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Get yourself a great seat and book FC Barcelona football tickets today! Barcelona and football, football and Barcelona, these two words are almost one and the same. Over the last ten years Barcelona has become home to the World best football. It’s impossible for football fans to come to Barcelona without paying homage to the mightiest and most powerful football team on the planet. While you can play it yourself with our football pitch hire or our hilarious Barcelona bubble football, it’s always going to be amazing to watch the pros.

So what if we told you that we could organize for your group to go to Camp Nou and actually watch Barcelona FC play? We imagine you’d be pretty excited, so let’s talk you through how we can go about that.

So what do the millionaire football players of FC Barcelona and us have in common? We all know that how you arrive to an event is one of the most important parts of any special trip or party. So we will take care of organising your transportation to ensure your private, corporate or school group arrives safely, happily and most importantly, stylishly.

Arriving at Camp Nou In Style

For smaller groups we can pick you up in our luxurious stretch limousine. Travel in comfort and style, the VIP way and start your Barcelona FC evening with a little bling bling. The footballers way!

For larger groups we can organise private coaches to get you to Barcelona’s Camp Nou feeling relaxed, stress-free all with zero hassle. Your private transfer is the most seamless way to transport your group in the simplest, most relaxed and indulged way possible.

Or perhaps you really want to ramp up the fun factor of your Barcelona FC night by travelling to the stadium in the wildest transport in Barcelona- our fabulous ‘Party Bus’. Pump up the music, pour yourselves a drink and get yourselves in the mood for a night fit for football royalty.

Maybe sophistication is more your groups thing and you’re looking for chic and stylish, then our chauffeur driven luxury cars will most certainly be the option for you.

So Back to Barcelona FC

Once your group has arrived at Barcelona FC you won’t fail but be wowed by the impressive stadium and overwhelming sensation that you are at the heart of the football World. The sheer scale of the stadium means its can host a staggering 100,000 fans and is the largest in Europe and third largest in the world.

Needing no introduction, Barcelona FC brings people from all over the world to witness to the Worlds top football team work their magic on the football field. Each year brings victory after victory after victory for our beloved Barcelona FC and this year shows no signs of being any different.

Barcelona FC Match- A ‘Bucket List’ Experience

Whether your group are avid football fans, who live, eat and breathe the game or whether your group has never been to a football game in their lives, a visit to Barcelona’s Camp Nou really is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be missed. The excitement of the stadium and the atmosphere that comes with seeing the Worlds best football team is an experience your group will never forget.

We will take care of all the details, your transportation, tickets and administration and you will also have a multilingual guide to look after you throughout the evening. We can then organise an evening dinner for your group after the game. There are places that we can organise close to the football ground or we can whizz you back into the city for a dinner venue more to your liking.

Stadium Tour

If your group are all about the football, then why not let us organise for your group to take a tour of the football ground? Although tours are not available on match days, we can organise a tour for your group the day before the match so your group can get suitably excited for the big match ahead.

With Barcelona FC showing no signs of being knocked off their Number 1 position in the Football World, now is such an exciting time to come and watch them work their magic and experience the amazing atmosphere of Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium.

Contact our team today to find out more about our FC Barca Experience: or 0034 935 008 226.

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