Book a Tapas Cooking Competition in Barcelona! This brilliant team building activity will teach you how to prepare some unique and exciting Catalan and Spanish tapas.

Compete against other groups to prepare the best tapas in town. Discover who’s the next Gordon Ramsay and who will be living their own kitchen nightmare!

VENUE Depends on the group size
Chef + assistant(s)
Snacks during the class
Tapas dinner + drinks.
Transfers to/from venue

Cooking Competition video

💡How does it work?

Taking part in one of the most delicious team building activities in Barcelona could not be simpler! When you arrive at the professional kitchen, you will be greeted by the Head Chef. Your group will then be split into teams (we can do this for you or you can choose your teams beforehand) and then get to work creating some fun, local dishes.

Tapas will be tasted and judged by the Head Chef at the end. The teams will also have the help of an assistant to guide them through the process and answer any questions about the preparation of the ingredients, and the best ways to cook and present them.

However, it’s important to remember that the assistant is there to do just that – assist! They won’t be cooking for you, so bring your A-game and ask as many questions as you can so your team can be crowned as the winner.

😋 Which tapas will we make?

The dishes our chef has selected for you are popular all over Catalonia and Spain. When you think of tapas and only think, of olives, cheese, and ham – then think again!

While those are enjoyed by everyone, you will need a little bit more skill and imagination to prepare what we have on the menu. Succulent sausages, juicy mussels, and fresh squid are all ingredients you will find in our competition.

Our regular menu features a variety of Spanish-style tapas made with seafood, meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

🧑‍🍳 Tasty Tapas Cooking Competiton Menu

There will also be snacks provided to nibble on while you’re preparing these dishes so you don’t eat too many of your own ingredients and wind up with a subpar dish!

Pincho de Chistorra con Pimientos del padrón
  • Basque chorizo-style sausage with a special Spanish green pepper on top of a slice of bread
Bruschetta con setas y jamón
  • This bruschetta will be served with wild mushrooms and Spanish ham
Rollito de cabrales
  • Blue ‘cabrales’ and cream cheese with walnuts smoked beef and a sherry reduction
Pa amb tomàquet
  • Traditional Catalonian bread with tomato
Mejillones a la vinagreta
  • Freshly cooked mussels served with a vinaigrette and chopped vegetables
Calamares encebollados
  • Fresh squid, lovingly cooked with onion and white wine
Tortilla Española
  • The classic Spanish omelette made with potato, onion, and eggs (perfection!)
Botifarra esparracada
  • A traditional Catalan dish with fresh local sausage, raisins, and pine nuts.

Note: the menu can be adjusted to suit dietary requirements and allergies, please let us know in advance.

🥂 Team building activities are thirsty work

If you’re thinking that you’d like a glass of something to help ease the pressure, we can help! Included in the activity are wine, beer, water, and soft drinks, which you can drink while cooking and when everyone sits down at the end to share all the tapas that have been prepared.

🏆 How do we win?

Teams will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Presentation: does it look pretty on the plate or have you presented a car crash of ingredients to our picky Head Chef?
  • Flavour: does it taste as good as it looks?
  • Speed: we don’t have all day! The challenge is three hours in duration, so how fast can you get your plates together without compromising on look and flavour?
  • Teamwork: if you’ve got a budding chef on your team, that’s great, but we want to see everyone working together to create the dishes – otherwise it’s not much of a team building activity, is it?

Once our chef has taste-tested everyone’s dishes, a winning team will be chosen and crowned the Barcelona Tapas Cooking Competition Champions!

Everyone will get a glass of chilled cava to toast the winners. We can also organise a prize/trophy for the teams – please let us know if this is something you would like to add when you get in touch. 

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The most delicious competition in town! Learn how to make tasty tapas while competing against your colleagues to make the best one. Finish the day by eating it all, washing it down with wine and beer.

  • 2-3 Chef assistants (all speak English fluently)
  • Staff for cleaning and serving
  • Snacks to eat during the cooking (Spanish cured meats and cheese and Catalan bread with tomato)
  • Dessert of Mel i Mato (Fresh Catalan cheese) with crushed walnuts and mix of fresh berries
  • Wine, Beer, Water and Soft Drinks.
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