A ‘barrio’ – say what?

‘Barrio’ is a Spanish word that describes a neighbourhood or quarter of the city. Each of Barcelona’s Barrios has something unique to offer!  The variety gives us stacks of possibilities for Barcelona group activities. It is exactly what makes Barcelona such a vibrant place to visit for your private or company events.

We will delve into each of the city’s barrios to give you a taste and feel for the different areas. You will be left with a ‘Barcelona bucket list’, overflowing with all the interesting and diverse attractions you will want to dive into.


Sandwiched between the Gothic Quarter and the main city park (Ciutadella), El Born has grown in popularity with the trendsetters. Like its Gothic neighbour, the barrio has its share of winding narrow streets.   It is full of contrast between Gothic, medieval history and modern influences. Over recent years it has also become popular for its boho yet fashionable stores, bistros, and bars. This eclectic mix gives the area a very unique charm.

The Back Story

Originally sitting outside of the city’s roman wall boundary, it was in the 15th century when growth meant that the walls were extended to include the area. The Roman archaeological remains can be seen inside the old El Born Market, now a dedicated centre for culture and history of the area.

This old market is definitely worth a visit: https://elbornculturaimemoria.barcelona.cat/en/explore/archaeological-site/historia-del-born/

The Born’s location near to the working port was convenient for traders who began to build palaces in the area. A financial crisis meant that Filipe V decided to destroy much of the neighbourhood to build a castle, which is now park Ciudatdella. Its colourful history is what gives the area it’s unique aesthetics and curb appeal.

The Current Vibe

We love the local designer boutiques, diverse selection of restaurants, wine bars and antique curiosity shops.  Let’s not forget the beautiful architecture steeped in history, cobbled streets, terraces perfect for long lingering lunches and an impressive medieval church (Santa Maria del Mar).  We can’t recommend the area enough!

Get it on your itinerary for an organized group tour or a just a saunter around area taking it all in slowly.

For those culturally inclined it is also home to the Picasso Museum: http://www.museupicasso.bcn.cat/en

We also recommend the lesser-known, but in our opinion, equally interesting Museum of Modern Art:

Top Picks

Plan your group trip to Barcelona with some of our top picks, see below!

El Xampanyet

Looking for an authentic bar experience? Go back in time to experience one of the areas longest standing traditional bars. Dating back to 1929, the name comes from the sparkling wine served there. Enjoy a glass and some tapas in the hustle and bustle of this unique bar.

Guzzo Club

Guzzo Club is café, bar, art gallery and music club all rolled into one. Get down with the hipsters for a bite to eat, a few drinks and a late boogie.

Hoffman Pastries

We wholeheartedly recommend getting your sweet fix here! Try one of their award-winning croissants (our favourite the mascarpone croissant!) or whatever seduces you from the selection mouthwatering selection of pastries!

Cal Pep

Don’t be fooled by the laid-back vibe, Cal Pep is a real hidden gem and one of the best places to eat tapas in Barcelona!

Aire de Barcelona

Tired from all the exploring? Check out Aire de Barcelona. The ancient thermal baths offer a calm and relaxing space to chill out and recharge your batteries ready for the next ‘barrio’ adventure.


One store that shows the diversity and creativity of the Born is Suara. Offering fair trade products, they donate the profits to caring for stray cats! Check out the fun fashion offerings for cat and non-cat lovers alike!


Barcelona Tours and Activities: The Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most well-known, if not the most famous of all our iconic tourist attractions. In fact, calling it a tourist attraction doesn’t really cover it. It is a wonderous piece of art, architecture, a slice of the city’s history and a story of dedication, all rolled into one.

So, what is all the fuss about? Well, when you travel to Barcelona, we thoroughly recommend that you take a look for yourself.  Don’t miss a tour of the church!  Whether you are visiting as an individual traveller to the city, or coming as part of a group event, or attending a corporate conference in Barcelona, it should definitely be on your agenda!

Brief History

Construction of the church began in 1882 – yes, that is a whopping 138 years ago! The project was the brainchild of Josep Maria Bocabella.  He visited the basilica at Loreto during a trip to the Vatican in 1872. This ignited his inspiration to begin the church in Barcelona. The task of constructing it was first given to Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano, but after several arguments, it was time for Anthony Gaudi to step in and take over.

Did you know?

So that the unfinished church could be used for religious services, in 2010 the main nave was covered, and an organ installed. Then on the 7th of November 2010, the Sagrada Familia was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI with a congregation of 6,500 people.

The original design of Barcelona’s Anthony Gaudí’s included eighteen spires. These represent, in ascending order of height, the Twelve Apostles, The Virgin Mary, the four Evangelists, and the tallest to depict Jesus Christ.

How will it look when it’s finished? The final design of the church will have a spire representing Jesus Christ which will reach a height of 172.5 meters (566 ft), this will make the Sagrada Familia the tallest church in Europe.

Built for the hard-working construction team of the church, a school used to form part of the site.

The Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It earnt this status in 1984.

There is an end date in sight for its completion which is 2026 and will mark 100 years since the death of its designer Anthony Gaudi.

What happened to Gaudi? Well, it’s an interesting story. Gaudi was hit by a tram and met an untimely death in 1926.  Due to his unkempt appearance, he was mistaken for a tramp and not given adequate medical care.

Gaudi’s tomb is within the Sagrada Familia so you can pay your respects during your visit to the church.

Why visit?

We would ask why would you not visit the Sagrada Familia during your trip to Barcelona? The church is full of interesting symbolism and intricate details that can only really be fully appreciated up close. Photos do not do it justice. You will not be disappointed by the magnitude of this unique building.

How do I book?

A visit to the Sagrada Familia is high on everyone’s list so to avoid those huge queues we do recommend booking in advance.

If you would like to book an individual visit to the church this can be carried out directly online.
Book Here

Alternatively, for group tours or a tour of Barcelona then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


This blog was originally posted on February 15th 2019 and was updated for March 2020.

Barcelona begins to awaken from its winter slumber in March and spring is tapping at the windows. With temperatures rising, the days growing longer and the streets growing busier, March is a great month to dust off the cobwebs and set out for a holiday in Barcelona. Perfectly nestled between the low and high seasons, March is a window of opportunity to explore Barcelona before the crowds really start to arrive.

Read on to discover the weird and wonderful events of Barcelona in March…

Sant Medir Festival: Candy Culture

When: 3rd March

Where: Carrer Gran de Gracia, Gracia neighbourhood

Price: Free, although you may wish to purchase a big bag.

At first glance, this festival is a little tricky to understand. Well, first glance, second glance, at all glances really, unless you also have a candy and horses festival in your town? We didn’t think so.

The Sant Medir Festival is born out of a local story of a farmer called Medir and a passing Bishop who was escaping Roman persecution. The Bishop told Medir that he was willing to die for his faith and told Medir not to lie if the Romans asked if he had seen him. Medir, who had been sowing his crop of beans, swore to tell the truth and, once the Bishop had moved on, his crop of broad beans began to grown rapidly.  Unfortunately, when the Romans came and Medir told them he had seen the Bishop pass through, they took Medir, captured the Bishop, and both were executed. There is a sanctuary, the Ermita de Sant Medir, in Sant Cugat.

How does this connect to candy and horses? Well, there’s another story too (stay with us): a local baker was suffering an awful illness and made a promise that if he recovered, he would make a pilgrimage every year to the Ermita de Sant Medir. As the years went on, people joined his pilgrimage and were said to throw broad beans to the crowd that watched. Over time, broad beans were (thankfully) replaced with candy and thus the “Sweetest Festival” was born.

On 3rd March, you can watch the procession which now not only has horses and carts, but trucks and decorated floats. You’ll want to bring a big bag or even an umbrella (turned upside, a local trick!) to catch as much candy as possible. This is a great evening of fun to share, especially if visiting with children, as they can catch candy and then follow the procession to the firework display in the Jardinets de Gracia.


Monumental Club: ¡Ay, qué rico!

When: 14th March

Where: La Plaza Monumental de Barcelona (map link)

Price: From 5€ per person (ticket link)

Monumental Club is an event worth attending just to see the inside of one of Barcelona’s old bullrings (this activity has been banned in Catalonia since 2012; another bullring located in Plaza Espanya has been converted into a shopping centre). La Monumental still retains all its seating and the Monumental Club event takes place right in the ring in the centre. Walking in and out of the old entrances for the “matadors” and bulls alike is an awesome experience in itself, but throw in some live music, delicious food and beer and you’ve got an all-round winner.

Monumental Club takes place at least once a month in Barcelona, always with different acts and different themes, so don’t worry if you miss this March edition.


Barcelona Beer Festival

When: 13th, 14th and 15th March

Where: La Farga de l’Hospitalet (Google maps link)

Price: from 7,75€ (official site)

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory here! Take the train from Plaza Catalunya out to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, which takes around 30 minutes and only costs a few euros, and join thousands of others in sampling the best international beers at this huge three-day festival. Tickets start from just 7,75€, which includes the booking fee, a glass that you use for sampling the beers and that you can keep after the event, a map and booklet to show you where to go and two tokens to help get you started on your tasting adventure.

If you’re new to the world of craft beers, you will find volunteers around the venue that will be more than happy to explain the origins of craft beer and also make suggestions on what to try. This is undoubtedly a must-see (and must-taste!) attraction for beer lovers; there will also be delicious gastronomic offerings to help line your stomach, so what more do you need?

The opening times on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 are from 11.00h to 23.00h – that’s right, a full 12 hours of beer drinking! Make sure you have something to eat at one of the amazing stands. On Sunday 15, it’s from 11.00h to 21.00h, but ten hours is enough for a Sunday!


Barcelona Beer pt. 2: St Patrick’s Day

When: 17th March

Where: All over the city

Price: Varies, but at the minimum, it’s the price of a few beers!

Yes, even in Barcelona, St Patrick’s Day is now widely celebrated. It’s up to you if you want to celebrate it in the city centre with other tourists, in one of the many Irish pubs that can be found around Barcelona, or if you want to celebrate with the locals in a small bar or restaurant, we hope the luck of the Irish will bless you! Be prepared for Guiness, Irish music and even Irish dancing – and plenty of “craic” (which means “fun” in Irish slang).


Barcelona-Sitges Rally

When: 21st, 22nd and 23rd March

Where: starting from Plaza Sant Jaume

Price: Free to watch

Now, we cannot stress enough how important it is not to drink and drive! But if you want to see some incredible cars after visiting the beer festival, then the Barcelona-Sitges Classic Car Rally is here to help.

Held every year since 1959, the rally sees participants race from Barcelona to Sitges, with the exit from Barcelona a highlight. Classic cars, lovingly restored by the participants (who will also dress in period-appropriate clothing), leave from Plaza San Jaume in the centre of Barcelona and travel to Sitges. Don’t worry if you don’t catch the opening ceremony, there are other spots around the city to catch the race – lookout for updates on the official website.

Also, from the 2nd to the 21st March, six classic cars will be on display at L’illa Diagonal Shopping Center, including a 1916 Hispano-Suiza and a 1908 Cadillac Thirty.


Festival in the Gothic Quarter

When: 20th – 24th March

Where: Gothic Quarter

Price: Most festivities are free.

The Festa Major del Pi, also known as the Festa de Sant Josep Oriol, takes place in the Pi area of the Gothic quarter, which consists of the church, Santa Maria del Pi, and the streets that surround it. The major features of the celebrations are the Gegants del Pi, some of the oldest Gegants in the whole of Catalonia (gegants are large paper-and-wood representations of men and women, each neighbourhood has their own). While the gegants will be used in dances and processions, there will also be theatrical demonstrations of local legends, from stories about Sant Josep Oriol to tall tales about thieves and highwaymen.

Planning a Team Building in Barcelona

When planning a team building event, it can be difficult to know where to start or even why you’re planning such an event at all. Check out our Team Building in Barcelona FAQ for answers to some of your burning questions related to team building activities.

Planning an event abroad can be very stressful, and in Barcelona it can be especially difficult. Local businesses are not always quick to answer or forthcoming with details, which can leave you with unanswered questions and unsure on how to get the information you need. Barcelona is also a city with so many restaurants, event venues, activities and tours, that finding the right things to include in your visit to the city is understandably overwhelming.

Your Local Event Agency in Barcelona

Enter BarcelonaTours.net, the only event agency in Barcelona that you need. We will handle your booking from beginning to end, with personalised service and bespoke itineraries. Trust us to organise your transport, activities, dinners and accommodation. We have all the contacts, local knowledge and a genuine passion for the stunning Mediterranean city of Barcelona to create a stunning event for your group.

Get in touch with the dates you’re visiting, the number of people and the goals of your visit, and one of our dedicated agents will get to work preparing your proposal. You will receive clear, concise information from us, and we will always keep you informed. We pride ourselves on our stellar communication and many clients have commented on how easy it was to speak to and work with their BarcelonaTours contact. Please see our Reviews on Google to see what else our clients have said about us.

Team Building FAQ

Once you’ve had a look at the questions below, make sure you get in touch with BarcelonaTours.net to start planning your corporate event in Barcelona.

What is a team building activity?

A team-building activity is a group activity that companies organise to help co-workers form stronger bonds. They can also help reinforce the ideals of the business, such as teamwork, patience, problem-solving and communication.

What is the main purpose of team building?

The main purpose of team building is to bring members of the same team together through fun activities and this, in turn, will boost performance, positivity and productivity at work. The activity may just be something relaxing, but it can also involve healthy competition to unite teams with a common goal. The result of a good team-building will be that colleagues feel more comfortable with each other and hopefully built stronger bonds which can be carried into their day-to-day interactions. Of course, every company will have their own aims for the team building too.

What are the types of team building?

There are many different types of team building activities. An in-office team building activity might involve using what you have in the office to create challenges. If you've taken your team building out of the office, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. At BarcelonaTours, we have a multitude of different team building options. They can be relaxing activities, such as a boat trip or group dinner, collective projects, like our Graffiti Art Collective or the Mosaic making class, and finally competitions, like our Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt or the Paella Cooking Competition.

What are the benefits of team building?

Benefits of team building include: forming and reinforcing strong relationships between colleagues; making fun memories with colleagues that everyone will be able to share when back at work; taking some time away from the workplace in order to discover more about each other in an entirely new environment; finding out more about skills and talents colleagues have outside the workplace and seeing if they can be applied to work; having fun as a team without the pressure of being in a working environment.

What are the best team building activities for work?

Take your team building out of the office if you can! People will feel more relaxed and engaged if they are in a new environment.

What are some team building games?

Try the Barcelona Photo Treasure Hunt, the Paella or Tapas Cooking Competition, Wipeout: Warriors of Fun and an Escape Room.

How do you conduct team building activities?

We recommend contacting us at BarcelonaTours to plan your team building activities in Barcelona. We have all the resources and local knowledge you need to create the best possible team building abroad.

To read more about the benefits of hiring a local company to plan your event, please read our blog on that topic.

The popularity of plant-based diets has exploded in recent years. More and more people are reducing their consumption of meat, fish and dairy, and looking to get their nutrients from plants. People have also become more concerned about additives, such as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in their food.

Vegan or plant-based diets may once have seemed restrictive. However, as time has gone on and restaurants have become more creative, the plant-based revolution shows no signs of slowing down.

Unique Restaurants: Impress your clients

Join the plant-based revolution with a group dinner in Barcelona

We’re sure your clients are always looking for the new and interesting when it comes to booking group dinners in Barcelona. Host your group dinner somewhere that will get people talking and excited about plant-based food.

Enter Roots & Rolls. Opened in November 2018, Roots & Rolls is a delicious, stylish, plant-based restaurant located in the Eixample neighbourbood of Barcelona. Their original and innovative menu will satisfy carnivore, vegetarians, vegans and everyone in between, with the focus being on fresh, healthy, flavoursome food.

We are very lucky that their restaurant is located just a short walk from the BarcelonaTours office, so we have been able to sample a great deal of the menu.

The Restaurant: Group Dining in Style

Stylish plant-based restaurant Barcelona

Roots & Rolls is light and spacious, making it a wonderful place for group dinners and events. Decorated in black and white with wooden floors and tables, this chic venue has private dining spaces, as well space for long tables. The restaurant also has a covered patio at the front, a great spot to share some sushi and a glass of wine with friends.

The capacity of the restaurant is 120 people, so there’s plenty of space for everyone!

The Menu: Try the sushi

The stars of the Roots & Rolls menu are their incredible uramaki sushi rolls, each more creative in its flavours than the last. In their efforts to ensure that their sushi rolls are as jam-packed with flavour as their fish-featuring counterparts, Roots & Rolls went all out.

They have eight sushi rolls to choose from. You’ll be forgiven for not being able to choose which ones to try, so they have helpfully included sushi tasting platters, ranging from 20€ for 20 rolls and two varieties of nigiri, up to 75€ for 46 rolls and three varieties of nigiri.

Our personal favourites are the “Srirango” roll, composed of black rice, mango, avocado, cucumber, roasted red pepper and topped with sriracha veganaise (a sriracha-infused vegan mayonnaise which adds a delightful kick) and “Kimchi-me”, a roll of four grains, kimchi, cucumber, sesame tofu, spring onion, coriander & cashew pesto and gochujang veganaise.

Beyond sushi

corporate dining event Barcelona

The delights don’t stop at the sushi menu. The snacks (“pica pica”), starters and salads are great to share between your group, and then we come to the main dishes.

We love the rich thai red curry with sweet potato, figueres onions, courgette, portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, coconut milk and basmati rice, a dish sure to fill you up and warm you up in the colder months. Ramen lovers will be quick to order the tofu ramen miso, which layers up the flavours of dashi stock with shiro miso, prunes, shiitake, kombu, roasted peppers, caramelised figueres onion, portobello, sweet potato, pickled daikon, sesame, julienne veg and udon noodles.

As for the desserts, plant-based and healthy doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself! Try to the chocolate avocado brownie or the chocolate truffle symphony for a rich, indulgent treat.

Group Dinners: Menus for Groups

Roots & Rolls currently offer two group menus starting from just 25€ per person. The menus offer a great cross section of the delicious food on offer, including an appetiser, a starter, a sushi platter, a main and a dessert – everything you need for a full and happy group.

Hungry to know more? Book your group dinner in Barcelona with BarcelonaTours and choose Roots & Rolls.

Join the plant-based revolution with a group dinner in BarcelonaThe Owners: An Interview with Sandra de Jong

We wanted to know more about the restaurant, the owners, their favourite dishes and their plans for 2020. We put some questions to Sandra de Jong, one of the two owners.

What made you want to open a plant-based restaurant?

It was a combination of many things. We wanted to create a restaurant that could have a positive impact in a stylish and elegant setting. Plant-based food has a much smaller impact on the environment and is better for the planet and, of course, for the animals. We also wanted to ensure the food was healthy, and plant-based food has been proven to be a healthy addition to any diet.

Why did you choose a Japanese-inspired menu?

So many reasons! A personal love of sushi played a big part. I had tried some inventive vegan sushi elsewhere and really loved it. I saw it as an opportunity to get creative as you can put so many complimentary ingredients into one sushi roll and make a real explosion of flavour. A lot of the vegan sushi you find in Barcelona is just cucumber and rice or red pepper and rice, so there was definitely a gap in the market.

Making food that non-vegans would love was also important. The food needed to be exciting and match or exceed the variety offered by non-vegan restaurants, and Japanese food, not just sushi but curry and noodle dishes too, is highly adaptable.

I also wanted it to be something that you wouldn’t make at home. To make just one of our sushi rolls at home would take hours, so coming to visit us and being able to try multiple sushi rolls in a welcoming setting is a much better idea!

Which three-courses would you recommend to someone visiting the restaurant for the first time?

We would suggest four courses! It’s difficult to say if sushi is a starter or a main in our restaurant, but we suggest following the sushi with one of our hot dishes. This way you will experience a little bit of everything we have to offer.

  • “Pica-pica”/Starter: Kale chips, cauliflower popcorn and the gyozas
  • Sushi course: a sushi tasting platter
  • Main: Kari coco (we described this Thai curry in a previous paragraph)
  • Dessert: Chocolate avocado brownie with ice cream.

Meals for large groups

If you could pick only one sushi roll from your menu, which would it be?

This is so difficult! Our bestseller is the Jumping Jack which is made of black rice, heüra (a scarily-realistic meat substitute, similar texture to chicken), bbq jackfruit, rocket, caramelised onions, sesame, alioli & homemade hoisin sauce.

What have been some of the highlights for Roots & Rolls in 2019?

There’s been so many. I personally get a real kick out of messing with the “carnivore mindset” when it comes to plant-based food. We have so many clients who come in for their first-ever plant-based meal and they’re always stunned and thrilled with the quality of the flavours, textures and variety that we offer. This makes me really happy.

We feel that we’re still on the “edge” of things in Barcelona and it can be difficult to convince people to have a group dinner in an entirely plant-based restaurant, but thankfully things are changing. Over Christmas, we had several large groups from tech companies with lots of young employees that are more eco-conscious. It’s wonderful to see companies making these choices for their employees, to show them that you can still have a great Christmas event with no meat, fish or animal products involved. These groups were a real highlight.

Of course, we also love when we see repeat customers and we have a really high number of customers that come back again and again. People will come back with different members of their family, with friends, with visitors, it’s wonderful to see that so many people want to shout about our food and share it with others.

And finally, what does 2020 hold for Roots & Rolls?

We have so many fun things lined up. Firstly, we change the menu three times per year to fit with which vegetables are in season. We have also changed our head chef and we can’t wait to see what creativity they will bring to the table.

We will also have lots of exciting events and are collaborating with other vegan and plant-based people and businesses in Barcelona under the umbrella title “Living Plantastic”. There will be a gala event on Saturday 18th January – red carpet, drag queen and DJ included! There will also be smaller group activities, from plant-based cooking workshops to beach trash pickups.

In general, we want to make plant-based, eco-conscious living more appealing and more exciting to the masses. If we work within mainstream channels, engaging with carnivores and herbivores alike, then we will reach more people and maybe convert more people to a eco-friendlier, more plant-based lifestyle.

We will continue to work on these ideas in 2020 and beyond, so watch this space!

Thank you Sandra!

BarcelonaTours.net: The Agency You Need for Event Planning in Barcelona

Make your group travel arrangements with BarcelonaTours.net to ensure the highest quality services. We organise hotels for groups, private transfers and group dinners in fantastic restaurants, such as Roots & Rolls!

Get in touch today for a personalised quote and start planning your event in Barcelona.

This article was first published in 2018 and was updated on the 8th January 2020.

Barcelona has been a hugely popular destination for corporate events for many years. From the Mobile World Conference, which welcomes people from all over the globe, to the small conferences that are just for the office team, Barcelona has many excellent resources to help you fire up your employees and business networks.

However, this blog isn´t about booking those hotel rooms or meeting spaces (although we can help with that too!). This is about how to keep your team excited and motivated before, in between, and after those all-important meetings and networking events. Barcelonatours.net has advice on how to keep your group inspired with awesome team-building activities and how to unwind in those precious free hours.

Team-Building Activities in Barcelona

A vital part of a corporate event is connecting people in a fun and engaging way. Whether you’ve known each other for years or have just met, team-building through healthy competition in a stimulating environment such as Barcelona will drive your group with challenges, while providing a fun break from the serious meetings. The following activities also get your group out and exploring the city without the need for an official guide and following a guide from place to place – using maps and clues, these activities will take your group back to basics!

IPad Rally

This is a task to really get the team’s cogs turning but also to see a lot of the city!

This activity is perfect for people in all industries: it will reignite a sense of adventure while challenging you to solve puzzles, riddles and also solve Barcelona’s winding streets! After a quick session to teach your group how to use the iPads and the app, they’ll be split into teams and taken to different parts of the area to start their problem-solving.

The treasure hunt lasts two hours and isn’t just about progressing with your own hunt – it´s about obstructing the other teams! Block paths in a light-hearted fight for victory! Once everyone has completed the challenge, you´ll regroup at the end and prizes will be given to the winning team.

You can also check out our GPS Treasure Hunt which even adds a boat trip into the mix!

Photo Treasure Hunt

Explore the old city of Barcelona and also come away with some photo mementos! The Photo Treasure Hunt is a dynamic, engaging quest through the city, with the aim not just to score the most points, but to take the best pictures!

Your guide will meet you in a central location – with your personalised booklets and instant Polaroid cameras – and give you a thorough explanation of how the hunt works. After handing over the paper maps (no Google maps here!) displaying the hunt locations and final meeting point, your guide will walk the groups to their individual starting lines and you´ll be ready to go!

Over two-and-a-half hours, your group will methodically work their way through the city, looking for the answers to the questions in your booklet. We also include a list of items your group needs to collect (some of it involves chatting to the public!) and they’ll have to be on the lookout for great photo opportunities. At the final meeting point, your guide will count up the points and penalties while enjoy a complimentary drink! Just like the iPad challenge, points mean prizes, and the event will end with the prize-giving.

Please visit our team-building activities page for more options.


Once your teams have completed the formal challenges of a corporate event and the informal challenges of these exciting team-building exercises, they´re going to need a reward – especially if they didn´t win any challenges! After the adrenaline has subsided, try these activities to help your group unwind…

Private Boat Trip

No one can resist the call of the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Barcelona where you can see the water from so many parts of the city. A private boat trip is a brilliant end of conference treat, as your corporate group feels the stresses of the week flow away over the gentle waves with a drink in their hand and an unparalleled view of Barcelona’s coastline.

We have boats to suit every group; from small yachts to huge catamarans, boats with private dining rooms to boats space for dancing – all your trips can be tailored to your specific needs. Add in a few bottles of cava and some “pica pica” (small snacks to whet the appetite) and your group will be feeling easy breezy in no time.

Visit our Boat Trips page for more information about our fantastic vessels.

Private Party Bus Tour

An excellent way to combine the classic sightseeing bus tour with a fun and lively environment is to hire our Barcelona Party Bus. It’s not just for birthday parties or celebrations – it’s a great way to bring people together and make the most of Barcelona’s beautiful sights. Barcelonatours.net prides itself on being able to provide tailor-made experiences for corporate groups in Barcelona – our Party Bus tours are no exception.

The Bus is a great space to bring people together in a relaxed, close environment, free from the pressures of other groups invading your space. It allows you to absorb Barcelona’s big, picture-worthy sights in a small window of time – something that lets your group to feel the grandeur and diversity of Barcelona’s sights and architecture. Sweep down her wide avenues in total comfort, with a drink in hand and the best view possible of the locations. The bus can also stop to allow for some photos, before whisking you off to your next iconic spot. With some drinks, music and even fun lighting, your group will feel like true VIPs.

Click here for full details of the Barcelona Party Bus.

Group Dinner

Everybody loves food! And a group dinner in Barcelona is an amazing way to reward your team for their hard work. We can help with all manner of group travel and group activities in Barcelona, and a group dinner in a delicious restaurant is one of our most popular requests.

With nearly ten years of experience in event planning in Barcelona, we have the local knowledge and expertise you need. We can find restaurants to suit every group size, dietary requirement and budget. Restaurants for groups in Barcelona offer a huge variety when it comes to cuisine, so whether your group is looking for the traditional tapas and paella or something fresh and exciting like a plant-based sushi restaurant with an innovative menu, Barcelonatours will work to find the best group restaurant for you.

Group menus can start from as little as 25-30€ per person and for that price will often include three-courses and a glass of wine per person. Menus that include a tapas sharing course can give your group the chance to try many different dishes while still selecting their own main course. Many restaurants are willing to customise their menus to suit vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. We can also offer halal restaurants and kosher options.

Ready to go?

With all of these incredible options and more, Barcelonatours.net is the place to plan an exciting corporate event.

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Event Planning and Group Travel in Barcelona

This blog lays out some of the conferences that are scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. We have provided the names and dates of all the conferences, and expanded on the ones we find most interesting!

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CSL 2020 – Computer Science Logic Conference

Dates: 13th – 14th – 15th – 16th January

Venue: University of Barcelona

Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). This 28th edition of the conference, which has previously been hosted in Birmingham, Stockholm, Marseille and Berlin, this year comes to Barcelona after taking a break in 2019.

According to the CSL website, “the conference series started in 1987 as a programme of International Workshops on Computer Science Logic, and then in its sixth meeting (in 1992) became the Annual Conference of the EACSL.”

ACM FAT 2020 – Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in Socio-Technical Systems

Dates: 27th – 28th – 29th – 30th January

Venue: Barceló Sants

The inaugural conference was held in New York in 2018, followed up by Atlanta in 2019. The conference has now made its way to Europe for the first time. This conference brings together the field of computer science and the practical and ethical risks involved as this field develops. Their website states: “ACM FAT* is an interdisciplinary conference dedicated to bringing together a diverse community of scholars from computer science, law, social sciences, and humanities to investigate and tackle issues in this emerging area.”

ELT Convention

Dates: 30th – 31st Jan – 1st February

Venue: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Billed as a conference for English Language Teachers by English language teachers, the ELT Convention promises to help teachers in several ways. They will meet up to rest and reconnect with others in their field, and “shake up” their teaching methods while “exercising all their teaching muscles” through three days of activities, workshops and lectures.



World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas (WCCL)

Dates: 12th – 13th – 14th February

Venue: Auditorio Axa

This is the 4th Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas, with the previous editions having been previously held in Chicago, Berlin and New York. Cutaneous lymphomas are cancers that effect lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells.

The conference will “provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art advances in basic, translational and clinical research; it will discuss new developments in the diagnosis, practice and management of cutaneous lymphomas, promoting the highest standards of care and support of the patients.”

ICEMI 2020 – International Conference on Education and Management Innovation

Dates: 13th – 14th – 15th February

Venue: Hotel Colon

This 9th edition of the ICEMI Conference will be held at the Hotel Colon, located opposite the iconic Barcelona Cathedral. It will bring together researchers, engineers, scientists and students to share ideas and their experiences working in Education and Management Innovation.

MWC 2020 – Mobile World Congress

Dates: 24th – 25th – 26th – 27th February

Venue: Fira Gran Via (some Events will be at Fira Montjuïc)

Easily Barcelona’s most famous annual conference, the Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile event in the world. You’ll find the latest innovations in technology from around the world, talks from visionaries at the top of their field and hundreds of exciting exhibits.



ENETS 2020 – European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society Conference

Dates: 11th – 12th – 13th March

Venue: CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona

The European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society is involved with research that works on “improving therapies, diagnostics and treatments for patients all over the world.” The Society has nearly 1,400 members from all fields of research and medicine, including oncology, pathology, radiology and many more. The conference is an opportunity to bring people from across these fields together.

EBCC-12 – European Breast Cancer Conference

Dates: 21st – 22nd – 23rd March

Venue: CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona

The website of the European Breast Cancer Conference states that: “The goal of EBCC-12 is to promote the establishment and implementation of a European multidisciplinary platform for scientific exchanges about all aspects of breast cancer, from bench to bed side.”

Speakers from all fields related to breast cancer research come to the conference to talk on a huge variety of topics related to this central theme. The conference gathers together physicians, scientists and patients to display “new New & stimulating scientific programme mapping the breast cancer journey.”

EBART International – Evidence-based Assisted Reproduction Technology Conference

Dates: 26th – 27th March

Venue: Palau de Congressos de Barcelona

Started in 2016, each edition of this conference has been in Barcelona and is held every two years. It is the first conference of its kind, namely, the first conference to focus specifically on the research and development of assisted reproduction technology.

Two key changes have been made this year: the venue has been changed to the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona, and parallel sessions, which will be “one focused on topics related to Clinicians, and another for Embryologists”, have been introduced.


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