What to do in Barcelona in October: the “ABCs” – Art, Beer and Concerts
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October is a great time to visit Barcelona. The throngs of tourists that line the streets throughout the summer have reduced dramatically, which is appealing to those who prefer a more tranquil time on their vacation.

As well as this, the weather is still lovely – think long, warm afternoons with crisp, fresh mornings and evenings. But perhaps best of all, the humidity of the summer months has passed.

Depending on when you visit, shorts and T-shirts may still be sufficient, but you may need a light jacket on top, especially at night.

Just because autumn has arrived doesn’t mean that Barcelona slows down. The city is still buzzing with activity and there are so many great options to keep you occupied.

The ABCs of Barcelona in October

At BarcelonaTours, we’ve selected what we think are three key categories: Art, Beer, and Concerts.

Read on to discover what fun and engaging events are in the city should you choose to visit in October.

A is for Art

Barcelona is known as an incredibly creative city, and many famous artists have passed through here over the years. With so many fabulous art museums, including the Picasso Museum and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (National Art Museum of Catalonia), you can easily while away the hours inside these buildings, Barcelona has so much more to offer in October. We are, of course, using “Art” as an umbrella term, covering not just paintings but performance art, art installations, and festivals that include artistic elements.

BAUM Fest 2023: the Barcelona Art and Urban Movement festival

When? October 6-8

Where? La Fira Barcelona (Location map)

Price? Tickets from 12€ for 8-16 years old. Under 8s are free.

Arguably an event that encapsulates Barcelona as a city, the Barcelona Art and Urban Movement festival is a dizzying display of art, dance, sports and so much more that takes place the first weekend in October.

From body painting and tattoos to break dancing and BMX competitions, this festival shows the strength of Barcelona’s alternative scene and brings together people from all over to display their talents.

B is for Beer

Now, just as “Art” was an umbrella term, we’re going to use “Beer” similarly. “Beer” will cover the food and drink section of this blog, as October also plays host to many great markets and opportunities for sampling the local cuisine. But, let’s start with the beer, shall we?

Oktoberfest 2022

When?  Wed, 04 Oct 2023 – Sun, 15 Oct 2023

Where? Plaza Universo Barcelona, La Fira Barcelona (Location map)

Price? Free entry, but the beer isn’t free sadly!

Yes, you did read that correctly, there’s no mistake! Barcelona does have its own Oktoberfest, paying homage to the German beer festival that takes place every year. There will be competitions for the best traditional Bavarian dress, so ladies bring your “Dirndl” and gentlemen bring your “Lederhosen” because there’s a VIP table to be won. If you’re not lucky enough to win the prize, you can still book yourselves a table free of charge and come along with friends to dance to “oompah” bands, eat sausages and, of course, drink plenty of beer.

C is for Concerts

Barcelona is a great city to catch live music. In fact, it’s impossible to list all the acts in town here. So even if you don’t make it to any of the shows listed below, you’re sure to come across some great live music in October in Barcelona.

Great places to check for concerts include Sala Apolo in the Poble Sec neighbourhood and Sala Razzmatazz in Poble Nou. You can also try Live Nation and check their list of bigger shows happening in Barcelona this October and beyond.

And there you have it, the ABC of what to do in Barcelona in October. If you’re visiting Barcelona in October and need help organising accommodation, activities, or dinners for your group get in touch with BarcelonaTours. We can help put together a personalised itinerary.

For more information, visit our home page and activities pages or email us at info@barcelonatours.net.

This blog was updated in October 2023.