Book a Tapas Tour in Sant Antoni! Barcelona’s incredible food scene isn’t confined to the famous Gothic and Born neighbourhoods. Over towards the other side of town, you’ll find Sant Antoni, a Barcelona “barrio” that is hiding some of the best tastes that the city has to offer.

These neighbourhoods are where you’ll find locals at the weekends, drinking and snacking their way through multiple bars until they’re full. Now it’s your turn! Eat and drink like a local in this food tour which showcases Sant Antoni.

7+ tapas (enough for dinner)
Four drinks
Three tapas bars
Expert guide(s).
SUGGESTED START TIMES 12.00h, 13.30h, 18.00h, 19.00h.
CAPACITY 10 – 75 people.
DURATION Two-and-a-half hours.

Tapas Tour Sant Antoni: Taste the City

This barrio has recently been added to a lot of must-see lists in Barcelona. Why? Because of the almost comically long renovation of the Sant Antoni market. The renovation, announced in 2007 and started in 2009, was supposed to take two years. In the end, it took almost ten years, with the grand re-opening taking place in May 2018!

Visitors might also have been put off the neighbourhood at this time, as the market stalls were relocated to an ugly temporary building. This structure dominated one of Sant Antoni’s main streets, and at first glance, would have made the area seem unappealing.

However, throughout all of this, Sant Antoni’s thriving tapas scene continued, and now, with an expert guide at your side, you’ll enjoy several tasty stops in this neighbourhood, with no temporary eyesores in sight!

Food & Drink

While we don’t want to reveal the full menu in advance, we can say you’ll try several local favourites!

By the end of the experience, you will have eaten enough food for a full tapas lunch or dinner and tried four of the locals favourite beverages – salut!

Who should book the tour?

This tour is great as part of a corporate event or team building event in Barcelona. Don’t just book a restaurant somewhere with good reviews and with enough space for your group. Take your employees and/or colleagues on an interactive and engaging journey through the city and its famous tapas culture.

Optional Extras

Add an interactive element to this tour by including a lesson in how to make pan con tomate, or bread with tomato. It might sound simple, but this tapa is a staple of the Catalan diet and is served with practically every single meal. For just 12€ more person, your group can learn all about this delicious bit and the right way to make it.

You can also add in a visit to the fabled and finally restored market! For an extra 8€ per person, take a tour of the market and see where the locals in the neighbourhood shop for their fresh produce. This is also the perfect moment to ask your guide where to buy delicious edible gifts to take home – try picking up some vacuum-packed jamón Iberico.

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