Barcelona in April is a springtime delight. Although we have our fair share of showers, the days are warmer and longer, and there’s plenty to head outside for.

With temperatures averaging 20 degrees and a stunning blue sky overhead, you can walk around in the afternoons without a coat and extra layers in your bag or backpack.

While you’ll find the streets a little busier, particularly over the Easter weekend, Barcelona is still a brilliant choice for a trip away in April. From fairs and celebrations, to the Catalan Valentine’s Day, we’ve got it all covered in this handy blog.

Palo Market Fest – Artesanal Market

When: April 1 and 2, 2023

Where: Calle Pellaires, 30  (Selva de Mar neighbourhood)

Price: 5€ (buy your ticket online, available on the Monday before the event)


This market is one of the best in the city and takes place just once per month.

In a world where buying local is becoming increasingly difficult, Palo Alto showcases shops, restaurants, and independent designers from Catalonia and other parts of Spain, in a fun and relaxed market setting.

Try delicious food and drink and shop for locally-made clothes, bags, shoes and toiletries over the course of the day. There’s also live music and DJ performances, as well as pop-up bars, so you can while away the afternoon, before heading out for the evening.

Mercat de la Terra Barcelona (Slow Food Barcelona)

When: Every Saturday from 0900-1500h

Where: Parc de las Tres Chimeneas in Barcelona, Avenue Paral·lel, 45, Poble Sec

Price: Free entry


This is a farmer’s market organised by Slow Food Barcelona which has been around since 2015. Each weekend, hundreds of people visit to taste food, learn more about local gastronomic culture and generally enjoy themselves.

This market is a reference for responsible consumption, local produce, organic agriculture and sustainability, with more than 40 producers represented.

Part of the Earth Markets network of Slow Food International, you won’t want to skip this if you’re a real foodie.

Día de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day)

When: Sunday, April 23, 2023

Where: The whole city will be celebrating

Price: The price of a red rose, a good book… and maybe a nice dinner!

Love is in the air and so is the smell of roses. The streets of Barcelona are filled to the brim with the red flowers of romance and you’ll find that there are also more booksellers than usual. What could be the cause of so much amorousness? Isn’t Valentine’s Day in February?

Barcelona’s St Valentine’s Day aka Saint George’s Day

British readers will know that Saint George is the patron saint of England, but he is also the patron saint of Barcelona and Saint George’s Cross also forms a part of the flag of Barcelona.

The legend is the same: a dashing knight rescues a damsel in distress from an evil dragon, but the day is characterised by exchanging specific gifts: roses and books.

The gifting of roses is more self-explanatory. The books came about as Shakespeare and Cervantes – two great authors and playwrights – were said to have died on April 23.

Traditionally men gifted roses to women, and women books to men, but nowadays most couples gift each other both books and roses. So, if you’re with your sweetheart in Barcelona on el día de Sant Jordi, don’t panic about what to buy! You’ll be able to purchase a rose and a book on Las Ramblas, the central street in Barcelona.

50a Feria de Abril de Catalunya (50th April Fair)

When: April 21 – May 1

Where: Esplanada del Forum (Parc Forum: Pl Fòrum, 1)

Websites: and

At the time of writing, there was still very little information published about the event, so please check the official websites above for more!

If you find yourself in northern Spain instead of southern Spain at the end of April, you can still capture some of that Andalusian magic at the 50a Feria de Abril de Catalunya.

Easter (Holy Week) is a huge celebration in the southern community of Andalucía, with a combination of religious solemnity and colourful frivolity in the streets. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, sees the whole community come together to pray and also to party at the Feria de Abril de Sevilla.

While it pales in comparison in terms of size, the Feria de Abril de Catalunya is organised by the Federación de Entidades Culturales Andaluzas en Catalunya, or FECAC for short, a group dedicated to bringing Andalusian traditions to Catalonia.

They bring as much authenticity to proceedings as possible and invite all of us to share in the cultural differences and festivities of another part of Spain. Expect exhilarating rides and games, delicious food, the music of southern Spain (including the world-famous music and dance style Flamenco), with bright colours all around.

Other April ideas

If you’re not here for the Feria de Abril de Catalunya but still want to experience Flamenco, we also offer an amazing Flamenco experience in Poble Espanyol. See our blog on Flamenco in Barcelona for more.

This blog was originally published on March 15, 2019, and updated on March 14, 2023.