Unique Barcelona Shopping Guide – El Born
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Seek and Ye Shall Find

Forget London and New York, Barcelona is fast becoming every fashionistas fantasy shopping destination. Brimming with independent boutiques, local designers and unique accessories the city offers a completely original shopping experience.

There are many different shopping areas all distinct in their character. From the infamous Passieg de Gracia, which boasts designer brands from Chanel to Cartier, all the way through to shopping malls offering the best the high street has to offer. The really interesting shopping however, are the alternatives to the big brands and international stores, so today we are looking at the hidden gems tucked away in the beautiful artesian area of El Born.

This area pulls together culture, design, and top notch local designers, so as we at Barcelona Tours are all about sharing our local info, here is our run down of the best little boutiques, so hidden away that most visitors don’t even know they’re there.


Gamaya Boutique

Address: C/Dels Flassaders 36, 08003

Starting with one of our personal favourites, the ‘Gamaya Boutique’, is all about femininity and the best of summer style. Located on C/Dels Flassaders this clothing line merges Caribbean styles with an Ibizan twist and are all hand made by designer Luna May. Their limited edition, handmade clothes and accessories are pulled together in a range of dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, bags, belts and jewellery that are comfortable and practical whilst being beautifully feminine and wonderfully sexy.

The multilingual shop owner couldn’t be friendlier and is very welcoming whilst giving you the space to peruse the selections in your own time. The atmosphere is cosy and personal, and the ranges offer classic lines with modern elements, fashionable new cuts in plain to bold colours through to prints, and their breezy feminine summer dresses will have you stocking up in every colour.  We can’t recommend this beautiful boutique highly enough.


Natalie Capell

Address: Carrer de la Carassa 2, 08003 Barcelona

This wonderfully charming shop/workshop is a magical and theatrical place for people looking for that something special.  Natalie’s handmade creations are made to order and her specialty is creating romantic, vintage inspired dresses using silk, tulle and lace and each piece is a one-off. Many brides-to-be travel from all over to have Natalie realise their dream dress.  Others travel from afar to have one of the most stylish and elegant new designers create a truly unique masterpiece, showing her infamous attention to vintage detail.


La Comercial

Address: Carrer del Rec, 52, 08003 Barcelona

La Comercial is more well known and easier to find but is such a fantastic store we couldn’t not include it in our run down of the area’s best shopping finds. La Comercial is an exclusive and innovative shopping experience speckled out within its six different boutiques (which are all within metres of each other).  Their tagline is ‘For him, for her and for your home. For your desires, for gifts, for you’, which pretty much sums up the fact that there is something here for everyone, everything and every occasion. The selection of gifts, clothes, perfumes and furniture items have been hand-picked to provide the best in contemporary design and luxury shopping.

These shops, which are separated by a pedestrianised street, have been the pioneers of unique products in the area for the last 11 years. Find out more information about the stores locations and products on their website.


Uno de 50

Address: C/Vidrieria 5, 08003

Just around the corner from the main pedestrian street of Passieg del Born, is this little jewel which is not to be missed.  This Spanish brand of handcrafted jewellery, founded in the late 1990’s is completely distinctive in its design. The pieces show such flair and innovation that you’ll be pushed to find a range like it anywhere else. The brand is bold and creative and its success stems from its unique philosophy that only 50 of each design are ever made. This promises an exclusivity that is affordable as their prices remain very reasonable.


Le Swing

Address: C/Rec 16, 08003

For all of you vintage lovers, don’t miss the mind-blowing ‘Le Swing’. The two owners travel extensively throughout Europe to find the best Vintage gems on the market. Dig deep in the wonderfully eccentric ensemble that spans throughout the decades to find a Chanel dress here, a YSL bag there, a Hermes purse, a pair of Gucci glasses or killer heels.  So take a deep breath, crack those knuckles and limber up, for this shop means business.  Given a little time and determination you never know what you’ll goodies you’ll be going home with.

Although this shop is on a busier, more accessible street, there is just no way of knowing the treats and vintage bargains that lie within so make sure you don’t miss this ode to all things kooky and interesting with a story to tell.

Dr. Bloom

Address: C/Rec 20, 08003

Dr. Bloom used to be just an on-line shop but due to its huge success it has recently opened a shop right in the heart of the Born. The outside of the shop is so cute and attractive it can’t fail but entice you inside. One of the few shops in Barcelona to be open on a Sunday, their colourful and charming collections are a feast for the eyes and promise to add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe.
The Barcelona based designer not only designs beautiful clothes but is also a dab hand at creating fantastic jewellery, bags, accessories and even a small selection of home decorations. As the ranges are constantly being refreshed there is always something unique to tempt you.

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