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Beach volley is an active, engaging and truly fun way to bring a group of people together, be it for work or for a school trip. Your corporate event may be aimed at imparting serious business knowledge or just about team building and cohesion; whatever the aim, beach volley offers a bit of healthy competition in a beautiful setting.

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  • Fixed price: 49,00€ per person.
    VENUE The beach! In Barceloneta.
    Two hours hire of volleyball pitch
    Water throughout the activity.
    Transfers to/from the activity
    Additional food & drinks.

    One of Barcelona’s draws for the international community is the wonderful combination of a bustling, cosmopolitan city with 2 miles of sandy beaches.

    No one who comes to Barcelona can resist the pull of the seaside; beach volley allows your group some time to enjoy the coastline, soak up the sun, but also take part in a tournament that encourages team work and team spirit. One of our expert bilingual referees will explain how to play and set out the rules – then you’ll be ready to enjoy the game and the sun on your already prepared beach volley court.

    So why choose beach volley? Read on to find out…

    Healthy Competition

    Lots of jobs and corporate events require a strong, confident demeanour as well as a fighting spirit. While giving a presentation or meeting with new clients can be daunting, these are things that inspire a competitive streak in people – they want to do the best they can do and they want to win the favour of those they are with. Harness the passion and drive needed for these important parts of working life and channel it into something where the process and the outcome are guaranteed fun – try Beach Volleyball in Barcelona!

    Being able to fight for victory in a fun and relaxed environment will help your group let loose and get out some of their stress. There might be a winning side and a losing side, but the whole group will come away feeling energised and ready to take on the next task – even if the next task is just choosing where to drink!

    The same goes for a school group – walking the line between culture and fun is something that applies to both corporate events and school trips! The kids will love the chance to spend the day playing Beach Volleyball in Barcelona.

    Team Building: Beach Volleyball in Barcelona

    Team building is an essential part of any group activity. Regardless of whether the group all work in the same office, the same building or are from different parts of the world, it’s crucial that they feel connected and comfortable for the duration of the event. It might seem strange that competition and team building can go hand in hand, but they can! As soon as your group is split into their teams, they will immediately form an alliance and be ready to take on the other teams.

    Just like healthy competition, team building comes from a group of people going for the same goal – in this case, winning beach volley! Beach volley also requires communication between team members – even if they had never met before the game, they will be shouting out each other’s names and calling for help from each other in no time.

    How does this bring the whole group together? By being an activity that they will remember when they’re back at work and how they were all able to work together, whether they ended up winning or losing the beach volley tournament in Barcelona.

    The Game

    So why beach volley as a game? The answer is simple: the game is simple! Beach volley just involves dividing your group into teams and a quick explanation from your referee and you’re ready to go. The game of beach volley is one everybody is familiar with and many will have played it before, whether on holiday or at school. Even if they have never played it, the rules and gameplay are simple enough for everyone to understand and great for people of all sporting ability.

    The Location

    Even if a corporate event in Barcelona has purely professional aims, everyone will want to see the beach at some point in their trip. Whether it’s a windy chilly day or the height of summer, the beach is always a great place to be. Being by the sea, smelling the salty, fresh sea air and maybe the scent of delicious seafood drifting from the beachfront restaurants, people feel immediately more relaxed and connected with the city that they are visiting.

    A beach volley tournament is a great excuse to get everyone down to Barcelona’s beautiful seafront, while still incorporating that all-important competitive spirit and team cohesion. The teams who aren’t playing can sit comfortably on the sand and cheer for their favourite side. Is the day a little chilly? The game is sure to warm everyone up! Is it hot and sticky? The cool Mediterranean Sea is right there to provide a refreshing dip before diving straight back into the game. Maybe the losers should dive headfirst into a wave as a forfeit!

    And finally, when the games are over and the victors have had a little gloat, the location also provides the soft sand as a perfect resting place to recuperate, talk about how much fun has been had and what the rest of the trip has in store.

    The location also means that your group are right next to some of the best places to eat and drink in Barcelona. In the summer, there are bars and restaurants right on the sand! Some even provide service to sun loungers for that real luxurious feeling.

    In conclusion…

    A beach volley tournament is a faultless choice for adults and kids alike, so get ready to enjoy the sand, sea and sun while bringing everyone together.

    Who should book this activity?

    • Private Groups visiting Barcelona
    • Groups on a stop-off during a Cruise
    • Corporate Groups looking for a fun, ice-breaker activity
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