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Barcelona is primarily known as an ideal destination for beach and city lovers, but maybe not so much for the lush countryside that surrounds it. Catalonia, and Spain in general, is known for growing grapes for making the delicious wines that people enjoy with their meals, so there are plenty of wineries to visit across the region; people also know about the Pyrenees, the beautiful mountains that lay between France and Spain.

However, while locals know all about it, visitors to the area may not know Barcelona has many natural parks which are located close to the city, so in just a short train ride or car ride you can be immersed in green hills and fresh air.

Activities in the Catalonian Countryside

You also may not associate Barcelona with horse-riding, but it is a lovely activity that can let you leave the busy streets for a few hours. While you can leave the city and experience a tour of Montserrat or take a beautiful Barcelona catamaran out to sea to relax, horse-riding provides a different kind of relaxation.

Whether you have grown up in the countryside and are used to seeing horses around all the time, or are a city dweller that rarely sees the hills, horse-riding in Barcelona is an engaging and charming experience and a delightful way to spend a day.

Horse-riding is a great idea for groups of friends or as a romantic activity for two. Suitable for beginners and experts, our Barcelona horse-riding experience is a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

You are and your companions can take in the scenery while riding well-trained horses – don’t worry, this isn’t a cowboy crash course! Your instructor and guide will give you all the information and safety equipment that you need and, of course, help you up onto the horse.

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