Book a Barcelona Sightseeing Tour with Tapas!

Why take a regular walking tour when you can take a food tour? Put the walking element to good use – you’ll be burning off the delicious snacks that you’ll eat on this Barcelona Sightseeing Tour with Tapas. Perfect for team-building and corporate events, this short tour can provide a much-needed break in a busy itinerary. Typically 90 minutes to two hours in duration, it’s also great as a relaxing and delicious end to a busy day.

Walking tour of Barcelona’s historic centre
Two tapas stops
Two drinks
Four tapas
Expert guide(s).
Entrance to historical sites and museums.
SUGGESTED START TIMES 11.00h, 12.00h, 16.30h, 17.00h, 18.00h.
CAPACITY 10 – 100 people.
DURATION Between 90 minutes and two hours.

Navigating the Gothic Quarter

Everyone that visits Barcelona wants to explore the Gothic quarter, Barcelona’s ancient centre. From Roman walls and streets to the Medieval Cathedral to the modern seat of the Catalan Parliament, this one small section of the city holds so much history that it can be overwhelming to explore without a guiding hand.

Add to that the pressure of choosing where to eat and drink during the day and you could find your group sitting in a tourist trap paying extortionate prices for sub-par food.

A Tasty Solution

Have no fear! We have a delicious solution to your problem. Our Sightseeing Tour with Tapas will ensure that you see all the key parts of the Gothic quarter while also visiting some local businesses for drinks and snacks. We are passionate about supporting local businesses so you will feel like you’re getting a true taste of Barcelona.

A Private Tour Guide

We use incredibly talented and informed guides to lead you through this odyssey of history and food. They have all the right ingredients to cook up a fascinating experience: with an in-depth knowledge of Barcelona, this wealth of information on local food is combined with unparalleled enthusiasm for sharing their love of the city and its restaurants with visitors.

History & Food

Kick-off with a classic aperitif to get everyone in the mood for the tour and give a little burst of energy. You’ll meet at a bar and enjoy a drink and a snack before heading out with your guide to explore.

The tour will provide insight into Barcelona’s long and complex 2000-year history without it feeling like a boring, drawling history lesson. Learn about how the Roman colony of “Barcino” prospered, faltered, grew and changed into the stunning metropolis that we know today. Follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus as you tread the same stones he did and discover the fascinating stories that are hidden around every corner.

As for the food, it will be an insight into how we eat tapas in the Catalan capital. Tapas is enjoyed differently all over Spain and Barcelona also has its own style too. The tour includes two tapas stops, four tapas and two drinks.

Flexible Start Time

We suggest organising this tour in the late morning/early afternoon or early evening. Just before lunch or just before dinner would be an ideal time as the walking, drinks and snacks will help everyone build up an appetite for a bigger meal.

We can also add a full lunch or evening meal to the tour for an additional cost, please enquire directly if this is something you would like for your group. This will also add around one hour more to the tour running time.

Book A Private Tour

Stomach rumbling just thinking about this food tour? Get in touch today at or by calling +34 935 008 226.

For a regular walking tour, please see our Private Walking Tour in Barcelona. For group dinners, please see Restaurants for Groups.

Hungry for more?

Add a Tapas Lunch/Dinner to your tour! Includes:

  • Additional tapas bar
  • Variety of tapas plates to try (enough for a full meal)
  • Dessert
  • Two glasses of wine.

Additional cost: 62€ per person

Total price with tour: 121€ per person.

Taste amazing snacks duing a food and history tour in Barcelona
Taste local food and learn about Barcelona in this tour