Eat healthy in Barcelona
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Eating healthy is about finding the proper ratio between your body and mind. It´s a mood about feeling great, having more energy, improving your insights towards to a better world and society. Once you´re overwhelmed by all that the nature gives to you, so you will be more inspired to live, and travel. But travelling is a hard task to keep the balance of your body while you are abroad, eating differently in an absolutely various environment. Might be difficult, but nothing is impossible! Have a deep breath and make a list of tips how to keep healthy eating habits while visiting to Barcelona.

How the Spanish eat

First of all, let´s see how the local Spanish eat. The main thing you should consider is that you have to adjust your regularities to the time clock of the locals. Spanish people used to eat in the late evening. To generate an overview of the daily meals in Spain, breakfast is not very important, usually a cup of coffee with some milk (café con leche) or fruit juice, some light pastry or an omelette with potato (Tortilla – Spanish omelette). As the opposite to breakfast, lunch is really heavy in Barcelona. If you are eating in a local restaurant, you will have at least 3 courses, finishing with coffee, or tea in the end. When it comes to dinner, it actually starts quite lately in the evening and lasts a few hours. The thing you will like most in Barcelona, here people are friendly, and like to eat together, share the food, drink up to 2-3 am in the morning.

A healthy Barcelona

That was all about the way how people usually eat in Barcelona. Could seem a bit strange, but the modern Barcelona offers a better quality of eating to you. New businesses are recently growing in Barcelona for bio-lovers, eco-friendly community, vegetarians, vegans, etc.

The best thing about Barcelona is that you can get your own fresh fruit and vegetables from local markets. The price is pretty cheap if you compare it to the prices of bio and organic food in other European countries. The main local market is called ¨La Boqueria¨, located on Las Ramblas street, just in the city centre. Here it´s offered everything which is organic and fresh. Once visiting in Barcelona, you cannot leave this city without trying a food tour.

Fall in love with Spanish food

Even though Spanish food is usually heavy and greasy, still there are many options you can try in low-fat and light. You can sample the typical dishes in small portions, which is normally acceptable in Spain. Take just little bites in the cultural tapas evening. If you are a real veggie person, order parillada de verduras, which is a plate of grilled vegetables with a variety of ingredients depending on your taste. Moreover, it makes sense that the Spanish eat more fish and seafood per person than any other European nation since Spain has hundreds of miles of coastline on the Cantabric, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.  Spanish cuisine has dozens of seafood main dishes that are delicious. Discover a sea world, order fish dishes – paella, suquet, atun en rollito, percebes, marmitako, empanadas; each is an absolutely splendid taste never to forget. Feel lighter and kill your hunger pain. Get a quote for a real Barcelona eating experience!

If you really feel like discovering and learning about the food culture of Barcelona, you can search for the hidden gems of Barcelona where you will find the local cheese and olive oil, the most traditional ones. Moreover, you can take some classes on how to make your own tapas (appetizers or snacks) and sangria (an alcoholic drink – wine with fruit juice and some chuckled pieces of fruit), so that you will be intimating with the culture itself. For further information, please contact us!

While taking a stroll around the city, treat yourself, get some fruit juice. You can find a fantastic selection of juices and smoothies to refresh the body and stabilize your energy. The main juice stores in Barcelona are Fruit Express, Flax&Kale, Mother, Green Shots. Visiting artisan and organic bakeries (like Cloud Street, La Pastisseria Barcelona, Barcelona Reykjavik) is also not a bad idea, where you will enjoy a healthy pastry with gluten-free, organic products.

If you already miss home cooking, and have a kitchen equipped with the necessary stuff, you can pick up organic veggies and fruit from the organic grocery shops throughout the city and get your meal ready at your place. It´s a great way to save money with your delicious home-made meal.  Find the most recommended organic shops and markets around the city: Boqueria, Veritas, Obbio and many others.

A trip to Barcelona will not be an excuse not to follow your wholesome diet. Barcelona would seem like a food heaven for vegetarian and vegan people. Choose your lovely spot in the restaurant on your way, eat mindfully on a budget. Vegan burgers and burritos will make your tasty and nutritionally balanced Barcelona experience.  Should definitely try Flax&Kale, Vegetalia, Rasoterra, Gandhi.

Nowadays, eating healthy is not about avoiding of the locals´ way of eating, but more about getting back to old traditions.  As you’re planning your trip to Barcelona, you can still maintain your healthy, balanced diet at a rich. Still more and more to list, better to visit and explore by yourself. Enjoy the traditional cuisine — and your health — anywhere you go!

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