Spanish Wines!

Be transported to the vineyards of Spain with our virtual wine tasting! Our online wine tasting activity will take your tastebuds on a journey through one of Spain’s most important wine regions; Castilla and Leon.

The favorable growing conditions have given birth to many different wineries, that can be found along the river Duero which travels through the region of Castilla and Leon.

During the virtual wine tasting activity, our expert will teach you about three different organic wines from the region. Guiding you through the flavors and how to recognize the difference between the grape varieties.

Wine expert
Three wines
Access to online platform for activity
Wine glasses
Shipping costs (Spain from 6€, enquire for other destinations)
CAPACITY 5- 25 people per group
DURATION 60 minutes

How to book:
Enquire for availability and a full quote:


Activity – Virtual Wine Tasting

Our virtual wine tasting is suitable for both beginners and experts. Our wine connoisseur is passionate about the wines from this region and they love to share their knowledge with our groups.

As they guide the group through the activity, they will explain how the wine is produced, what is special about this wine region, and how to distinguish the varying features of each wine.

The three regions which will be sampled are, Rueda, Ribera del Duero and Toro. All three regions can be found along the Duero River valley. The almost 900 km long river which runs from ‘Picos de Urbion’ or Urbion Peaks mountains range, all the way to Porto in Portugal.


Format – Virtual Wine Tasting

Your wine expert has chosen three wines for the group. Each wine is from one of the different regions and has a distinct taste. During the virtual wine tasting, you will learn how to recognize the different characteristics and flavors of the wines.


How it works

We will send in advance:

• Verdejo (white wine) of the appellation of origin Rueda
• Tempranillo (red wine) of the appellation of origin Toro
• Tempranillo (red wine) of the appellation of origin Ribera del Duero

These are all from an organic range, showing the winery’s a commitment to sustainable development and environmental care.

Material you need available:

• Wine glasses (best 3 or at least 2 – one for white and one for reds)
• Corkscrew to open your wine bottles

Impress your friends and family with your newfound wine expertise. Even if it’s just holding your glass like a professional.


The Wine Expert

Who better to explain how these wines are produced and guide you through the tasting than someone who works in producing the wines. Botega Matarromera was founded by respected wine grower Carlos Moro in 1988. He comes from a long line of vine producers and wanted to continue his families legacies.

The success of the wines produced from his bodega meant they could successfully expand their wineries and now hold an impressive 10 ‘bodegas’ over 6 of Spain’s wine-producing regions.


Regional wine facts!

Ribera del Duero
This wine region produces Tempranillo wines that can certainly give Rioja wines a run for their money. The vineyards thrive in high altitude location and continental weather conditions. The combination of which gives us the grapes all the flavor we associate with Ribera del Duero.

The verdejo grape is used to produce this clean, refreshing white wine. Again the altitude of the vineyards coupled with cooler temperatures add to the flavor.

This area is famous for its strong Tempranillo wine. In fact, the actual vine used is a local strain called ‘Tinta de Toro’.


Why hold a virtual wine tasting activity online?

Inclusive! You can get your team together for some fun no matter where they are
Access to a wine expert, with years of experience to share with you, who is based in a wine region that is not normally a group destination.
Your group can enjoy the wine tasting from home or work without worrying about onward travel.
The 60 minute activity is flexible and easy to slot into your agenda.

Ready to challenge your team and your taste buds? Email us at or call 935 008 226.

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