Book the Graffiti Art Collective in Barcelona! Unleash your inner Banksy and create an amazing piece of graffiti art with your colleagues.

Graffiti once conjured up images of names scribbled on park benches and metro cars, and it’s true that Barcelona still has its fair share of unpleasant street scrawls around.

However, the modern street art movement in Barcelona has seen boring walls in the city transformed into enormous works of art.

MEETING POINT Depends on the group size.
A wall(s) to graffiti
Protective gear (including masks + overalls)
Instruction from a street artist
Centrally located venue.
Food & drink
Transfers to/from venue.

While some art works are completed by individuals, there are collective projects everywhere, and this is the exact opportunity that we wish to give to your group: the chance to produce an awesome collective piece of art while getting to know your colleagues better, learning from a street artist and learning from each other.

Graffiti Art Collective: A Creative Team Building

BarcelonaTours loves to offer original and exciting team building options, and the Graffiti Collective Challenge is no exception. Forget making posters or marketing challenges and get your hands on something really ingenious.

The Graffiti Collective Challenge will see the whole group work together to create a piece of graffiti art in a central Barcelona location. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since pre-school, you can still take part and enjoy this unique experience.

How does it work?

In a specially chosen venue, you will find a piece of wall ready and waiting as your canvas. Your guide and teacher isn’t just anyone good with a spray can! It will be a local street artist, well versed in the street art of Barcelona and also on how to create appealing and exciting graffiti.

You will then discuss the design and ideas that you have for your own artwork – do you want to choose a theme important to your company or perhaps something based around your company logo? These are all things that can be talked about with your teacher.

Then, you can begin. All kitted out in the protective gear (full-body plastic overalls and a mask), you’ll create your masterpiece. Once the activity is over, you can sit back and marvel at what your group has produced – and of course take lots of pictures to show everyone the result.

Want to see more?

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Street Artists in Barcelona
Create a piece of art with your colleagues
Create a design of your choice in our graffiti collective