FAQ: Barcelona Treasure Hunt
Barcelona Scavenger Hunt with Polaroid Cameras

Our Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt is one of the most popular activities that we offer. It’s a fun way to get acquainted with Barcelona and do some team building. Since we often get questions about this memorable city scavenger hunt, we’ve compiled some answers for you.

How does your Barcelona Photo Treasure hunt work?

It’s all pretty simple. We give the whole group a detailed brief before splitting you into smaller teams.  Then, each team gets a backpack with useful equipment.

We then unleash you on Barcelona’s incredible Gothic Quarter (or Old Town) in a crazy, madcap treasure hunt. Using the kit given – and the brains of your team – you compete to solve clues, collect scavenger items, and take pictures.  This is all to gather as many points as you can to win the activity and prove your team is the best! 

Why is your team building treasure hunt so popular?

Mainly because it’s a lot of fun – we know it is because we designed it! Furthermore, people keep telling us how much they enjoy the activity. 

We’ve all done team building activities before. Let’s be honest, some of them are terrible, but we guarantee this one isn’t.

Our photo scavenger hunt is affordable, adventurous, and exciting. The activity helps to bring teams closer together and they are a unique way to explore Barcelona.

Where will we go?

The entire Photo Treasure Hunt takes place in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, which is the central part of the old city. During your treasure hunt, you’ll see attractions such as:

  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Placa del Pi
  • Sant Felip Neri
  • Placa Reial
  • La Rambla
  • … and plenty more!

More than that, the way the activity is designed you’ll notice more than you would on a simple tour.  Your team wanders in, through, and around lots of great architecture. You’ll stroll past cafes, ancient buildings, monuments, houses, and galleries, all while keeping your eyes peeled for clues. 

What equipment do we get?

Everything you need, we give you (well, apart from your own brain – you need to bring that). Each team is allocated the following items: 

  • Rucksack – easy to carry on the move and keeps all your kit together
  • Laminated map
  • Clue booklet – this includes obscured pictures. It’s your job to find the unobscured sites and answer the questions
  • Scavenger hunt – a list of things you need to find. Haggling, buying, borrowing, and finding are all fair game
  • Vintage Polaroid camera – using this, you’ll need to snap some pictures. Some fun, some challenging, and some embarrassing. Your team will need to get creative
  • A brilliant surprise prize (but only for the winning team)
  • All the other important stuff, like pens and paper

Once it’s all over, your team gets to keep a photo album as a memento which is stuffed with all the photos you’ve taken on your Barcelona treasure hunting team building trip.

Who is it best suited for?

Anyone, anywhere, who wants to have fun while doing team building. In terms of size, we can accommodate teams as small as 8 and have the capacity for up to 200.

Beyond company events, our treasure hunt is also suitable for families, groups of friends, and anyone else.

How long does it last?

You should allow approximately three hours. Afterward, most teams go for food or drinks, where we normally also hold a prize-giving ceremony. Usually, teams extend the night beyond this ceremony to enjoy the excitement, laughter, and good vibe still lingering long after the treasure hunt is over. 

Do you offer any other team building activities in Barcelona?

Yes, we offer plenty! Our other Barcelona team building activities include boat trips, sailing races, tapas cooking, flamenco nights, city tours, plus many more.  

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about our Photo Treasure Hunt. If we haven’t, please contact us. We’re here to help.


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