Book a Barcelona Sailing with Gourmet Tapas! A private sailing experience onboard the fabulous boat Gineta will add something really special to a corporate event in Barcelona. Our Sailing Trip with Tapas and Wine is an ideal way to pass a few hours relaxing with your colleagues, soaking up the sights, sounds and tastes of the Mediterranean.

VENUE Dependent on the group size.
2-hours private hire of Gineta
3 wines from Alta Alella
Spanish ham
Selection of local cheeses & conserved products.
Transport to/from the venue (ask for a quote).

During the two hours on board the boat, it will sail from Port Vell up the coast of Barcelona and return to the same port at the end. Guests will be served wine, local cured meats and cheeses and local conserved products, providing a unique way to experience the vibrant tapas culture of Barcelona in a private and tranquil environment.

This makes a great addition to a corporate event, whether as a relaxing team building activity or just as a reward for your team’s hard work.


Barcelona Sailing with Gourmet Tapas – Where Tradition Meets Luxury

A private boat trip will always feel somewhat luxurious and being on board the Gineta is no exception. This 24m boat was constructed in Bodrum, Turkey, and is a traditional gullet boat from that part of the country. Stunningly constructed from wood, with two large masts that support large white sails, the Gineta is exactly the design that springs to mind when one thinks of a traditional wooden sailing boat. Once on board, you can almost imagine that you’re a sailor from years gone by, setting out to discover new worlds with your fellow travellers.

While you may not be sailing to exotic lands today, there are still lots of amazing things to be discovered on board this boat, namely, the delicious food and drink that will be available.

Gastronomy on the Gineta – Wine and Tapas

A visit to Catalonia is not complete without a tasting of the delectable local food and drink that is available in this corner of Spain.

Onboard the boat you will find different “stations” across the deck, each of which will hold something wonderful to eat or drink. This setup allows you to pick and choose which items you would like to try. It also keeps this an informal dining experience, meaning everyone can relax, move about the boat freely and mingle more easily with your friends and colleagues.

Wine Tasting at Sea

Catalonia produces some of the best wines in Spain and the Alella region is famous across the country. Onboard there will be three different wines from the Alella region to try, allowing guests to have their own mini-wine tasting during the cruise.

If you want to learn more about these beautiful wineries and see them with your own eyes, check out our Sailing and Winery Tour package.

The food on offer could not be more Spanish, with “jamón” and local cured cheeses with nuts and “membrillo” (a quince fruit jelly hugely popular in Catalonia). While everyone knows the Spanish love olives and olive oil, lesser-known is their love of conserved fish and seafood, with cured mussels being a popular favourite. These will be served alongside other conserved snacks.

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The stunning Gineta will depart from Port Vell. Included, you have:

  • 2 hours private hire of Gineta
  • 3 wines from Alta Alella
  • Spanish ham
  • Selection of local cheeses
  • Selection of conserved products.
La Gineta at Sunset
Gineta Seating
La Gineta Sailing Galleon