Book a Flamenco Night at Poble Espanyol Barcelona Thinking of ways that your private or corporate group can spend a truly atmospheric and authentically Spanish evening in Barcelona? Then our Flamenco night at the glorious Poble Espanyol is just what you’re looking for.

Our flamenco night promises an evening full of Spanish passion, emotion and storytelling through the wonderful art of Flamenco music and dancing. Be ready to enjoy the best flamenco show of Barcelona in an amazing location!

VENUE Poble Espanyol (the “Spanish Village”)
Dinner (Tapas or Banquet option)
Live Flamenco show
Entrance to the Poble Espanyol museum
Transfers to/from the venue.

Flamenco and Fine Dining At Poble Espanyol

The Flamenco Evening at Poble Espanyol is the best option for those who wish to have an entertainment night while enjoying a delicious traditional Spanish restaurant. So what exactly can you expect? Firstly, we can provide transportation for your private group to get you to the venue swiftly and happily. We have a wide range of private transportation available depending on the size and nature of your group to make sure all Barcelona groups are catered for.

You will then be dropped off at Poble Espanyol, one of the most interesting and popular attractions in Barcelona. This little ‘Spanish Village’ was created in 1929 to resemble an actual Spanish village, with over 117 replicated buildings from all parts of Spain. It is a traffic-free, snap-shot of Spanish life in all its varieties.

You will also find galleries, arts and craft shops, bars, restaurants, terraces and, of course, a theatre. It’s a truly charming way to familiarise yourself with Spanish architecture, culture and gastronomy in a manageable, ‘bite-sized’ representation of different areas of Spain.

There are two different menus on offer for your group to choose from. Both menus offer Mediterranean cuisine, topped off with some lovely Spanish wine and desserts. What better way to enjoy an authentic Flamenco show than with a traditional evening meal all washed down with delicious local wines and all from the best seats in the restaurant.

Flamenco Night at Poble Espanyol: Feeling The Flamenco Flare?

Perhaps the moving flamenco performance will really stir something up in your group and make you want to try it for yourselves. In which case why not try our private flamenco class?

Designed especially for private and corporate groups, our Barcelona flamenco class will allow you to try your hand at the footwork, arms, posture, turns and choreography. Explore and experience the passion and emotion of this unique dance style for yourself with our experienced flamenco instructor.

In a one hour class, you will learn some of the basic flamenco techniques and steps. The class is held in a convenient central location and we even include a glass of cava to help relax any pre-dance jitters.

The Art of Flamenco

Flamenco is as hard to define as it is to sing due to the fact that its mood and style can differ from song to song and from story to story. But the art of flamenco is rooted in passion and seduction, sometimes it is thunderous and angry, sometimes deep and soulful and sometimes it is melancholic and wistful.

Its mysterious and stirring style, originating from Andalusia, has only been documented for around 200 years. Its origin before then is uncertain but it is known that the original Flamenco style was performed only with voice. A primitive cry or chant which would be accompanied only by the rhythm that was beaten out on the floor by whatever was closest to hand.

Modern flamenco is now known to comprise of four elements, ‘cante’– voice, ‘baile’– dance, ‘toque’– guitar and the ‘jaleo’ which loosely translated means ‘hell-raising’ as it consists of loud foot stomping, hand clapping and shouts of approval and encouragement.

Spanish Tradition Shrouded In Mystery & Superstition

Flamenco is also shrouded in spirituality and superstition. A fifth element called the ‘duende’ is as magical and mysterious as the art of Flamenco itself, described as ‘a spiritual significance that goes beyond human understanding’. Many explain that the duende can only be experienced in a certain surrounding like an intimate flamenco session where a singer will be possessed by the dark tones of the song, so much so that the spirit will enter the mind and soul of anyone who opens up to it.

Poet Federico Garcia Lorca goes on to say that the ‘duende could only be present when one senses that death was possible’ – cheerful!

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