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Visiting a new country or city is always fun and everyone knows you can’t truly experience a new place until you’ve sampled its food. You’ll be sure to be visiting tapas bars in Barcelona and tasting everything there is on offer. Why not go a step further and learn to make some delicious tapas yourself?

For larger groups, we have two great team-building activities in Barcelona – the Paella Cooking Competition and the new Tapas Cooking Competition.

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  • Fixed price for Tapas class: 95,00€ per person
  • Fixed price for Tapas class with Market Tour (morning only): 105,00€ per person.

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Private cookery course (around 3 hours)
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  • Paella cooking class.

Team building: Cooking Classes in Barcelona

A cooking class is a great team building activity as it brings people together through a shared love of food. Whether you’re an experienced cook or a complete novice in the kitchen, a cooking class is a dynamic and lively activity which will keep even the most culinary-phobic person entertained. You can participate as much or as little as you like, but we’re sure that the colours and smells will make you want to join in and help create a feast.
A cooking class also makes an amazing team building activity in Barcelona as it’s a group project and the outcome effects everybody in the team. If you want to eat something delicious at the end of your hard work, everyone will need to put their best food forward – or best fork forward, as the case may be!

The chef and the kitchen

Our professional chef will be waiting for you in our centrally located kitchen, with all the fresh produce that you will need to create several delicious tapas dishes. Make sure you ask plenty of questions along the way to make the most of cooking alongside a chef with a wealth of culinary knowledge! You’ll find it easier to recreate the dishes when you get home and share them with friends and family.

General Information: What are tapas?

Before booking your cooking class in Barcelona, you’ll want to know a little bit about tapas and the tapas culture.
There’s so many myths relating to how tapas came to be, many of them involving kings. In reality, it seems that tapas were “invented” to keep people in bars and drinks flowing. If you give someone a salty snack, such as chips, olives or bread and oil, with their drink, it’s likely to make them thirstier and they will order another beer!
Tapas are a great way to enjoy lots of different dishes. There’s no need to only choose one plate, everyone at the table can choose different things and then share amongst the group. Whether you love meat, fish, vegetables or carbs, there is a tapas dish with your name on it.

Tapas in Barcelona

The way tapas are eaten and experienced is completely different in all different areas of Spain. In Barcelona, tapas dining was not a hugely popular way to eat until relatively recently, with tapas bars springing up all over the city.
While there are some tapas bites that are popular all over Spain, Catalonia also has its own unique tapas dishes. In this Tapas Cooking Class, you will create both local and national plates, giving you a great cross-section of tapas in Spain.

Tapas Menu

Have a look below to see the sample menu for your tapas cooking class!

  • 1. Pincho de Chistorra con Pimientos del padrón (Basque chorizo style sausage with a special Spanish green pepper on top of a slice of bread)
  • 2. Rollito de cabrales (A mix of Cabrales blue cheese and creamy cheese mixed with chopped walnuts wrapped inside a piece of cured smoked beef and covered with a sherry reduction)
  • 3. Mejillones a la vinagreta – Freshly cooked mussels served with a nice vinaigrette with chopped vegetables
  • 4. Tortilla Española – The Classic Spanish omelet made with potato, onion and eggs
  • 5. Bruscetta with wild mushrooms and Spanish ham
  • 6. Pa’ tomaquet – Traditional Catalonian Bread with tomato
  • 7. Calamares encebollados – Fresh squid lovingly cooked with onion and white wine
  • 8. Botifarra esparracada – A traditional Catalan dish with local fresh sausage, raisins and pine nuts.

Interested in finding out more about Spanish cuisine or visiting with your work team?

Add a competitive edge to proceedings by making it a Paella Cooking Competition. If you’d rather just sample to food rather than cooking it, ask us for recommendations for Restaurants for Groups.

Duration of the course: Approx 3 hours.

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