Barcelona’s top tourist attractions are diverse and wide-reaching. There really is something for everyone! If you are looking for a cultural experience, then there are countless museums, galleries, and examples of wonderful architecture to enjoy. Take a look at our blog on the top Gaudi sights for ideas of some amazing modernist treasures to visit.

If you are looking for something a little less artistic, then this is the blog for you. This time we will look at Barcelona’s top tourist attractions that show a different side of the city. A side that focuses on sport, wildlife, and general entertainment.

FC Barcelona Camp Nou

The mighty FC Barcelona is renowned worldwide for the team’s amazing achievements in football. The club has a rich history, and a roll call of players, past and present, which sounds like a who’s who of football. FC Barcelona has won many trophies which are kept at the stadium in the Camp Nou Museum. This leads us on nicely to point out that you can book a tour of Camp Nou Stadium and Museum, this is definitely one of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions so it can get very busy, we recommend booking tickets beforehand. During the tour, you’ll have the chance to feel like a real insider, with a visit to the changing rooms, press room, and you can even touch the grass on FC Barcelona’s sacred football pitch!

For a really special experience check out the small group tour with a sports journalist! 

Barcelona Aquarium

The aquarium is a great family day out and conveniently located in Port Vell. From here you can also easily access two other important tourist attractions in Barcelona, La Barceloneta, and Las Ramblas. Both are within walking distance of the aquarium. The main attraction at the aquarium is the unique Oceanarium. This is a transparent tunnel, over 80 meters long, which allows you to take a ‘walk underwater’. It feels like walking along the sea bed while creatures of the Mediterranean, including sharks, swim around you. The aquarium has a lot more to offer, with different themed areas from sea horses to tropical coral.

We recommend that you allow a couple of hours for your visit. To avoid long queues during peak season, we suggest booking tickets in advance.  You can find these on our Tickets and Attractions page. 

Barcelona Zoo

The zoo is a great day out for both families and animal lovers alike. The zoo houses around 300 species of animals, plus rich flora and parkland that has about 320 botanical species. It sits within the city park (Parque de la Ciutadella), we recommend spending some time in the park before or after your visit. The zoo is committed to conservation programs and its mission; ‘to actively intervene in the conservation, scientific research, and dissemination of wild fauna and its natural habitats.’

There is much to see at Barcelona zoo, from the ‘land of dragons’ to the ‘aviarium’, plus all the other exotic animals we normally only see on wildlife documentaries.

The facilities on site are good with picnic tables and restaurants. So you can take your time and enjoy the day at leisure.

The Olympics! Stadium and Olympic Museum

The 1992 Olympics were a pivotal event for Barcelona city. The games propelled Barcelona onto the world stage. In preparation for this, the city underwent a major transformation which left a positive legacy on the now world-famous Spanish tourist destination.

The hill of Montjuic was the main hub for the games, more specifically the area known as the Olympic Ring. The ring is home to the Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi (sports hall), and the Olympic Esplanade. There is also the very impressive telecommunications tower (built for transmission of the games) and is said to represent an athlete holding the Olympic Flame. Montjuic is also home to the Olympic pools and diving pools.

The diving pools also have another claim to fame, they were the location for one of Kylie Minogue’s videos! For the music nerds out there (we fall into that bracket) take a look at these other famous videos that were filmed in Barcelona 

We recommend a full tour of this area and for the real sports enthusiasts, there is the Olympic Museum. The museum will take you on a journey through the history of sport.  There are also interactive challenges to enjoy, plus the opportunity to learn about the 1992 Olympics and view some great pieces of sporting memorabilia.

When planning what to do in Barcelona we recommend checking out all transport options.  We love city breaks; they are a fun and vibrant way to travel. Sometimes we only visit a city for a few days and want to cram in a much as possible. Weighing up how to get around is key!

Barcelona Tours has some great tips we’d love to share with you.

Public transport

The public transport in Barcelona is very good. There is a reliable metro system, that is quick, modern, clean, and pretty good value for money. You can reach most of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions by metro, so it is our number one option for getting around the city.

You can also use your metro ticket on TMB (Transport Metropolitan Barcelona) buses and trams. Plus if you take the metro and the bus or tram within the same journey this only counts as ‘one trip’ and you are only charged for that. So if you got a 10 journey ticket, called a T-Casual, they would only charge you one trip!

All of the Gaudi attractions, including the Sagradas Familia, Casa Batllo, and Casa Mila, are just meters away from the nearest metro station.

The metro runs very regularly, every couple of minutes on most lines, and it is open until late; midnight during the week, 2 am on a Friday, and all night on Saturdays.

Buses are also very regular, and stop at pretty much all the top tourist attractions in Barcelona. When the regular buses stop running for the day, they are replaced by a night bus service.

Special Offers

If you plan on taking full advantage of public transport, we recommend that you consider one of the transport cards aimed at tourists visiting the city. There a two main options. The first is Hola BCN Transport Saver; this card is designed for concentrated use of transport within a fixed time scale. So you get unlimited trips on the metro, bus, or tram with various options starting from 48 hours.

If museums and galleries are high on your list of what to do in Barcelona then maybe the Barcelona Card is a better option. As well as free travel on public transport the card also includes access to over 25 museums and attractions. Options to book both these tickets can be found here.

On foot

Barcelona is a great city to explore on foot. If you have time and want to take in all the sights around you, there are areas of the city that are perfect for a leisurely stroll. The Gothic Quarter, known as the Barrio Gotico is perfect for a wander around. Each winding street leads to a different gem. You will find on your travels medieval churches, curiosity shops, and even Roman ruins.

The Ramblas is also an area to discover on foot. To experience ‘Las Ramblas’ in all its glory we suggest you start at the port and walk up the Ramblas until you reach Plaza Catalunya. From here, walk up Passeig de Gracia to reach some of the spectacular modernist buildings.

Group and Private Transport

Private transport can also easily be arranged. Maybe you would like a smooth transfer from the airport to your hotel, or a private driver to take you around the city. Get in touch to talk about the options.

If you are organising a group event or travel to Barcelona, then moving larger numbers of people around the city can get complicated.

Take the stress away from the logistics of your trip, by getting Barcelona Tours to do this for you. There are various options to choose from, take a look at our transfers for groups here.

Barcelona has so much to offer tourists, so where should you start? Where are the best places to visit in Barcelona? We suggest that no visit would be complete without checking out the modernist treasures left to the city by Anthony Gaudi. His work is so iconic that not only has it shaped the skyline of the city, but his vanguard modernist flair influenced much of the architecture in Barcelona.

The diversity of his work and the stories that surround it have a lot of curb appeal. Even those who are normally more interested in the beach than culture, still want to know a little about the Sagrada Familia.

So we will start our Best Places to Visit Barcelona, Top 5 Gaudi Attractions with the mighty church that dominates the skyline of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

The most famous of Barcelona’s tourist attractions is the Sagrada Familia. Also known as the ‘unfinished church’, the story around the construction of the church is as fascinating as the building itself. The church was the brainchild of the famous architect Anthony Gaudi. It was his last project before he died, and where he applied everything he had learned from previous projects, plus all of his distinctive artistic flair.

The first stone of the Sagrada Familia was laid in 1883! The planned completion date of the church is 2026, which would mark 100 years since the untimely death of Gaudi. After his death, faithful collaborators carried on working from the plans and visions he left to keep the project alive.

The sheer size of the Basilica is something that attracts Barcelona tourists to visit the space. A unique feature is its dominating height dominating which gives an impressive feel of vastness. Inside the columns reach up to 45m before they reach the vaults. There is an ambitious plan for the central tower to reach 172.5 meters, which will make the Barcelona Church the tallest religious building in Europe.

It is also the intricately detailed symbolism on the facades of the Sagrada Familia that makes for such an interesting visit. The 3 facades depict The Nativity, The Passion, and The Glory.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited tourist attraction in Spain and very worthy of the top spot on our Best Places to Visit in Barcelona. It is important to book your visit in advance.

Park Guell

The number 2 spot on our best Gaudi places to visit in Barcelona is Park Guell. This is a wonderful natural space in the north of the city, and another of Gaudi’s works which is a Unesco World Heritage site. The park was commissioned by Eusebi Guell, one of Gaudi’s best clients.

Gaudi was influenced by nature and curves, and he applied this to the design of the park. There are wonderful examples of his trencadis technique, which is a distinct style of mosaic work. The park is also home to one of Barcelona’s most iconic images, the Gaudi Dragon. A souvenir photo is a must here!

The park’s location allows you to enjoy one of the best views of the city. You can see across the whole of Barcelona, all the way down to the mediterranean sea.

Take a leisurely stroll around the park and enjoy it all in your own time. It is a popular Barcelona Tourist attraction and you do need tickets to access Park Guell.

To visit both Park Guell and Sagrada Familia with transport included, we have the perfect tour for you here.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is undeniably one of Gaudi’s artistic masterpieces. The house sits on the famous boulevard ‘Passeig de Gracia’. It is one of a row of four buildings, by renowned modernist architects, known as the ‘Row of Discord’. Within this row, it is the eye-catching Gaudi building that really turns heads. Some locals refer to it as the ‘house of bones’ due to the skeletal feel of the balconies and supporting beams in the window frames. Casa Batllo has many of Gaudi’s distinct ‘trademarks’ such as his tribute to nature with a lack of straight lines and his use of broken tile mosaics (called Trencadis) that fills the facade of the building.

Some of the beauty of the building can be enjoyed from the exterior, but we do recommend visiting the inside. The terrace allows you to see the roof which is said to resemble the back of a dragon. The loft is also worth a visit to see the 60 catenary arches which are said to represent the ribcage of an animal.

Given the unique nature of Casa Batllo, the long queues are understandable, so we do suggest getting your ticket before!

Casa Mila

Casa Mila is also known as La Pedrera and is one of two Gaudi buildings on Passeig de Gracia. The other we just talked about! The building was commissioned in 1905 by Pere Mila and his wife Roser Segimón. The design was radical for its day and was subjected to much mocking locally.

Again Gaudi was true to the influences of nature, with the building designed as a continuous curve. A key feature of the house is the roof with its multitude of skylights, exits for stairs, chimneys, and fans. These are all highly functional architectural elements that also have merit as stand-alone sculptures. There are splashes of Gaudi’s trademark mosaic style, but much less than in other works of his. Some of the brickwork is covered in lime to achieve contrast alongside the stark twisted steel balconies.

This magnificent building is also one to add to your list of tourist attractions to visit.

The Dragon Gate of Guell Pavilions

The Guell Pavilions and gardens are one of Gaudi’s lesser-known, but no less impressive, pieces of work. It also happens to be one of our favorites, hence its place on this list of best places to visit in Barcelona. This was Gaudi’s first commission by his later patron Eusebi Guell and the first to feature his now trademark trencadis technique.

The aim of the project was for Gaudi to redesign the entrance lodges and garden to the estate owned by Eusebi Guell. Born out of this project was the awe-inspiring dragon gate. The wrought iron is twisted into a mythological serpent-like dragon, complete with a glass eye. The sculpture seems to come to life and roar at you! The gate was inspired by Greek mythology, based on a creature called Ladon, who guarded the Garden of Hesperides.

You could easily miss this gem as it is a little off the normal tourist path in Barcelona, but well worth a visit and is one of the stops on the comprehensive tourist bus routes.

Tickets to all of the above Barcelona tourist attractions are available on our ticket page here.

How to organize a successful Virtual Event

In 2020 Virtual Events have taken center stage in the events industry. The rapid advances in technology, platform capabilities and the possibilities for events keeps expanding by the day.
These are exciting times, and we think resisting this change and waiting for ‘normality’ to return is futile. We are still along way from beating the worldwide pandemic, and with the multitude of advantages the online format offers, Virtual Events are here to stay.

The majority of event organisers have been on a very sharp learning curve when it comes the whole virtual events sector. Lots of people may be embarking upon their first virtual event format and feeling overwhelmed by where to start.

We are fascinated by this shift in our industry and we have been on a Virtual Event knowledge binge, so you don’t have too.

Where to start?

Start right at the very beginning! Ask your self:

  • Why are you holding this event?
  • What are your event objectives?
  • Who is your audience?

These may seem like obvious questions, but it is vital to have a clear vision so you can then create your virtual event content accordingly. Also, this is important to help you choose the right Virtual Event platform for your meeting or conference.

Virtual Events Tip Number 1 – The Human Experience

How can we make our Virtual Event feel ‘human’? One way is to ‘recreate’ content and structures that feels familiar to our audience. When organizing an online exhibition, you can try to ensure there are all the familiar elements that attendees expect to see. This would include a reception space, virtual event booths, sponsors, plus opportunities for networking and connection with other attendees.

For a conference, your attendees would expect to see keynote speakers, smaller breakout sessions, Q&A sessions and maybe a happy hour for networking. This gives the attendees a sense of familiarity that helps them feel more confident about the format.

Virtual Events Tip Number 2 – Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

Once you have clarity around what your event objectives are, it is time to select your event platform.

Choosing your virtual event platform is a whole other blog post but the key factor to keep in mind is ensuring your chosen platform can meet your objectives. Can your platform support the number of attendees? What support is available? Is there a 24-hour live support hub during the event? Will there be a dry run? Can you create the number of breakout rooms you were hoping for? Is the platform interactive and can support polls and Q & As?

If sponsorship is vital to your event, what are the opportunities the Virtual Events platform can offer?

Understand clearly what the technical requirements are to optimize the use of your chosen platform. You want a product which is technically secure and reliable.

We recommend choosing an event platform that allows for an integrated experience along with interaction and participation.

There are so many amazing products available – watch this space for more blog posts around this.

Virtual Events Tip Number 3 – How to Engage your Attendees

Content is at the core of our events and key to its success. We want to capture the attention of our audience with relevant and engaging content. This should include interesting speakers and exciting presentations. When moving an event online the quality of your content is even more important to engage your virtual attendees.

During a Virtual Event the duration of sessions should be considered carefully. Given participants are interacting via a screen this lowers the time that they will be engaged. The trend is that sessions are shorter than for a live event.

There are ways that you can interact and engage with your audience. We recommend rethinking the format to allow for surprising and interactive elements. Think about live polling, a live Q & A session and having an interactive chat facility. You could event include a fun team activity to entertain guests.  See our blog here for ideas!

Virtual Events Tip Number 4 – Don’t forget networking

One of the huge benefits of events is to bring people together, make new connections and network with familiar faces and contacts.

How can we do this on a Virtual Event Platform? We can make space for networking opportunities. You could set up a ‘networking room’ with a specific topic up for discussion that people can join. Or maybe allocate guests a random contact to chat with. By activating a chat facility during sessions, this allows people to message the whole audience or select to message someone privately.

Virtual Events Tip Number 5 – Use metrics / analytics wisely

There are huge advantages to the analytics available from your Virtual Event. You can check attendance, engagement and more. We should also look beyond this to evaluate the success of a Virtual Event. Log new business which arrives from the event, also assess the value of building a community around your brand or organization and the level of engagement of each session.

Your conclusions help you to shape upcoming events or conferences and to measure the ROI from the event.


Virtual Events offer many advantages to the Events Industry.  Careful planning, good marketing and great content can see you reacher wider audiences than before!

The consensus is that when live events do return, we will see a surge in hybrid options, which is a combination of both a virtual and presential events. Again, keep an eye on our blog for our top tips for Hybrid Events.

To talk about the options for your virtual event, get in touch! 

Inspiring Team Building Activities for Uncertain Times

Barcelona Tours has been creating team building activities for clients and groups for over 10 years.  We thrive on helping our clients find the best activities and team events in Barcelona. Tell us what you need, and we will find the best fit for your group dynamic.   If you require something special, we will tailor make an event to fit your brief.

Thank Your Team

D0 you want to motivate your team or thank them for their hard work? After long periods working from home, would your team greatly benefit by socializing together? A group activity or event away from the normal workday is always a breath of fresh air and great for productivity.

Group Activities and Team Experiences

How can we organize and enjoy team building and participation activities during this time?
The answer is with much care and consideration! We can run some group activities making sure that ensure we adhere to the regulations for COVID19.  Below you will see activities we consider ‘safer’ given what we know about how the virus is transmitted.

Live Team Building Activities

Photo Treasure Hunt

This Barcelona activity is consistently one of our best sellers. The feedback from our clients is that firstly teams have amazing fun and bond well over the competitive element. Secondly they get to see one of Barcelona’s most enchanting areas – The Gothic Quarter.  We run the activity outside and have small groups (up to 10 people).  This helps us keep guests safe as they are in the open air. We also do not have people gathering in large clusters.  The event briefing can be supplied as a live video call.  At the end of the event, teams meet just to drop off completed packs and the prize-giving is virtual. Click here for more information

Sailing Regatta

Make the most of Barcelona’s sunshine and privileged coastal location with a competitive Sailing regatta – a fantastic Barcelona team building activity.  At the moment teams are restricted to up to 10 people. The group has a briefing on the boat with their skippers.   After this the regatta begins and during the race team members are encouraged to participate, to try and beat the other boats. The boats are thoroughly cleaned between each use, hand hygiene is compulsory and the crew wears face masks. The fact this is an open-air activity is a great plus in protecting against COVID transmission. We can organize a regatta for up to 100 guests, with great caretaking at the beginning and end of the race to keep distance between the teams.  Click here for more information

Cooking Class, Exclusive Catamaran – NEW

Another sea-based group activity in Barcelona, for a more exclusive number of guests, is a private luxury catamaran, new to Barcelona. This boat has a full kitchen and the indoor space can be fully closed to protect against the elements. Try a cookery class, or wine tasting activity whilst sailing along the coastline. Available for up to 10 guests.  This is brand new, contact us for more information: Contact 

Mobile Escape Room

The Escape Room comes to you! The ever-popular escape room concept is now more versatile and just needs a good-sized space, which could even be in your offices.  We can have teams of up to 10 guests.  Each team has its own allocated ‘base’ to crack the codes and solve the mystery.  (All material is thoroughly cleaned, and extra care is taken to space the event stations securely.)  For more information click here

Virtual Team Building Activities  – NEW

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Although this activity is online, your guests will still experience all the fun of a cocktail class, also including getting to drink them.  Run this fun team activity from the office or people’s home! We deliver your cocktail-making kit with everything needed to participate in the class. Following this, live online your mixologist bartender will lead your team through how to create some mouthwatering cocktails. A great way to hold after work drinks and bring the team together.

Wellness Hour

Give your team a little TLC during their workday with our Virtual Wellness Hour. This is an activity that gives unlimited ROI! Our experts teach your group some key mindfulness skills, they can then  take away and use at any moment to relieve stress. Then we have some ‘desk yoga’! Being seated or lack of space is no excuse for not moving your body. Incorporating this activity with our instructors online is a great way to invest in your team’s well-being, with positive results for everyone.

Online Lip Synch Battle

Bring out the extroverts of the team with a Lip Synch competition! We loved this activity during the quarantine!

To start with participants, either individually or as a small group, perform by miming a well-known song.  Moreover, there is a role for everyone during this group activity, even the introverts can be involved; making costumes, filming or moving scenery around.

Our panel will judge the contestants in different areas such as style, passion, and originality. In conclusion the grand event is held online with interactive voting to decide the winners. A real icebreaker and very entertaining for everyone involved!

Personalized Game Tournament

During your conference or other online meet-up, we can organize interactive quizzes and gaming options.  Create a tournament, quia, or include some interactive polling opportunities. With Virtual Event and Conference platforms advancing at an incredible rate to keep up with demand, this area is giving us more and more possibilities all the time. Watch this space for our guidance on Virtual Events and the new platforms available to pivot your events.

For other ideas take a look at tour Virtual Activities Page

For more information on all of our virtual team activities or Virtual Events get in touch!  

Barcelona during COVID19

During this global pandemic organizing events or activities can feel like a daunting maybe even frivolous task. Event and activity organisers ask– should we be organizing anything at all? What are the safe options? How can we take the best measures possible to protect everyone?

The safety of our clients and guests is our priority, so we have been considering these questions carefully and drawing up the parameters of what is possible in the context of COVID for group and team activities in Barcelona.

We also want to address concerns and misconceptions about what can be done to reassure our clients. Introduce some ‘normality’, offer some light-hearted fun and most importantly, and at the core of events, bringing people together to connect and share experiences.

COVID19 Security Measures

The pandemic has highlighted the need for community spirit and responsibility. Taking care of one another by respecting the suggested precautions and providing emotional support. At the time of writing this blog, in Barcelona gatherings are restricted to no more than 10 people, masks need to be worn in public and we all need to remember social distancing rules. Hand hygiene is of the utmost importance and you can find hand sanitizer in most shops, bars, restaurants etc.


  • Reduced capacities in venues and restaurants
  • Social distancing respected with seating and tables layouts
  • Strict hand hygiene – hand sanitizer before entering
  • Some places carry out entry temperature checks

What is Barcelona Tours doing?

We are actively checking what activities can be done safely or are best suited to the current environment. We are also getting creative!! Finding ways of providing online solutions or tailoring existing products to adapt to the new requirements.

We are in contact with our suppliers, checking that they have the security measures in place, and ensuring they are within regulation. We work with a team of trusted suppliers that we have been collaborating with for many years. Our strong relationships make us confident that when organizing group activities our guests and clients are in safe hands.

How can we help you?

Barcelona Tours is your eyes and ears on the ground here in Barcelona. We keep up to date with are what is happening at any time, and what risk-reducing measures need to be taken.

Constantly reviewing the situation and, as we said, getting creative to come up with ways we can offer a group activity or team-building experience that fits our client’s brief.

The best advice we have is to talk to us! Get in touch, we can help you with our expertise and knowledge to find solutions for your event needs.

The future

The world is having to adapt to the situation we find ourselves in. One area which is thriving is technology. Who had heard of zoom before the pandemic hit? For the team at Barcelona Tours, these tools took on a whole new meaning and importance.

During the ‘lockdown’ we chatted with friends and family online! Joined new discussion groups online! Danced, took part in quizzes, played board games, exercised, did yoga, meditation, taught our kids, and even watch films with others to create a cinema/film club affect, all online! If you had suggested any of these group activities to us before, we would have said no way! But we found these social interactions invaluable.

It has also opened the door to ways of incorporating interactive technology platforms into our group events and activities. We know it doesn’t replace the in-person experience, but it certainly gives a whole new dimension of possibilities which we find very exciting. Hybrid events, part presential and part online give us so inspiration for so many ideas.

Barcelona Group Activities

Above all we hope and wish to see lots of you back in Barcelona soon, and if we can’t see you in person, maybe we’ll get together online!

Hola Barcelona
Barcelona Activities During Covid

A ‘barrio’ – say what?

‘Barrio’ is a Spanish word that describes a neighbourhood or quarter of the city. Each of Barcelona’s Barrios has something unique to offer!  The variety gives us stacks of possibilities for Barcelona group activities. It is exactly what makes Barcelona such a vibrant place to visit for your private or company events.

We will delve into each of the city’s barrios to give you a taste and feel for the different areas. You will be left with a ‘Barcelona bucket list’, overflowing with all the interesting and diverse attractions you will want to dive into.


Sandwiched between the Gothic Quarter and the main city park (Ciutadella), El Born has grown in popularity with the trendsetters. Like its Gothic neighbour, the barrio has its share of winding narrow streets.   It is full of contrast between Gothic, medieval history and modern influences. Over recent years it has also become popular for its boho yet fashionable stores, bistros, and bars. This eclectic mix gives the area a very unique charm.

The Back Story

Originally sitting outside of the city’s roman wall boundary, it was in the 15th century when growth meant that the walls were extended to include the area. The Roman archaeological remains can be seen inside the old El Born Market, now a dedicated centre for culture and history of the area.

This old market is definitely worth a visit:

The Born’s location near to the working port was convenient for traders who began to build palaces in the area. A financial crisis meant that Filipe V decided to destroy much of the neighbourhood to build a castle, which is now park Ciudatdella. Its colourful history is what gives the area it’s unique aesthetics and curb appeal.

The Current Vibe

We love the local designer boutiques, diverse selection of restaurants, wine bars and antique curiosity shops.  Let’s not forget the beautiful architecture steeped in history, cobbled streets, terraces perfect for long lingering lunches and an impressive medieval church (Santa Maria del Mar).  We can’t recommend the area enough!

Get it on your itinerary for an organized group tour or a just a saunter around area taking it all in slowly.

For those culturally inclined it is also home to the Picasso Museum:

We also recommend the lesser-known, but in our opinion, equally interesting Museum of Modern Art:

Top Picks

Plan your group trip to Barcelona with some of our top picks, see below!

El Xampanyet

Looking for an authentic bar experience? Go back in time to experience one of the areas longest standing traditional bars. Dating back to 1929, the name comes from the sparkling wine served there. Enjoy a glass and some tapas in the hustle and bustle of this unique bar.

Guzzo Club

Guzzo Club is café, bar, art gallery and music club all rolled into one. Get down with the hipsters for a bite to eat, a few drinks and a late boogie.

Hoffman Pastries

We wholeheartedly recommend getting your sweet fix here! Try one of their award-winning croissants (our favourite the mascarpone croissant!) or whatever seduces you from the selection mouthwatering selection of pastries!

Cal Pep

Don’t be fooled by the laid-back vibe, Cal Pep is a real hidden gem and one of the best places to eat tapas in Barcelona!

Aire de Barcelona

Tired from all the exploring? Check out Aire de Barcelona. The ancient thermal baths offer a calm and relaxing space to chill out and recharge your batteries ready for the next ‘barrio’ adventure.


One store that shows the diversity and creativity of the Born is Suara. Offering fair trade products, they donate the profits to caring for stray cats! Check out the fun fashion offerings for cat and non-cat lovers alike!