Top 5 Activities for School Groups
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Barcelona is a culturally rich and diverse city with so many different options to amaze and entertain a school group. Usually sunny and always exciting, Barcelona has an awesome quality to it, from the beautiful Modernist works of Antoni Gaudi to the narrow twisting alleys of the Gothic quarter. School children of all ages will leave Barcelona having fallen in love with the city and excited to return or learn more about this two-thousand-year old place. It can be hard to know what to choose to show young people in just a few days – don’t worry, has some brilliant suggestions and solutions for every type of school group.

  1. Gothic quarter Tour

Take in some of the most important sights of the city with a tour around the old Gothic quarter. The Gothic quarter is home to beautiful old buildings and has one of the highest concentrations of attractions that are within easy walking distance of each other. These attractions include Roman ruins, almost as old as the city itself, such as the Temple D’August (the remains of a temple that was built in the 1st century) and the Muralla Romana (part of the old Roman gate into the ancient city). It also has the largest collection of buildings from between the 13th and 15th Century, and of course the magnificent Barcelona Cathedral, which took more than 200 years to build. Young people can be easily distracted, and because you don’t have 200 years to get them interested, use one of’s engaging guides to bring history to life for them in just a few short hours. We can provide a bilingual guide with an excellent knowledge of the city and we even offer tailor made options if you already know what you would like to show the kids.

  1. Bike Tour

While the Gothic tour is perfect for seeing all the attractions that are nearby, a Bike Tour offers more freedom of movement for your group and the option of visiting places that would otherwise take too long to reach on foot. You could take in some of the sights around the beach front with ease, traveling along Barcelona’s two miles’ worth of beaches and stopping to appreciate your surroundings while hearing all about Barcelona and its huge connection to the Mediterranean Sea. You can go from there to the beautiful Ciutadella Parc, which has a grand fountain that everyone will want a picture with. It also provides the perfect spot to sit and take a moment to think back on the fun that you’ve had on your trip. These tours are also divided into smaller groups so that way the kids will get a more personalised experience.

  1. Photo Treasure Hunt

Like the idea of groups being able to explore the city in a more interactive way? Then a Photo Treasure hunt is the best option, and also inspires a bit of healthy competition among friends! Each team is provided with a booklet with questions about the surrounding neighbourhood and, the most fun part, a polaroid camera with which to capture certain things that they will see around town! It will take team work and keen eyes to carefully answer all of our questions and complete the booklets, while at the same time practising Spanish as they will have to ask locals for help. A guide will meet you to hand out the booklets and cameras and then be ready and waiting when you return to count up the points and hand a prize to the winner. Even if they don’t win, each team will then have a selection of awesome photos to show off when they get home.

  1. Beach Volleyball

Just like the Photo Treasure Hunt, a Beach Volleyball tournament can inspire some healthy competition while the group enjoys one of the best parts of Barcelona – the beach! Our bilingual guide will explain the basics and then you’re ready to play. This activity is even good on colder days as it will warm people up! Jumping and running to hit the ball can be thirsty work so we also provide water for your hard working teams and you have the option of a one or two-hour tournament.

  1. Top Museums

On the off chance that it’s too cold or you have a particular focus for your trip, be it art, history or something else, can provide entry into the best museums in Barcelona. For those interested in history, we have the MUHBA (Museu d’història de Barcelona or the Barcelona History Museum) – here you can walk on the old Roman roads under the city and see how Barcelona would have looked 2000 years ago. Take your group on an adventure underground and back in time to explore Barcino, the name Romans gave their walled city. For a wider history, there is the Museu d’història de Catalunya to help demystify this intriguing province of Spain. Learn about the Catalans, their language and their struggle for independence against the backdrop of political instability and uncertainty. This museum often has special exhibitions relating to Catalonia which can really help visitors understand the area. For the art enthusiasts, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya offers insight into the art work that has been born out of Catalan life. For a more well know name that might appeal to school groups, consider the Picasso Museum. Even though Picasso was only in Barcelona for a short time, he was greatly influenced by the city and its contradictions. This museum also has a great room where it’s possible to see Picasso’s movement away from Realism to Cubism and other more experimental art forms.

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