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There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of success – except maybe the delicious smell of fresh paella cooking on the stove! In a masterclass that includes healthy rivalry, your group will be split into teams and race to be crowned best paella chefs of the day. A key part of team building is a bit of competition, and that is available by the paella-load in this fun, engaging, and delightfully tasty activity.

VENUE Selected based on the group size
Chef + assistant(s)
Snacks during the class
Paella dinner + drinks
Transfers to/from venue

Paella Cooking Competition video

What exactly is Paella?

Paella is a delicious rice dish from Valencia, the region to the south of Catalonia, and it comes in many forms. While purists will say there is only one “true” paella recipe (and every grandchild will dutifully say their grandmothers is the best!), over the years many different versions of this classic dish have been developed. Now, you get to work with your teammates to create one of your own.

It really is the most delicious team building activity in Barcelona. With meat, fish, and vegetable variations, your imagination will be the key to victory.

Learn to cook authentic Spanish paella from scratch in a fun and interactive class. Master traditional techniques, savor delicious flavors, and enjoy your creation! Perfect for foodies & travelers seeking a unique Barcelona experience

Where, how, and what to cook?

Each team will compete with the other teams to make an innovative, beautiful, and flavourful paella using a variety of ingredients provided for you.

With the assistance of a chef (note we use the word assistance – as the chef will not be doing everything for you!) and under the guidance of the head chef, your team will work together to cook a delicious and exciting meal that everyone will get to share at the end of the competition.

From the traditional Valencian paella of meat and vegetables to Barcelona’s favourite seafood paella, your group will develop its own twist on one of these classic combinations.

How can you win the cook-off?

The group will be judged on flavour, presentation, speed and the quality of teamwork demonstrated. The winners will also get the pride (and bragging rights!) of being crowned the Paella Champions and be toasted with a glass of delicious cava to celebrate. Your company can also provide a prize or trophy (or we can provide one for an additional cost) which will be presented in a ceremony at the end of the dinner.

What’s included?

This activity is suitable for groups of 12 people and up, to more than 100 people, so some things may vary (for example, the number of assistants). The activity will generally last around three to four hours.

🧑‍🍳 Chef assistants

These experienced chefs will be on hand to help you realise your creative vision, advise on flavouring and seasoning, and be a general helper throughout the competition. You can ask them anything, but they won’t cook the dish for you!

🫒 Snacks to eat during the cooking competition

We all get hungry when we’re cooking, especially as the smells of delicious food reach our nostrils and waft around the kitchen. To help quell the urge to eat up all the paella ingredients during the cooking process, snacks of local cured meats, cheeses, and traditional “pa amb tomaquet” (bread with tomato, olive oil, and garlic) will be available for your team to nibble on.

🥘 Paella dinner

At the end of the competition your whole group will sit down to enjoy a delectable dinner. You will all get to sample the dishes made by your competitors and have a relaxed and enjoyable meal, with plenty of wine, beer, water, and soft drinks.

This will be accompanied by fresh salad prepared in advance by the team of chefs and a traditional Catalan dessert of “Mel i Mato” – local Catalan honey and cheese with crushed walnuts and berries.

Paella Cooking Competition: add more deliciousness

Learn to cook the iconic Spanish dish, paella, in a fun and interactive class! Master the art of traditional flavors under the guidance of expert chefs in Barcelona. Perfect for foodies, travelers, and anyone seeking a unique cultural experienceWe also offer a Tapas Cooking Competition and an option to combine both contests into one for a small additional cost per person.

Turn a paella dinner into a veritable Spanish feast, with each team creating a different Spanish tapa for everyone to share at the end. Using fresh ingredients of meat, fish, vegetables, and cheeses, the local culture of sharing small dishes will be brought to life by your own hands.

Team Building in Barcelona

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The most delicious competition in town! Learn how to make a tasty paella while competing against your colleagues to make the best one. Finish the day by eating it all, washing it down with sangria.

  • 2-3 Chef assistants (all speak English fluently)
  • Staff for cleaning and serving
  • Snacks to eat during the cooking (Spanish cured meats and cheese and Catalan bread with tomato)
  • Salad to be served along with the paella (made by the chefs before the event)
  • Dessert of Mel i Mato (Fresh Catalan cheese) with crushed walnuts and mix of fresh berries
  • Wine, Beer, Water and Soft Drinks
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