Looking for team building activities in Barcelona? 

Our Barcelona team building treasure hunt is one of the most popular team building activities in the city.  It’s an exciting, interesting, and unique way to get acquainted with Barcelona.

Every day, we get lots of questions about our Barcelona team building treasure hunt (see, we told you it was popular). Here are the answers to them all…

How does your Barcelona treasure hunt work?

It’s all pretty simple. We give the whole group a detailed briefing before splitting you into smaller teams.  Then each team gets a backpack crammed with useful equipment.

We then unleash you on Barcelona’s incredible Gothic Quarter (or old town, whatever you prefer to call it) in a crazy, chaotic, madcap treasure hunt. Using the kit given, and the brains of your team, you compete to solve clues, collect scavenger items, and take pictures.  This is all to gather as many points as you can to win the activity and prove your team is the best! 

Why are your Barcelona team building treasure hunts so popular?

Mainly because it is fun. We know it is fun because we designed it! Furthermore, people keep telling us how much they enjoy the activity. 

We’ve all done team building activities before. Let’s be honest, some of them are terrible, but we guarantee this one isn’t.

Our Barcelona team building treasure hunt is affordable, adventurous, and exciting. The activity helps to bring teams closer together and they’re a unique way to explore Barcelona.

Where do we go?

The entire treasure hunt takes place in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, which is the central part of the old city. During your treasure hunt, you’ll see attractions such as:

  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Placa del Pi
  • Sant Felip Neri
  • Placa Reial
  • La Rambla
  • … and plenty more!

More than that, the way the activity is designed you’ll notice more than you every would on a simple tour.  Your team wanders in, through and around lots of great architecture. You stroll past cafes, ancient buildings, monuments, houses, galleries, all while keeping your eyes peeled for clues. 

What equipment do we get?

Everything you need, we give you (well, apart from your own brain – you need to bring that). Each team is allocated the following items: 

  • Rucksack; easy to carry on the move and keeps all your kit together. 
  • Laminated map.
  • Clue booklet. This includes obscured pictures. It’s your job to find the unobscured sites in real life and answer the questions.
  • Scavenger hunt.  Which is a list of things you need to find. Haggling, buying, borrowing, and finding are all fair game.
  • Vintage Polaroid camera. Using this, you’ll need to snap some pictures. Some fun, some challenging, and some embarrassing. Your team will need to get creative.
  • A brilliant surprise prize (but only for the winning team).
  • All the other important stuff, like pens and paper.

Once it’s all over, your team gets to keep as a memento a photo album. Stuffed with all the photos you’ve taken on your Barcelona treasure hunting team building trip.

Who is it for?

Anyone, anywhere, who wants to have fun. If you want a team building treasure hunt in Barcelona, it’s for you.

Work in a small team? We accommodate teams as small as 8. Work in a large team? We have the capacity for up to 200.

Beyond company events, our treasure hunt is also suitable for families, groups of friends and anyone else.

How long does it last?

You should allow approximately three hours. Afterwards, most teams go for food or drinks, where we normally also hold a prize-giving ceremony. Usually, teams extend the night long beyond this ceremony.  To enjoy the excitement, laughter and good vibe still lingering long after the treasure hunt is over. 

Your team will still be talking about the activity after you’ve returned to the office.

Do you offer any other Barcelona team building activities?

Yes, we offer loads!

Our other Barcelona team building activities include boat trips, sailing races, tapas cooking, flamenco nights, city tours, plus many more.  

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about our Barcelona team building treasure hunt. If we haven’t, get in touch and ask them – we’re always here to help.

The sun has pushed away the winter chill, and as we move towards summer our minds turn to the sea and all  the fabulous Barcelona Boat trips we can take!

Lots of Barcelona’s tourists walk down La Rambla, wander around the Sagrada Familia and stroll through the city’s countless markets.

But too few of them explore Barcelona by boat. With its massive coastline, Barcelona is one of the world’s best beach cities.

If you’re interested in sailing around and along Barcelona’s colossal coastline, consider boat hire in Barcelona, or one of our Barcelona boat trips. We arrange Barcelona boat trips, Barcelona boat hire, Barcelona yacht charters, Barcelona catamaran charters and more.

Our boat-based experiences are popular with an endless number of Barcelona’s tourists, including families, groups of friends, couples, staff teams and everyone in between.

We offer lots of different boats, lots of different experiences, and even distant day trips.

What types of boats can I ride on Barcelona boat trips?

We offer several types of boats, for both short jaunts and long journeys:


With our personalised Barcelona charter catamaran tours, you sail around Barcelona’s coast, enjoying incredible cityscape views and Mediterranean dips (and we don’t mean hummus).

Addable extra perks include catering, BBQ, a bar, snorkelling, wine tasting, live music, and much more. We offer both large and small catamarans for teams and groups of different sizes.

barcelona boat trips catamaran costa brava


Some of our sailboats are small, charming and humble, perfect for small groups. These diminutive boats can be rented by the hour, and come with snacks, drinks and some of the best possible views and vistas of Barcelona. Eat, swim, luxuriate, laugh and enjoy the excellent sunset views.

Feeling inspired? Check out the different options for sailboats right here

For massive groups with cash to splash, we also offer bigger boats with bigger reputations. The biggest name in our fleet is the Southern Cross, one of the most famous boats in Spain. Dating back to 1962 and popular with wedding parties and corporate groups, this thing once belonged to Frank Sinatra.

Luxury yachts

Our small luxury yachts are really more like speedboats, allowing you to zoom along Barcelona’s coastline. Again, they come equipped with food, drinks and a guarantee of being one of the best experiences that Barcelona has to offer.

Where do the boats travel to?

That’s up to you. If you just want to sail around Barcelona’s coast for an hour or two, you can. But if you want to take a day trip somewhere further afield, some of the most popular options include:

Costa Brava

Running a lengthy line all the way from Barcelona to the Spanish-French border, the so-called ‘rugged coast’ lives up to its name, with cliffs, caves, coves, shores, sands and a whole load of sun.

Barcelona boats costa brava coastline


For something a little closer to Barcelona, this long, golden, dune-packed beach sits around 20km south of Barcelona’s centre.


Just 35km south of Barcelona, Sitges is brimming with charm, but it’s also packed with contradictions. It’s upbeat, busy, and full of good nightlife, but it’s also homely, historic, and ridiculously loveable.

If you want to enjoy a Barcelona boat trip, Barcelona boat hire, or any of our other sea-based adventures, get in touch: Contact Us

Alternatively, you can find more information on the many different boat hire options, both private and shared, right here

When planning what to do in Barcelona we recommend checking out all transport options.  We love city breaks; they are a fun and vibrant way to travel. Sometimes we only visit a city for a few days and want to cram in a much as possible. Weighing up how to get around is key!

Barcelona Tours has some great tips we’d love to share with you.

Public transport

The public transport in Barcelona is very good. There is a reliable metro system, that is quick, modern, clean, and pretty good value for money. You can reach most of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions by metro, so it is our number one option for getting around the city.

You can also use your metro ticket on TMB (Transport Metropolitan Barcelona) buses and trams. Plus if you take the metro and the bus or tram within the same journey this only counts as ‘one trip’ and you are only charged for that. So if you got a 10 journey ticket, called a T-Casual, they would only charge you one trip!

All of the Gaudi attractions, including the Sagradas Familia, Casa Batllo, and Casa Mila, are just meters away from the nearest metro station.

The metro runs very regularly, every couple of minutes on most lines, and it is open until late; midnight during the week, 2 am on a Friday, and all night on Saturdays.

Buses are also very regular, and stop at pretty much all the top tourist attractions in Barcelona. When the regular buses stop running for the day, they are replaced by a night bus service.

Special Offers

If you plan on taking full advantage of public transport, we recommend that you consider one of the transport cards aimed at tourists visiting the city. There a two main options. The first is Hola BCN Transport Saver; this card is designed for concentrated use of transport within a fixed time scale. So you get unlimited trips on the metro, bus, or tram with various options starting from 48 hours.

If museums and galleries are high on your list of what to do in Barcelona then maybe the Barcelona Card is a better option. As well as free travel on public transport the card also includes access to over 25 museums and attractions. Options to book both these tickets can be found here.

On foot

Barcelona is a great city to explore on foot. If you have time and want to take in all the sights around you, there are areas of the city that are perfect for a leisurely stroll. The Gothic Quarter, known as the Barrio Gotico is perfect for a wander around. Each winding street leads to a different gem. You will find on your travels medieval churches, curiosity shops, and even Roman ruins.

The Ramblas is also an area to discover on foot. To experience ‘Las Ramblas’ in all its glory we suggest you start at the port and walk up the Ramblas until you reach Plaza Catalunya. From here, walk up Passeig de Gracia to reach some of the spectacular modernist buildings.

Group and Private Transport

Private transport can also easily be arranged. Maybe you would like a smooth transfer from the airport to your hotel, or a private driver to take you around the city. Get in touch to talk about the options.

If you are organising a group event or travel to Barcelona, then moving larger numbers of people around the city can get complicated.

Take the stress away from the logistics of your trip, by getting Barcelona Tours to do this for you. There are various options to choose from, take a look at our transfers for groups here.

ES_January is all about making and breaking those New Year’s resolutions. We’ve already broken the diet and waved goodbye to our well-intentioned ‘dry January’ (well whose silly idea was that anyway!!)  But one resolution for 2014 that we are hell-bent on keeping is to have an action-packed year full of even bigger and even better activities for our Barcelona Tours chums.

We are set to make 2014 the year of adventure, action and adrenaline, and boy have we got just the line-up for you. So hold on to your helmets and get ready to see Barcelona as your action-packed playground for the year ahead.


Forget seeing the city from the top of a tourist bus, dust off those skin-tight lycra cycling shorts and prepare to see the city from a completely unique perspective. Our bike tour will take you on a journey of the city with a difference, offering panoramic views and stunning scenery. If you’re not already breathless from the 20km cycle down the peaceful Collserola mountain range, wait till you see the views, they can’t fail to take your breath away.

Catalonia Adventures

Ever heard of Puenting? Well neither had we until recently, but it’s all the rage and is currently taking the adventure scene by storm, with Catalunya offering some world-class locations for this adrenaline-packed sport. It’s similar to bungee jumping but instead of bouncing it’s all about swinging. Puenting was an activity originally used for rock climbers to help them overcome their fear of falling. Today it is a major sport for adrenaline seekers looking for their next thrill. The insanely brave can try falling backwards, this offers the ultimate adrenaline rush due to the fact that you can’t see where you’re going. Tried and tested, and guaranteed to leave you buzzing for hours.


Barcelona obviously hosts an endless sea of water sports but one which offers the ultimate rush is that of ‘Canyoning’. Away from the sea and up into the lush mountains canyoning (or ‘baranquisme’ in Catalan) will hurl you into an afternoon of endurance, action and adrenaline. Included in this epic adventure is climbing, swimming, crawling, abseiling, scrambling and even li-loing down narrow gorges formed in the rock face, riddled with numerous drop and waterfalls. This sport is certainly not for the faint-hearted as it offers one of the most adrenaline-fuelled sports on the planet. The stunning scenery in Catalonia is another reason to take on this ultimate challenge as the spectacular rock walls form the backdrop to this amazing day out.

At Barcelona Tours we offer the best action sports the city has to offer. In addition to the above we offer; Go-karting, Quad Biking, Sailing, and a whole host of water sports and beach activities, to name but a few. If you’re looking for an action-packed getaway with your friends or as a corporate team-building weekend we guarantee to offer the best package for you that will keep you talking for months afterwards.

El que busca, halla

Olvídate de Londres y Nueva York, Barcelona se está convirtiendo en el destino preferido para cualquier seguidor de la moda a la hora de comprar sus prendas. La ciudad está repleta de tiendas independientes, diseñadores locales, accesorios únicos y un sinfín de experiencias originales para ir de compras.
Hay muchísimas zonas comerciales y cada una se distingue de la otra por su singularidad. Desde el conocido Passeig de Gràcia, donde se ven marcas como Chanel o Cartier, hasta los centros comerciales que muestran lo mejor de la moda de calle. Sin embargo, las compras más interesantes son las que ofrecen una alternativa a las grandes marcas y tiendas internacionales. Por eso, hoy te mostramos los tesoros ocultos del barrio artesanal de El Born.
Esta zona reúne cultura, estilo y diseñadores locales de primera, así que, desde BarcelonaTours, vamos a compartir todo lo que sabemos de las tiendecitas locales que suelen pasar desapercibidas a ojos de los turistas.


Natalie Capell

Dirección: Carrer de la Carassa 2, 08003 Barcelona

Esta tienda/taller es un espacio mágico y maravilloso; una especie de lugar teatral para quienes buscan una pieza especial. Las creaciones hechas a mano de Natalie se fabrican a medida y bajo pedido. Su especialidad son los vestidos de seda, tul y encaje, inspirados en el estilo romántico y vintage. Muchas mujeres prometidas viajan hasta Barcelona para que Natalie confeccione el vestido de novia de sus sueños. Otras vienen desde lejos para conseguir una verdadera obra maestra de la mano de una de las diseñadoras con más estilo y elegancia, gracias al trato y detalle de las piezas vintage.


La Comercial

Dirección: Carrer del Rec, 52, 08003 Barcelona

La Comercial es más conocida y fácil de encontrar, pero se trata de un espacio tan espectacular que no podíamos no incluirla en nuestras recomendaciones como una de las mejores tiendas de la zona. La Comercial se compone de seis tiendas diferentes, cada una a escasos metros de la otra, por lo que comprar se convierte en una experiencia exclusiva e innovadora. Su lema es «Para él, para ella y para tu casa, el capricho, el regalo, para ti», lo que resume bastante bien el hecho de que en esta tienda encontrarás cualquier cosa que necesites para quien quieras y cuando quieras. Tanto los accesorios, la ropa, los perfumes como el mobiliario se eligen expresamente para que la clientela encuentre diseños contemporáneos y artículos lujosos.
Durante los últimos 11 años, este modelo de tienda ha sido pionero en cuanto al tipo de productos que vende. Puedes visitar su página web para consultar la dirección y los productos de la tienda.


Le Swing

Dirección: C/Rec 16, 08003

Los amantes del estilo vintage no pueden pasar por alto la boutique Le Swing. Los propietarios de este espacio viajan por toda Europa en busca de las mejores piezas vintage. Descubre los conjuntos más excéntricos que se han diseñado a lo largo de las décadas y elige un vestido de Chanel, un bolso de YSL o un monedero de Hermes, unas gafas Gucci… Respira hondo y calienta motores porque este lugar tiene muchísimas cosas que ofrecer. Con un poco de tiempo y empeño uno nunca sabe con qué maravillas aparecerá por casa.
Pese a que esta boutique se encuentra en una calle transitada y más accesible, no hay otra forma de ver las gangas que alberga en su interior y no pasar por alto esta oda a la extravagancia.

Sean cuales sean tus motivos para visitar la ciudad, nos encantará ser tu guía en un tour personalizado por Barcelona. Escríbenos hoy mismo a info@barcelonatours.net o llámanos al teléfono +34 935 008 226.