Gastronomic ‘Get-Togethers’
gastronomic experiences in Barcelona

Now that the sweltering summer has subsided it is time to haul our lazy (but oh so bronzed) backsides off the beach and take part in some autumnal seasonal activities. Considering Spain, is arguably most famous for its food, we thought a few foodie related frivolities would be a rather appetizing place to start.

A few fascinating facts to get our mouths watering. Did you know that the word ‘tapas’ derives from the Spanish verb ‘tapar’, ‘to cover’. This is because originally slices of bread or meat were used by sherry drinkers to cover their drinks in-between sips, to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry.

And did you know that originally paella was not considered a seafood dish but consisted of chicken, pork, rabbit and even snails? I know, us neither, but we’ll take the modern version of scallops and shrimps over snails any day.

We couldn’t possible discuss Spanish cuisine without giving Sangria a little shout out. Sangria comes from the Spanish word for ‘blood’ and used to be served by peasants who could mask the taste of cheap alcohol by mixing it with fruits, sugar and spices. Today it is a favourite tourist tipple which is a good job as Spain produces 306,187,429 gallons of sangria making wine every year. But you must get to the bar quick as apparently the average Spaniard drinks over 10 gallons of wineper year. Impressive hey!

In Spain, eating is not just about filling bellies but is a strong part of everyday life and friendships. So with that in mind lets reveal our most appetizing autumn activities onoffer here in the food capital of Spain.

Tapas Tour

The old quarter of Barcelona is a bustling hub of endless restaurants and tapas bars, but the real challenge is to find the little gems off the tourist track that offer high quality, culinary excellence. We have all been first-time tourists to Barcelona and have all fallen foul of the often tasteless and overpriced tapas on offer in the usual tourist traps, so it is essential to dig deeper for that true tapas experience. Barcelona Tours are on hand for just that. Our guide will take you on a mouth-watering journey of some of the top tapas haunts in the Gothic, washing the delightful delicacies down with of local wines.

Cookery Class

Consider yourself a bit of a Delia in the kitchen? Even better! Why not try a cookery class right here in the heart of foodie heaven. You will be greeted with a cold glass of bubbles as you begin creating your very own 3 course Spanish meal. With a widerange of dishes on offer you can tailor make which ever creative concoctions youdesire, from cod fritters, to Catalan pastry bread, through to typical Catalan romescofish and pork with apple sauce. Why not try your hand at creating the traditionaldesert of ‘Emporda Bunyols’ (Catalan donuts) accompanied by your very ownCatalan cream and sweet pastry bread. If this has still not satisfied your appetite whynot let our guide take you on a one hour visit to the world famous Boqueria market where you can learn more about the local produce and the ingredients that you haveused in your cooking class.

Cocktail Class

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a ‘Brian Flanagan’ character (Who could forget Tom Cruise in cocktail?) why not see if you’ve got what it takes to create theperfect cocktail concoction. You will receive a private group lesson with a top mixologistwho will guide you through the tricks of the trade before allowing you to unleash yourcreative genus in a fun cocktail making competition. If mixology is your thing, this is an absolute must- the perfect autumnal group activity.

A group trip to Barcelona in the autumn is the perfect way to bridge the gap between summer and Christmas, with the warm weather and fewer tourists. So let BarcelonaTours tantalise those taste buds and organise your perfect Autumnal Barcelonagastronomical get-together. Salut!