Book a Tapas Team-Building Challenge in Barcelona! When organising a team-building activity in Barcelona, what are the key ingredients? Teamwork? Of course. Healthy competition? Great motivation to work harder and win. What about ham? No, that’s not a typo…

Well, maybe ham hasn’t been at the top of your requirements, but it certainly makes a delicious addition to a teambuilding! What about ham, cheese, wine and much more? Now we’re just spoiling you. Once you’ve taken part in this particular team building activity, you’ll wish all of your events could be so scrumptious.

The Tapas Team-Building Challenge is the most delicious teambuilding you could ask for. We can’t think of a better way to show your group the amazing food that we have in Barcelona than by incorporating the local cuisine into a teambuilding activity.

Three tapas challenges
Three tapas bars
Three drinks
Challenge cards
Prizes for the winners
Expert guide(s).
SUGGESTED START TIME(S) 11.00h, 12.00h, 17.00h, 18.00h, 19.00.
CAPACITY 10 – 120 people.
DURATION Two hours.

Tapas Team-Building Challenge: how does it work?

We will split your group into teams, and you will set off on an adventure around Barcelona’s tapas bars. The experience will last between 90 minutes and two hours in total.

In each one there will be a different challenge to face and something delicious to eat too! You’ll need to use teamwork (of course) to complete the tasks set in front of you, but it will be the most delightfully tasty teamwork you’ve ever had to take part in.

Each group will have a scorecard that will keep track of their point earned during the challenges, then, once everyone has finished the tasks and wiped their whiskers, we will announce the winners and present the prize.

Three Experiences in One

  1. A food tour: you’ll feel like you’re on a mini-tour as you travel from bar to bar completing the tapas challenges and getting to know the local vendors.
  2. Food challenges: take part in three tapas challenges. Work together with your team to complete the activities and be crowned the winners!
  3. Wine tasting: you will also have a drink in every tapas bar – Salut!

What challenges can we expect?

Well, we don’t want to give too much away, but you can expect questions about the food and drink of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain as a whole. For example, do you know how much wine is drunk in Spain, on average, in a year? Do you know which is the oldest wine region in Spain? What about the local’s favourite tapas dish? Lucky that tapas and drinks are all part of the experience, if not the questions would just make you hungry!

Outside of quiz questions, there are fun activities that call for everyone’s participation. Pan con tomate is eaten with also every meal in Barcelona, but can you make it? Better yet, can you make it as fast as possible, working in a relay format with your team? Let’s find out!

When can we do this team building activity?

The amount of food included is enough for a pre-meal experience, by which we mean it will whet the appetite! For this reason, we suggest doing the activity just before lunch or dinner.

If you want to let us take control of your lunch and dinner too, then we can also organise a tapas meal for straight after the activity. The meal will take place in a local tapas bar that serves authentic dishes. This will also include another two drinks per person. This will add an extra 90 minutes or so to the experience, as well as providing a great location to announce which team has won the tapas challenges.

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Ready to challenge your team and your taste buds? Email us at or call 935 008 226.

For a regular walking tour, please see our Private Walking Tour in Barcelona. For group dinners, please see Restaurants for Groups in Barcelona.

Hungry for more?

Add a Paella Lunch/Dinner to your tour!

Additional cost: 45€ per person

Total price with tour: 120€ per person.

Thirsty for more?

Add a Cava Toast to your tour! A glass of cava in a private room in a restaurant to celebrate the winners and commiserate with the losers.

Additional cost: 16€ per person

Total price with tour: 91€ per person.

Team Building Tapas Challenge
Tapas Challenge in Barcelona for large groups
Barcelona Team Building Tapas Challenge