, plus transport.   Event brief Onna contacted BarcelonaTours

Top 10 Beaches in Catalonia Spain

Sink your toes and plant your umbrellas without having to travel far. 5 easily reached Beaches & 5 hidden gems near Barcelona 1 Playa de Sant Sebastià You find this particular beach in the old town and the marina of Sitges, located in a neighborhood of seafaring tradition. It is a family beach frequented by residents of the

Eat healthy in Barcelona

Eating healthy is about finding the proper ratio between your body and mind. It´s a mood about feeling great, having more energy, improving your insights towards to a better world and society. Once you´re overwhelmed by all that the nature gives to you, so you will be more inspired to live, and travel. But travelling

Casa Viçens a Hidden Gaudí Gem

In this post, we explore more about Casa Viçens, a “hidden” Gaudí gem. Perhaps it is a bit odd to refer to a building by Barcelona’s favourite architect, Antoni Gaudí, as a hidden gem, however, this house – his very first commission – is easy to overlook due, in part, to its location. Casa Viçens

Hidden Gem: Hospital Sant Pau

As true Barcelona enthusiasts, at BarcelonaTours we feel the need to promote more than the most widely known attractions in the city. This is our goal for our “Hidden Gem” stories, we are doing small presentations of things in Barcelona that we find fantastic, but that might not be on everyone’s to-do list. The topic

Flamenco in Barcelona

It is a common misconception that Barcelona is part of the very Spanish tradition of flamenco. This is not the case. Flamenco originates from the southern region Andalucía’s contact with Arab (North-African) culture. The Catalonian folk music, on the other hand, with its root further north in Europe, could hardly be more different! This doesn’t

What to do in July in Barcelona: Music & Movies under the Sun & Stars

July, simply put, is usually a scorcher in Barcelona. The spring showers have passed, the summer storms of August have yet to come, so it’s blue skies and hot sands as far as the eye can see. July also is one of the busiest months of the year when it comes to festivals, both international

What to do on New Year’s in Barcelona

Are you feeling the pressure? That nagging end of  the year feeling, the need to have the maximum amount of fun lined up for New Year’s Eve? If you are in Barcelona, you’re in luck, we’ll point you in the direction of the best restaurants, activities and parties on the night. No Sour Grapes! In

Adventure, Action & Adrenaline in Barcelona

January is all about making and breaking those New Year’s resolutions. We’ve already broken the diet and waved goodbye to our well-intentioned ‘dry January’ (well whose silly idea was that anyway!!)  But one resolution for 2014 that we are hell-bent on keeping is to have an action-packed year full of even bigger and even better