Book a Tapas and History Tour in Barcelona! This two-in-one food tour will fill your bellies while filling your mind with interesting stories, myths and legends from the streets of Barcelona. This three-and-a-half-hour tour will give your group a crash course in both the history of Barcelona and its delicious food scene.

This is great as an evening treat for your group during a conference or as part of a team-building visit to Barcelona. The Tapas and History tour will leave everyone full, happy and either ready to head out to party or head home to bed!

Walking tour of Barcelona’s historic centre
Three tapas stops
Different tapas plates (enough for a full dinner)
Four drinks
Expert guide(s).
SUGGESTED START TIME(S) 12.00h, 13.00h, 17.30h, 18.30h, 19.30h.
CAPACITY 10 – 90 people.
DURATION Three-and-a-half hours


A Guiding Hand

A food tour and history tour in one means you get double the local knowledge in one convenient, tasty package. Our guides that run the Tapas and History Tour in Barcelona have a passion for all things Barcelona and can’t wait to share her food and history with you! Whether you have burning questions about the Spanish Civil War or really want to know the best place to buy fabulous Spanish olive oil, our guides will have the answer.

Come hungry to learn and hungry in general and you’re guaranteed to enjoy this evening out in Barcelona’s fascinating centre.

History of Barcelona

This tour has been designed to condense Barcelona’s 2000-year-history into just a few hours. For those of you who didn’t enjoy history at school, don’t worry, there are no boring monologues here or rope-learned dates (and no tests!) – we don’t like that either! We choose to focus on the stories of people that shaped the city, picking key moments that will help you understand the thriving metropolis that Barcelona has become in the present day.

If you want to learn more, your guide will be happy to answer any questions you have and even suggest books you might want to read about the city!

Tapas in Barcelona

If you’ve spent any time in Spain, visited Spanish restaurants or just done your research on Spanish cuisine, you’ll know that “tapas” are small plates of food that are usually shared between a group of people.

We love this style of eating as it means that you get to taste so many different dishes and are unlikely to ever feel like you’re missing out. You know that feeling when you look over at your dining companion’s plate and wish you’d ordered that instead? Well, then tapas dining is for you!

We have chosen some of the best morsels from the menus of the locations and we believe they match up beautifully with the historical side of the tour.

A Tipple with your Tapas

Of course, it wouldn’t be a visit to Spain without trying some incredible local wines and learning about the Catalan drinking culture. If you don’t have time to try our Wine Tasting activity, then tasting the wines and learning a quick history of wine production in Spain on this food tour is the next best thing. From crisp whites to rich reds, bubbly cava and dark vermouth, we will showcase what the locals love to drink.

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