Book a Group Activity in Barcelona: The Basics of Mosaics! Barcelona is world-famous for its modernist architecture and the tiling and mosaic designs of Antoni Gaudí are some of the bold, colourful decorations that help draw people to our fascinating city.

From Casa Viçens, his first commission, to his unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, tiles have always played an important role in Gaudí’s work, and we are offering you the opportunity to create your own mosaic artwork.

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VENUE Dependent on group size.
Mosaic teacher
Materials and tools
Gift bag
Food & drinks
Transport to/from the venue (ask for a quote).

New for 2019, our Trencadis – Basics of Mosaics activity encourages teamwork, creativity and learning through the design, construction and creation of a mosaic piece or pieces.

This activity pairs brilliantly with a tour of Gaudi’s Barcelona; visit our Private Tours page to see what we have on offer or get in touch to create your own tour with a personalised itinerary.

We can also arrange a private one hour tour of Parc Guell, arguably the most spectacular display of Gaudí’s ornate mosaic designs. Parts of the park are entirely tiled, such as the balcony where the seating takes the form of a giant sea serpent; underneath this platform you will find columns which are covered top to bottom in tiles.


What image do you want to create in tiles? You can choose from a design by the professor, a design by the team or your company logo. If you wish to create the logo or something related to your company in specific colours, you can! Just let us know when you enquire and we’ll make sure you proposal includes details of the extra costs for personalised colours.

If you wish to have each team make a different, smaller piece of mosaic, that is fine too. Whether it’s one collective piece or many individual pieces, everyone is sure to come away feeling like they have learned a new skill and really got their creative juices flowing.

The Barcelona Mosaic Activity – How does it work?

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The classes usually last between two and three hours, depending on what your team has chosen to create.

The activity breaks down thusly:

  1. The teacher will give a brief introduction about the history of mosaics, including its applications both past and present, as well as abroad and in Barcelona.
  2. An explanation of the materials and tools used to create the mosaic: one of the special elements of this activity is that this is not simply using already broken pieces to build the mosaics. The teacher will provide clear instructions on simple tools, such as hammers, to more sophisticated tools, like marble cutters, which participants will get to use.
  3. How to cut the tiles: mosaics might look like shards joined together randomly, but you will need to know how to cut straight lines, triangles and curves in order to create the perfect design.
  4. Building the mosaic: whether you have chosen to create one large piece or several smaller pieces, participants will be split into teams and take it in turns to break and cut tiles and stick them down to create their design. On average, each participant should be covering a 30cm by 21cm section of the creation.

At the end of the session, everyone can sit back and admire their work! The price of the activity also includes a gift bag so everyone will get to take something home with them.

Group Mosaic Class
Mosaic Leaves
Casa Vicens
Make your own design