Barcelona is brimming with beautiful, luxury rooftop terraces – you just need to know where to look. Most terraces start their season in May until around October, often with entertainment or other types of activities available to members of the public.

To help you make the most of the coming season, we’ve created a short list of some of the most luxurious rooftop terraces in the city, perfect for discerning visitors looking for hot spots that offer style and sophistication.

Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental in Passeig de Gràcia is arguably one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. From the staggeringly beautiful entrance, all the way to its roof terrace – every part of this hotel is a sight to behold. The attention to detail is what makes this such a sophisticated venue to spend some seriously glamorous time.

The roof terrace called Terrat is luxury and indulgence at its best and offers panoramic views across Barcelona and up to the surrounding mountains. Reserved exclusively for guests prior to 19h, it’s a must for those looking for the city’s most sophisticated sundowner.

Hotel Duquesa De Cordona

Located between the beach and the old town, La Terrasaa del Duquesa offers a premium position overlooking Barcelona’s marina. This chic city rooftop terrace is one of the most relaxing spots in the city and a great place to watch the sun go down, with music and DJ performances from Friday to Sunday. The creative bar staff will also be able to whip you up a range of delicious cocktails fit for royalty.

Hotel Pulitzer

This fashion-forward hotel is a mere hop, skip, and a jump, away from, well, everything. The Pulitzer Terrace(main picture) offers rooftop indulgence in a surprisingly peaceful environment. Renowned for its trendy fashionista crowd and located near Plaça de Catalunya, this rooftop terrace is the perfect place to escape to if you need a break from the mayhem of the city centre. With live music available from May to October, see the

Casa Fuster

One of the most beautiful buildings in the city is the Casa Fuster Hotel. Located at the top of Passeig de Gracia, this stunning building has housed some of the most famous faces to ever visit the city – and we promise that The Viewpoint Terrace will not disappoint. The grandeur of the building creates the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated night out and sitting proudly at the top of the main avenue of Barcelona, the views are staggering.

Hotel Condes de Barcelona (Alaire)

The Alaire Terrace of the Hotel Condes is a crowd favourite. Also located in Passeig de Gracia, its panoramic views over the city and out to Sagrada Familia are breathtaking. If you’re looking for sophistication and class (within a slightly more affordable price bracket), this is the place for you. There is often live music and this spot has a great energy to it, which usually guarantees a top night out.

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This post was originally published on Sept 5, 2019, and updated on April 28 and May 22, 2023. 

Primavera Sound Barcelona is an annual music festival that has traditionally been held in Barcelona, Spain but has also expanded in recent years to Porto, Portugal, and this year, to Madrid, Spain.

It’s also one of the most anticipated music events on the festival calendar and attracts music lovers from all over the world who come to see some of the biggest names in music perform live in the sunny beachside city of Barcelona.

The 2023 edition of Primavera Sound is set to be another incredible event, with a stellar lineup that features some of the most popular and talented artists in the industry.

When and where is it?

Running from May 29 until June 4 at the Parc del Fòrum, Primavera Sound 2023 promises to be a memorable week-long party for music fans.

The outdoor venue by the sea provides the perfect backdrop for an incredible lineup of performers.

Who’s performing?

One of the standout acts at this year’s festival is the legendary British pop duo, Pet Shop Boys. With a career spanning over three decades, Pet Shop Boys have released some of the most iconic pop songs of all time, including “West End Girls” and “It’s a Sin”. Their live shows are known for their elaborate stage productions and incredible visuals, making them a must-see act at Primavera Sound.

Another major draw at Primavera Sound 2023 is the English alternative rock band, Blur. Known for their distinctive sound and charismatic frontman, Damon Albarn, Blur have been a beloved band since the 1990s.

Another big name at this year’s festival is Rosalía (pictured), a Barcelona native and global sensation in recent years thanks to her unique blend of flamenco music and modern pop sensibilities. Her performances are known for their energy and passion, and she is sure to be a huge hit with the home crowd.

Halsey is also set to perform at Primavera Sound 2023. The American singer-songwriter has also become a sensation in recent years, with hits like “Bad at Love” and “Without Me”. Her powerful vocals and emotional lyrics have won her a legion of fans, and her performance at Primavera Sound is sure to be a highlight of the festival.

Other notable acts on the lineup include New Order, Darkside, Depeche Mode, Diplo, Calvin Harris, and Kendrick Lamar. These artists represent a wide range of musical genres, from post-punk to hip-hop, and will ensure that there is something for everyone at Primavera Sound.

What else is happening in the city?

Beyond the music, there are also plenty of opportunities to explore the city of Barcelona and all that it has to offer, from its stunning architecture to its vibrant nightlife.

See some of our day Activities, or get in touch with BarcelonaTours if you need tickets for city attractions, or would like to arrange extra activities during your stay.

Tickets and Attractions

Overall, Primavera Sound is shaping up to be an unforgettable event for music lovers around the world. With a lineup that includes some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as up-and-coming artists from a variety of genres, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Pet Shop Boys or a newcomer to the world of Rosalía, this festival is the perfect opportunity to experience live music at its very best.

Barcelona has so much to offer tourists, so where should you start? Where are the best places to visit in Barcelona? We suggest that no visit would be complete without checking out the modernist treasures left by Anthony Gaudi. His work is so iconic that not only has it shaped the skyline of the city, but his vanguard modernist flair influenced much of the architecture in Barcelona.

The diversity of his work and the stories that surround it have a lot of curb appeal. Even those who are normally more interested in the beach than culture, still want to know a little about the Sagrada Familia.

So we will start our Best Places to Visit in Barcelona, Top 5 Gaudi Attractions with the mighty church that dominates the skyline of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

The most famous of Barcelona’s tourist attractions is the Sagrada Familia. Also known as the ‘unfinished church’, the story around the construction of the church is as fascinating as the building itself. The church was the brainchild of the famous architect Anthony Gaudi. It was his last project before he died, and where he applied everything he had learned from previous projects, plus all of his distinctive artistic flair.

The first stone of the Sagrada Familia was laid in 1883! The planned completion date of the church is 2026, which would mark 100 years since the untimely death of Gaudi. After his death, faithful collaborators carried on working from the plans and visions he left to keep the project alive.

The sheer size of the Basilica is something that attracts Barcelona tourists to visit the space. A unique feature is its dominating height, which gives an impressive feel of vastness. Inside the columns reach up to 45m before they reach the vaults. There is an ambitious plan for the central tower to reach 172.5 meters, which will make the Barcelona Church the tallest religious building in Europe.

It is also the intricately detailed symbolism on the facades of the Sagrada Familia that makes for such an interesting visit. The 3 facades depict The Nativity, The Passion, and The Glory.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited tourist attraction in Spain and very worthy of the top spot on our Best Places to Visit in Barcelona. It is important to book your visit in advance.

Park Guell

The number 2 spot on our best Gaudi places to visit in Barcelona is Park Guell. This is a wonderful natural space in the north of the city, and another of Gaudi’s works which is a Unesco World Heritage site. The park was commissioned by Eusebi Guell, one of Gaudi’s best clients.

Gaudi was influenced by nature and curves, and he applied this to the design of the park. There are wonderful examples of his trencadis technique, which is a distinct style of mosaic work. The park is also home to one of Barcelona’s most iconic images, the Gaudi Dragon. A souvenir photo is a must here!

The park’s location allows you to enjoy one of the best views of the city. You can see across the whole of Barcelona, all the way down to the mediterranean sea.

Take a leisurely stroll around the park and enjoy it all in your own time. It is a popular Barcelona Tourist attraction and you do need tickets to access Park Guell.

To visit both Park Guell and Sagrada Familia with transport included, we have the perfect tour for you here.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is undeniably one of Gaudi’s artistic masterpieces. The house sits on the famous boulevard ‘Passeig de Gracia’. It is one of a row of four buildings, by renowned modernist architects, known as the ‘Row of Discord’. Within this row, it is the eye-catching Gaudi building that really turns heads. Some locals refer to it as the ‘house of bones’ due to the skeletal feel of the balconies and supporting beams in the window frames. Casa Batllo has many of Gaudi’s distinct ‘trademarks’ such as his tribute to nature with a lack of straight lines and his use of broken tile mosaics (called Trencadis) that fills the facade of the building.

Some of the beauty of the building can be enjoyed from the exterior, but we do recommend visiting the inside. The terrace allows you to see the roof which is said to resemble the back of a dragon. The loft is also worth a visit to see the 60 catenary arches which are said to represent the ribcage of an animal.

Given the unique nature of Casa Batllo, the long queues are understandable, so we do suggest getting your ticket before!

Casa Mila

Casa Mila is also known as La Pedrera and is one of two Gaudi buildings on Passeig de Gracia. The other we just talked about! The building was commissioned in 1905 by Pere Mila and his wife Roser Segimón. The design was radical for its day and was subjected to much mocking locally.

Again Gaudi was true to the influences of nature, with the building designed as a continuous curve. A key feature of the house is the roof with its multitude of skylights, exits for stairs, chimneys, and fans. These are all highly functional architectural elements that also have merit as stand-alone sculptures. There are splashes of Gaudi’s trademark mosaic style, but much less than in other works of his. Some of the brickwork is covered in lime to achieve contrast alongside the stark twisted steel balconies.

This magnificent building is also one to add to your list of tourist attractions to visit.

The Dragon Gate of Guell Pavilions

The Guell Pavilions and gardens are one of Gaudi’s lesser-known, but no less impressive, pieces of work. It also happens to be one of our favorites, hence its place on this list of best places to visit in Barcelona. This was Gaudi’s first commission by his later patron Eusebi Guell and the first to feature his now trademark trencadis technique.

The aim of the project was for Gaudi to redesign the entrance lodges and garden to the estate owned by Eusebi Guell. Born out of this project was the awe-inspiring dragon gate. The wrought iron is twisted into a mythological serpent-like dragon, complete with a glass eye. The sculpture seems to come to life and roar at you! The gate was inspired by Greek mythology, based on a creature called Ladon, who guarded the Garden of Hesperides.

You could easily miss this gem as it is a little off the normal tourist path in Barcelona, but well worth a visit and is one of the stops on the comprehensive tourist bus routes.

Tickets to all of the above Barcelona tourist attractions are available on our ticket page here.