Top 3 Team-Building Activities in Barcelona
Top 3 Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Whatever type of business you run, having team-building activities as part of your corporate programme couldn’t be more important. Team-building activities are perfect for helping colleagues to work together efficiently, and to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

They’re also the best way to foster a community spirit within your workplace and to build up positive relationships between workmates that will translate into their employment. If you’re looking for team-building opportunities in Barcelona, you’ll be pleased to discover that there is no shortage of fun group activities that are suitable for all kinds of companies.

Here, we take a closer look at the top three for you to choose from. 

A Mobile Escape Room 

One of the best modern team-building activities in Barcelona has to be arranging a fun and exciting escape room experience for your workforce. Barcelona is home to a whole new generation of innovative escape rooms with plenty of space to accommodate as many as 240 players!

Since most escape rooms are only large enough to accommodate small groups, this is a great advantage. It opens up this fun activity to even large organisations looking for a great way to forge strong working partnerships.

The Mission: Classified mobile escape room can be held virtually anywhere and provides 90 minutes of thrilling problem solving that gets colleagues working together. What’s the goal? Learn about Project C and save the world!

A Salsa Class

If you’re looking for team building activities that bring your workers together, there are few better options than a salsa class in Barcelona. Colleagues can unwind and relax while learning new skills and getting to know each other better.

Breaking the ice is often difficult, especially with new starters or those who speak different languages. However, a salsa class gives people of all ages and nationalities the opportunity to get together, have a laugh and get comfortable on the dance floor.

A GPS Treasure Hunt

Have you been looking for something a little bit different and more hi-tech for your team-building activity in Barcelona? Then what could be more appropriate than a GPS treasure hunt? This activity takes your workers all over the sea and land with a unique and original exercise that will get people of all ages and abilities talking, cooperating and getting to know each other better.

Participants will have lots of fun while forging stronger worker relationships that will set them in good stead once they’re back in the workplace.

Arranging Your Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Whatever kind of business you run, whether it be large or small, you can be certain that there are fantastic group activities available in Barcelona that are just perfect for team building and fostering cooperation between your workers.

Barcelona Tours is your number one choice to arrange dynamic activities for you and your workforce. We take pride in the bespoke service we provide, helping you to find the ideal experience that will perfectly meet your organisation’s team-building needs. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today and start planning the ideal activity to suit your requirements.

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