The GPS Treasure Hunt in Barcelona is an exciting and dynamic team building activity which takes your team all over land and sea.

We already offer the hugely popular Photo Treasure Hunt and, this year, we’re proud to debut this original and unique team building activity which is sure to delight every member of your team.


Casco Antiguo, Barcelona.

Logistic & technical support
Coordination & Monitors
Technical coordinator for the Tech Hunters app
Hire of Semi-rigid raiders with skippers
Rental of iPads with connection
Briefing and debriefing in English
Public liability and Accident Insurance
Tech support during the activity.
Food & drinks
Transport to/from the activity (ask for a quote).
PRICE Advertised price is based on 80 participants, get in touch for a personalised quote.
NO. PEOPLE Minimum of 16 people (two teams).

BarcelonaTours has been organising team-building experiences in Barcelona for almost a decade and every year we strive to provide new activities that bring out the best of Barcelona and the best of your employees or colleagues. The GPS Treasure Hunt not only demands organisation, teamwork, and lateral thinking, but involves traversing two of Barcelona’s most exciting features: the Gothic Quarter and the Mediterranean Sea!

This is a team-building activity that means your group will feel like they are touring, exploring and competing all at the same time. Don’t just look at the famous old town sights, immerse yourself in the neighbourhood and engage with your surroundings by completing the GPS Treasure Hunt in Barcelona challenges.

GPS Treasure Hunt in Barcelona: How does it work?

Your team will be divided into groups and each team will be given an iPad, loaded with all the GPS Treasure Hunt in Barcelona information. Half the groups will begin on land, in the Gothic Quarter, and the other half on the Sea! The goal is to complete as many challenges, answer as many questions and have as much fun as possible in the allotted time.

Hunt Through the Old Town

The groups that begin on land will need to answer clues and questions around the old town. The iPad will display a map, as well as the quiz, that will need to be followed. The specialised application will lead teams to iconic locations around Barcelona where they will find virtual checkpoints, and a challenge will need to be completed at each checkpoint. The app can even take photos and videos!

Best of all, the iPads will also show the location of other groups taking part and you will need to find the other groups and interact with them in order to complete all the tasks! You can send tips or tricks to other teams to help or hinder them, and the points of each team are tracked LIVE so you will always know who’s out in front and do your best to outshine them.  Follow, connect with and defeat your rivals in this exciting treasure hunt.

GPS Treasure Hunt in Barcelona: Hunt Across the Waves

One of the clues will lead your group to Port Vell (if you didn’t start here). Groups will each board their own fast boat and head out over the waves to answer clues and questions. Once the boats have been launched, the group will have messages to decipher, which will in turn reveal co-ordinates. They will then need to direct the skipper to those co-ordinates to find the final answers. Will you make it back to dry land in time? Or will you be lost to the waves?

Final Celebration

Once all the groups have finished, we can help you choose a restaurant where everyone can get together, have a drink and laugh about the amazing activity they just took part in. For more information, visit our Restaurants for Groups page.

For more ideas, please visit our team building activities.

Ready to book this exciting activity? Contact our team today for more information: or 0034 935 008 226.

We don’t want to give too much away – it would spoil the fun!

What you can expect in this two-to-three-hour activity…

  • An amazing experience with an app that updates in realtime
  • A huge variety of challenges to complete, including quizzes, photo opportunities and videos
  • Interactions with the other teams – help, block or trick them to get your own team in the lead
  • A trip on a raider boat across the Mediterranean Sea
  • Customisable aspects of the app – add your company logo and team names
  • Photo and video material sent to the group.
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