Barcelona: Day & Night (Short Itinerary)
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Check out our recommended short & sweet itinerary – Suitable for large groups or the individual traveller….

Be a big spender or a careful planner, Barcelona is what you make it. Here at Barcelona tours we highly recommend you look into these options which will ensure your short break will be memorable no matter what your budget.

Barcelona by day

Activity – Beach & Water Sport

The water sports package includes; stand up paddle surfing and a volleyball tournament.  The whole activity lasts for two hours and is held right on the beach.

After the activity is finished, stay on the beach and cool off in the sea or hang around for a few drinks in one of the nearby Beach Bars and watch the sun disappear.  This is what holidays in Barcelona are all about.

Big Chill – Sailing

Take in the views of the Barcelona coastline, enjoy the sea air, learn some sailing skills or sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.  The journey will begin from Port Olympic, sailing along the coast you will take in the Meremagnum, Aquarium, Columbus Monument, World Trade Center and luxury cruise ships. During the boat trip you will make a swim stop where you can enjoy sunbathing or a dip in the Mediterranean waters.

Explore – The free hidden gem of the Carmel Bunkers

The invigorating journey commences through natural woodland and ascends 262 metres above sea level, to the heritage remains of Spanish Civil War which have been reclaimed and renovated.  It is there your senses are charming and greeted by the stunning panoramic vistas. Don’t lose your shoes but I do recommend you take them off, let your shoulders roll down your back and be in awe of the surrounding beauty.

Barcelona by night

Activity: Flamenco night

Experience the flavours of deepest Spain at the internationally acclaimed Barcelona Tablao Flamenco night! Which means “Flamenco Bar or Show”, Tablao shows follow the ancient tradition of performing Flamenco to small audiences in local bars and cafés. Here you are offered the unique occasion to live the flamenco experience in a truly authentic setting.

Big Chill: Recommended Evening Meals in Barcelona

We will book your group into one of Barcelona’s good quality restaurant, with great food, efficient service, English-speaking staff and a welcoming atmosphere to get your evening off to a flying start. Your three course meal also includes a bottle of wine between every four people.

Explore: Walking tour of Barcelona 

This walking Barcelona Tour covers the famous La Rambla & Old Town area of the city.  The Barrio Gotico is the heart of Barcelona; from where the city has evolved and developed over the years.  From the Romans right up to the present day, history has left a strong imprint in this area.

When to explore – Barcelona is what you make it, if you want an actioned packed or calming Barcelona Tours; there are abundance of options.  Explore our website to discover our activities by day or evening,  or email us now, for a bespoke package.

Where to Stay  – We provide; Gold, Silver, and Bronze trending options. Our service takes pride in given your group and experience that is away from the obvious, we offer unique accommodation in Barcelona, sleeping by boutique hotels, luxury apartments, or super trendy hostels, let us find you that perfect place to stay.  Please enquire within by emailing us here. 

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