A salsa class for groups in Barcelona is a fun and exciting way to bring people together. As a team-building activity, salsa will help people relax and unwind while learning a new skill.

Whether you have two left feet or are accomplished in fancy footwork on the dance floor, our brilliant teachers will make you feel right at home.

VENUE A salsa club or a private room in the center (depending of the number of people)
Private venue
Central location
Private Teacher


You never know, someone in your office might have a hidden talent for this hip-thrusting, fast-stepping dance and become the surprise teacher’s pet. Suitable for all abilities, a salsa class will have everyone feeling loose and laid-back after a good giggle and boogie for an hour.

Why Salsa in Barcelona?

In clubs and bars across Europe, dancing has become less about rhythm and more about fist pumping! However, here in Barcelona, you will still find young people and older couples alike busting out their brilliant salsa moves in the evenings.

Though the dance is thought to have originated in Puerto Rico and among immigrants in New York in the 1970s, Spain loves this dance style with a true Latin passion.

The fiery steps and giddying spins will leave you feeling dizzy…and a little jealous too! Fear not, BarcelonaTours has the perfect remedy for this envy – a one-hour salsa class with an expert teacher inside one of Barcelona’s best-known salsa clubs.

Barcelona Salsa Class: What’s included?

Dance is all about keeping time and rhythm, right? Well, here are our four steps to a perfect dance class for you and your colleagues. And don’t forget, a bilingual BarcelonaTours guide will also be there to help you every step of the way.

The venue

A centrally located venue with ample space will be the setting for your group’s class. With plenty of space for everyone to move around – whether it’s a group of ten or a group of 50, even those with the biggest of hips will have enough room to shake it! – no one will be left feeling cramped in the corner. The basic salsa steps don’t require too much space, but as the hour goes on, you’ll find that you’ll want some extra wiggle room in which to spread your newly acquired Latin wings.

The teacher

Our expert teachers are filled with all the knowledge and passion required to fire up the spirits of even the shyest stepper. The class will be aimed at complete beginners and build everyone up gradually, from the basic solo steps to the trickier movements and, of course, partner work and spins!

With instruction from our brilliant professors, you’ll be feeling the sexy, salsa sensations from head to foot in no time. Even if you already know some of the moves, you can always learn something new – or just take the opportunity to show off to the rest of the class!


The music

The last few years have seen an amazing explosion in Latin music breaking through into the international charts, with huge artists taking a dip into the Spanish-language waters.

The music used in our classes is not wordless, old-fashioned and boring – you’ll be moving and grooving to songs you recognise and learning a whole new way to move to this pop music when you hit the dance floor in the future.

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