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A Spanish Cooking Class is a great way to connect with Spanish culture through food and drink. Food plays an important role in the everyday lives of people in Spain, with big family meals being a regular occurrence. One of the most famous sharing dishes in Spain is paella.

For larger groups, we have two great team-building activities in Barcelona – the Paella Cooking Competition and the new Tapas Cooking Competition.


  • Fixed price for Paella class with Market Tour : 89€ per person.

Private cookery course (around 3 hours)
Dinner or Lunch afterwards
  • Transfers to/from the activity (ask for a quote)
  • Tapas cooking class.

Spanish Cooking Class in Barcelona: How to cook Paella

This dish, cooked in a large pan, is originally from Valencia, the rice-growing region in Spain, and rice is the main ingredient. After that, there have been dozens of incarnations of this famous dish, with seafood being one of the more popular options. In Barcelona, they like to make it with “sepia”, or cuttlefish, and mussels, but you will find vegetarian, meat and fish options all over the city. Once you’ve sampled it in a restaurant, learning to make it yourself is the next step, and we have expert chefs and assistants ready and waiting to help you.

Cook, Eat, Drink

In our centrally located kitchen, your group will assist in the preparation of the ingredients and cooking of this famous dish. The chef will explain all the ingredients, why they are important and what they bring to the dish as you all slice, dice and chop your way through the individual components required to bring together this classic and delicious dinner.

How to make Sangría

Also included in the class is a quick lesson on how to make Sangria, a typical summer punch from Spain. Sangria is made with wine, chopped fruits and maybe some sugar too, but much like paella the recipe has many variations. In the class you will be able to experiment with red and white sangria, both of which make a great accompaniment to a freshly cooked paella.

Once everything is ready, you will all sit down together to eat and drink everything that you have created. This will be a great time to enjoy spending time with the group after all the hard work cooking and share a few drinks and stories. Also included is the classic Catalan side of bread with tomato so there will be plenty of food to go around. Please ask us when booking about the types of paella you would like to make, for example vegetarians are easy to cater for with delicious veggie paella.

Of course, no feast would be complete without a dessert to finish off the evening. Crema Catalana is a great local dessert that will be prepared in advance by the chef and then you will help add the finishing touches before sitting down to eat it.

Interested in finding out more about Spanish cuisine or visiting with your work team?

Add a competitive edge to proceedings by making it a Paella Cooking Competition. If you’d rather just sample to food rather than cooking it, ask us for recommendations for Restaurants for Groups.

Duration of the course: Approx 3 hours.

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