Book a Barcelona Party Bus for your group with BarcelonaTours.

The Barcelona Party Bus is perfect for holidays, private groups, and corporate events. It’s a fun way to combine a classic tour of the city with some drinks, while you travel to your next destination.

It’s not just for birthday parties or celebrations either, it’s a great way to bring people together and make the most of Barcelona’s beautiful sights. Corporate groups often book a Barcelona Party Bus before dinner or after an event (such as going from work to dinner).

Party Bus information

  • The Barcelona Party Bus holds up to 80 people (we have two available and can accommodate up to 160 people)
  • There is a bar inside and a waiter to serve drinks. Choose your own music and mixed drinks, with space to dance and enjoy the sights
  • Go on a whirlwind tour of the city and see the sights; request to stop and take pictures with your group
  • The bus can be rented for 1 or 2 hours and is a great option for an evening or afternoon activity

How can I book?

Contact us here to make the reservation, or please send an email to


  • Fixed price for groups up to 19 people: 580,00€ in total
  • Fixed price for groups of 20+: 32,00€ per person

PICK UP/DROP OFF Any location of your choosing within Barcelona City Centre.
One-hour Party Bus tour
Glass of cava.
NOT INCLUDED Extra drinks. You can pre-order bottles of spirits with mixers or buy drinks onboard
NO. PEOPLE Minimum 13 people

Corporate Groups: why book a Party Bus?

BarcelonaTours prides itself on being able to provide tailor-made experiences for corporate groups in Barcelona and our Party Bus tours are no exception. The bus is a great space to bring people together in a relaxed, close environment, free from the pressures of other tourists invading your space.

Corporate events can fall into many categories; some are large conferences filled with lectures, intense discussions, and networking, while others are smaller affairs such as a group of employees who are away for team building and a cultural experience.

Corporate trips and activities must walk the line between offering exciting and engaging professional knowledge alongside enriching cultural immersion – and of course, some time to relax and enjoy the city that you’re in.

What else is on board the Party Bus?

First, set the mood by choosing your music. The bus not only has an incredible sound system, but you can decide what’s playing through it and at what volume. Create your own playlist for the journey if you bring your own player. Is this the start of a big night of letting loose and forgetting the heavy business of the day?

The bus already has a great look; it’s a sleek and stylish limo-style bus, not your average transfer coach that your group has probably had to take for one leg of their journey or for another activity. There’s interesting lighting and, for that extra party feel, there’s even a disco ball.

To top it all off, unlike your average sightseeing tour, drinks are available! You can pre-order bottles of spirits with mixers or buy drinks on board.

What will we see?

The bus sightseeing tours that are available in every city can be a good way to see some sights – however, your group will be limited to the regimented routes that these tours must take. Here is yet another aspect of your Barcelona Party Bus experience that creates a personalised and stellar service.

With regards to where you’re collected and where you’re going: a classic option would be to have the Party Bus collect you from your accommodation, take in the sights with a few drinks and some music, and then be dropped off at a restaurant.

Below are some more suggestions about what to see:

Glide along the Passeig de Gracia, a wide, beautiful shopping avenue that starts at Plaça Catalunya and travels along several blocks. Here you can admire two of Antoni Gaudi’s most iconic works, the dragon-inspired Casa Batlló and the curved stone of La Pedrera, as well as the exciting 20th Century architecture that defines the neighbourhood of Eixample.

Continue this appreciation of Barcelona’s buildings by heading past Gaudi’s most famous creation, the Basilica de Sagrada Familia. This incredible basilica stands strong in Barcelona’s skyline and you can avoid pushing through the crowds surrounding it by taking it all in from a cosy seat.

Should you want to show off Barcelona’s whole skyline, you could take a tour of Montjuic, the hill next to the sea. At its base sits the beautiful Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya, Catalonia’s national art museum. Here is where you will also find enchanting fountains – great for some team photos.

Barcelona Party Bus: where does it start?

If you’re not sure how to fit the Party Bus into your hectic event schedule, here is the last point that should help you decide.

The bus can collect your group from your chosen location and take them on a whirlwind tour around the city, before dropping them off at a second location of your choosing.

For example, the bus can take you from the conference centre to the hotel, or from the hotel to the restaurant or restaurant to the bar – whatever will help your evening and group feel most comfortable!

Final Thoughts on the Party Bus

The Party Bus is a real crowd-pleaser. Part of the stress that comes with organising an event is trying to cater to all tastes – we believe the Party Bus does just that. The visual impact of the bus alone will inspire awe amongst the members of your group. Everyone will want their photo taken outside and inside this space that will be their transport for an exciting trip through town.

By combining music, drinks, and sightseeing with the private and stylish setting of the bus itself, your group will be enchanted by Barcelona and have an experience they are sure to remember!

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This page was published on July 26, 2019, and updated on May 29, 2023.

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