Team Building Activities & Experiences During Covid
Team building activities Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt

Inspiring Team Building Activities for Uncertain Times

Barcelona Tours has been creating team building activities for clients and groups for over 10 years.  We thrive on helping our clients find the best activities and team events in Barcelona. Tell us what you need, and we will find the best fit for your group dynamic.   If you require something special, we will tailor make an event to fit your brief.

Thank Your Team

D0 you want to motivate your team or thank them for their hard work? After long periods working from home, would your team greatly benefit by socializing together? A group activity or event away from the normal workday is always a breath of fresh air and great for productivity.

Group Activities and Team Experiences

How can we organize and enjoy team building and participation activities during this time?
The answer is with much care and consideration! We can run some group activities making sure that ensure we adhere to the regulations for COVID19.  Below you will see activities we consider ‘safer’ given what we know about how the virus is transmitted.

Live Team Building Activities

Photo Treasure Hunt

This Barcelona activity is consistently one of our best sellers. The feedback from our clients is that firstly teams have amazing fun and bond well over the competitive element. Secondly they get to see one of Barcelona’s most enchanting areas – The Gothic Quarter.  We run the activity outside and have small groups (up to 10 people).  This helps us keep guests safe as they are in the open air. We also do not have people gathering in large clusters.  The event briefing can be supplied as a live video call.  At the end of the event, teams meet just to drop off completed packs and the prize-giving is virtual. Click here for more information

Sailing Regatta

Make the most of Barcelona’s sunshine and privileged coastal location with a competitive Sailing regatta – a fantastic Barcelona team building activity.  At the moment teams are restricted to up to 10 people. The group has a briefing on the boat with their skippers.   After this the regatta begins and during the race team members are encouraged to participate, to try and beat the other boats. The boats are thoroughly cleaned between each use, hand hygiene is compulsory and the crew wears face masks. The fact this is an open-air activity is a great plus in protecting against COVID transmission. We can organize a regatta for up to 100 guests, with great caretaking at the beginning and end of the race to keep distance between the teams.  Click here for more information

Cooking Class, Exclusive Catamaran – NEW

Another sea-based group activity in Barcelona, for a more exclusive number of guests, is a private luxury catamaran, new to Barcelona. This boat has a full kitchen and the indoor space can be fully closed to protect against the elements. Try a cookery class, or wine tasting activity whilst sailing along the coastline. Available for up to 10 guests.  This is brand new, contact us for more information: Contact 

Mobile Escape Room

The Escape Room comes to you! The ever-popular escape room concept is now more versatile and just needs a good-sized space, which could even be in your offices.  We can have teams of up to 10 guests.  Each team has its own allocated ‘base’ to crack the codes and solve the mystery.  (All material is thoroughly cleaned, and extra care is taken to space the event stations securely.)  For more information click here

Virtual Team Building Activities  – NEW

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Although this activity is online, your guests will still experience all the fun of a cocktail class, also including getting to drink them.  Run this fun team activity from the office or people’s home! We deliver your cocktail-making kit with everything needed to participate in the class. Following this, live online your mixologist bartender will lead your team through how to create some mouthwatering cocktails. A great way to hold after work drinks and bring the team together.

Wellness Hour

Give your team a little TLC during their workday with our Virtual Wellness Hour. This is an activity that gives unlimited ROI! Our experts teach your group some key mindfulness skills, they can then  take away and use at any moment to relieve stress. Then we have some ‘desk yoga’! Being seated or lack of space is no excuse for not moving your body. Incorporating this activity with our instructors online is a great way to invest in your team’s well-being, with positive results for everyone.

Online Lip Synch Battle

Bring out the extroverts of the team with a Lip Synch competition! We loved this activity during the quarantine!

To start with participants, either individually or as a small group, perform by miming a well-known song.  Moreover, there is a role for everyone during this group activity, even the introverts can be involved; making costumes, filming or moving scenery around.

Our panel will judge the contestants in different areas such as style, passion, and originality. In conclusion the grand event is held online with interactive voting to decide the winners. A real icebreaker and very entertaining for everyone involved!

Personalized Game Tournament

During your conference or other online meet-up, we can organize interactive quizzes and gaming options.  Create a tournament, quia, or include some interactive polling opportunities. With Virtual Event and Conference platforms advancing at an incredible rate to keep up with demand, this area is giving us more and more possibilities all the time. Watch this space for our guidance on Virtual Events and the new platforms available to pivot your events.

For other ideas take a look at tour Virtual Activities Page

For more information on all of our virtual team activities or Virtual Events get in touch!  


28 October, 2021
This tour combines walking, playing and learning. There are no extra costs, no entry fees, no objects, no guides. Everything you need is included in the app we offer. You will have an amazing time wandering around the city and learning info about the most important attractions of the city. It is highly recommended for families, friends, couples, students, companies and team building activities. The tour supports English, German, Italian, French and Spanish

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