Barcelona Tours and COVID – An Update
Hola Barcelona

Barcelona during COVID19

During this global pandemic organizing events or activities can feel like a daunting maybe even frivolous task. Event and activity organisers ask– should we be organizing anything at all? What are the safe options? How can we take the best measures possible to protect everyone?

The safety of our clients and guests is our priority, so we have been considering these questions carefully and drawing up the parameters of what is possible in the context of COVID for group and team activities in Barcelona.

We also want to address concerns and misconceptions about what can be done to reassure our clients. Introduce some ‘normality’, offer some light-hearted fun and most importantly, and at the core of events, bringing people together to connect and share experiences.

COVID19 Security Measures

The pandemic has highlighted the need for community spirit and responsibility. Taking care of one another by respecting the suggested precautions and providing emotional support. At the time of writing this blog, in Barcelona gatherings are restricted to no more than 10 people, masks need to be worn in public and we all need to remember social distancing rules. Hand hygiene is of the utmost importance and you can find hand sanitizer in most shops, bars, restaurants etc.


  • Reduced capacities in venues and restaurants
  • Social distancing respected with seating and tables layouts
  • Strict hand hygiene – hand sanitizer before entering
  • Some places carry out entry temperature checks

What is Barcelona Tours doing?

We are actively checking what activities can be done safely or are best suited to the current environment. We are also getting creative!! Finding ways of providing online solutions or tailoring existing products to adapt to the new requirements.

We are in contact with our suppliers, checking that they have the security measures in place, and ensuring they are within regulation. We work with a team of trusted suppliers that we have been collaborating with for many years. Our strong relationships make us confident that when organizing group activities our guests and clients are in safe hands.

How can we help you?

Barcelona Tours is your eyes and ears on the ground here in Barcelona. We keep up to date with are what is happening at any time, and what risk-reducing measures need to be taken.

Constantly reviewing the situation and, as we said, getting creative to come up with ways we can offer a group activity or team-building experience that fits our client’s brief.

The best advice we have is to talk to us! Get in touch, we can help you with our expertise and knowledge to find solutions for your event needs.

The future

The world is having to adapt to the situation we find ourselves in. One area which is thriving is technology. Who had heard of zoom before the pandemic hit? For the team at Barcelona Tours, these tools took on a whole new meaning and importance.

During the ‘lockdown’ we chatted with friends and family online! Joined new discussion groups online! Danced, took part in quizzes, played board games, exercised, did yoga, meditation, taught our kids, and even watch films with others to create a cinema/film club affect, all online! If you had suggested any of these group activities to us before, we would have said no way! But we found these social interactions invaluable.

It has also opened the door to ways of incorporating interactive technology platforms into our group events and activities. We know it doesn’t replace the in-person experience, but it certainly gives a whole new dimension of possibilities which we find very exciting. Hybrid events, part presential and part online give us so inspiration for so many ideas.

Barcelona Group Activities

Above all we hope and wish to see lots of you back in Barcelona soon, and if we can’t see you in person, maybe we’ll get together online!

Hola Barcelona
Barcelona Activities During Covid


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