Book Boat Charters for Large Groups in Barcelona! When visiting Barcelona, be it with a corporate group or on a private group holiday, a private catamaran charter can provide the luxury and privacy that your event attendees will love. The Mediterranean Sea is a serene and tranquil location on which to relax and unwind but also to celebrate and have fun. If you want to start off or break up your private group trip with a fun and unique experience, a private catamaran can offer the perfect space for people to connect on a personal level in a beautiful environment. has so many different boats to choose from, with varied styles, capacities and catering options. Read on to discover your perfect private catamaran charter…If your trip is work focused, it is also a brilliant end of conference treat, as your corporate group feels the stresses of the week ebb away over the gentle waves with a drink in their hand and an unparalleled view of Barcelona’s coastline. Similarly, it can be the cherry on top of your luxury holiday. Your whole group will breathe a collective sigh of relief on their private catamaran and be able to see the bustling city they have left behind in a whole new light.

Sensation Catamaran

The Sensation Catamaran has a maximum capacity of 125 passengers and comes with everything your private group will need to have an exciting and energetic day on the Mediterranean Sea. Available for hire for between 3 and 7 hours, you have the choice of spending a morning, afternoon or entire day on deck with your team. Water and soft drinks will keep you cool and refreshed in the heat, while the boat can stop off so that your group can take a dip in the blue waters. This private catamaran charter also comes fully equipped with snorkeling masks and other fun water games to keep everyone entertained – be it your family, friends or colleagues, the Sensation Catamaran will provide the grand day out that to amaze and inspire. Music will accompany your adventure across the waves, and can also organize catering to suit your needs. Enquire about the Sensation Catamaran today and we will help you plan your event to the last detail.

Catamaran “Tarragona”

The Catamaran “Tarragona” will provide the luxury and comfort that your private group needs. This beautiful boat has a capacity of 125 persons and is available for hire for 3 to 7 hours. The sail will be hoisted on this magnificent vessel and included in the price are drinks and light snacks for the whole group to enjoy. White, sleek and elegant, this is a classically beautiful boat on which to spend your afternoon in Barcelona.

Catamaran “Wind 40”

The Catamaran “Wind 40” is an excellent boat for those looking to relax. Available to hire for between 3 and 7 hours, its layout lends itself to an afternoon of true serenity. Comfortable nets are stretched across the back of the boat, a makeshift hammock over the lapping water, perfect for sitting or lying on to watch the clouds go by. With beer and soft drinks included, as well as light snacks such as nuts and chips, this private catamaran charter is perfect for a short breather away from the busy city. The maximum capacity of this vessel is 80 people, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to kick back and release the stress of everyday life.

Sailing Boat “Gineta”

“Gineta” is a truly exciting vessel to hire for your private catamaran charter. It is an authentic Turkish Schooner, built in the famous coastal city of Bordum, Turkey. Bordum is well known for constructing these beautiful and ancient wooden boats. If you’re worried about whether it’s just a fancy Turkish fishing boat, don’t worry! This stylish and sophisticated boat is the perfect combination of a classic Turkish Schooner and a modern yacht; old meets new in perfect harmony on board “Gineta”.  With a maximum capacity of 80 people, this boat is available for hire from 3 to 7 hours and will leave your group stunned at how you found such a gem in Barcelona.

We also have a number of fabulous team building activities that you can do onboard “Gineta”. Check out the Escape Room on the Sea and the Barcelona Walking Tour and Boat Trip.

Sailing Boat “Cruz del Sur”

Last on our list but certainly not the least impressive is the famous “Cruz del Sur” yacht. This yacht was commissioned by the British Royal Family, and has since been owned by many celebrities, including Frank Sinatra! This yacht is 35 meters of pure luxury and taste, with a maximum capacity of 65 out at sea and 80 guests if it remains in the port. It has two large spaces for your guests to enjoy, one being the aft salon and the second the bow lounge. The aft salon has access to the bar and can also seat up to 14 people for a formal dinner, while the bow lounge can seat 10 guests. Available for hire for 3 to 7 hours, there’s even a large kitchen should you wish to have a catering option. Throw in the boat-wide air conditioning, the speaker system that plays in every room and the on-deck solarium and you have the perfect boat for your event. If it’s good enough for the royals, it’s good enough for your private boat charter!

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