Our virtual escape room is a fun, immersive, and challenging experience. Get your team working together no matter where they are located around the world. This online activity has been designed to feel like the real-life version, but it is much more inclusive.

The escape room format is as popular and diverse as ever. The Virtual Escape Room is no different and the creativity of the game designers shows no limits. The stories, backdrop, locations, puzzles and challenges become more and more inventive.

How it works

Participants are placed into actual virtual rooms within a team. Teams can be pre-selected so that you have the right mix of people in each.

Within each virtual escape room groups can control their environment just like a real life escape room. They can investigate what they see and virtually interact with the props to try and solve the mystery!

Teams will be faced with all of the things you may expect from a traditional escape room; code cracking, secret doors, surprises, illusions and, of course, competing against the clock.

The game can accommodate large groups, with everyone able to interact with their environment at the same time. It is also designed to make sure that everyone is involved.


Depending on the group size the teams will be divided into smaller virtual rooms.

Number of participants:
Up to 50 – 5 rooms
51 to 100 – 10 rooms
101 to 150 – 15 rooms
151 to 300 – 30 rooms
301 to 500 – 50 rooms

The game lasts for 60 minutes and is hosted by our vibrant games master.

To make the event competitive, the teams normally all take part in the same ‘game’ although there are different ‘games’ available to choose from. For large groups It could be possible to have teams competing in different games,at the same time, with different hosts, ask us for more information.

The final price is dependent on the final number of participants and number of games chosen.

The Game Options

We have a few different games/scenarios to choose from.

CIA Taskforce

You are vital members of a CIA investigation team. But something very weird has happened, you have all awoken in a strange room. You were all recently assigned a mission to track down the notorious murderer ‘The Gamer’. As you look around you see a timer, locked door and the confused faces of your colleagues. Can you solve this mystery and escape before becoming ‘The Gamer’s’ next victims?


Ok, dudes, this one is all about time travel! You are in the near future and things are a mess. The world needs fixing! And you are the people to go back to the future to make this happen. It’s all about the Weird Science, man! You know that your father has the answers, but he has mysteriously disappeared. He invented a way to travel time and fix the origin of the problem! Buckle up for a totally excellent adventure. It’s time to save the future and the world as we know it.


Convicted of a crime he swears he didn’t commit, your best friend has been sentenced to death. You believe he has been framed and you are his only hope. He’s in his last hours before being executed in the gas chamber. This calls for drastic action! You and the rest of your friends are not going to let him down. Can you break into prison, deactivate the chamber and save his life?

Order of Illusionists Magic Circle

Today you are an ambitious wannabe illusionist and you know there is a secret society with the best of the best in magic. You have long admired these masters and finally they have contacted you! They are asking you to prove you are worthy of a place in the Circle. Can you do it? The masters have created a number of tests that you must pass. Will you make it and show you are one of the best illusionists ever?

Virtual Escape Room and Team building skills

The challenges and puzzles encourage creative thinking, teams need to be able to look at the problem from all angles to successfully solve it.

Embracing peoples individual strengths whilst promoting synergy within the group is vital – this is not a one man show. Everyone’s contribution is needed.

Teams are working to a time limit, so the activity stimulates working together to figure out the most efficient approach.

This is an online event, so communication is vital. Teams need to share clear, concise instructions along with prompt decision making.

The myriad of puzzles and mind games involved, will have participants flexing their team skill muscles hard!

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