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Virtual Events & Activities

Virtual events and meetings are more important than ever before in both our work lives and social interactions. The technology around Virtual events has improved vastly over the last year, with many features added to enhance user experience. These changes mean that event and conference organisers have many more opportunities to engage participants.

To hold successful online virtual events and conferences you need to have carefully planned content. Our capacity for actively engaging online is much lower than for presential events. We recommend that sessions are intentionally shorter and interspersed with lighter interludes.

Engaging attendees at virtual events

How can we hold the interest of our attendees? Good quality content plays a vital part in holding the attention of screen weary participants. To do this your virtual events can include elements as simple as polling questions for audience participation. Or you can open up the chat option to allow participants to ask questions and interact with your keynote speakers. This allows your attendees to feel like they are actively involved and engaging with the content, rather than just listening to speakers without connecting at all.

Creative online event ideas

We should also get creative, and this is where Virtual Online Activities come in. Let’s remember that a key part of conferences and events is the opportunity to network and mix with peers and colleagues. So we should ensure that this is included in our virtual events too. There are various ways we can do that, depending on both budget and the goal!

Breakout sessions

Creating smaller breakout sessions can help to keep guests interested and allows networking opportunities. Set a question or task and then either break up participants on a random or preallocated basis to ‘virtual rooms’. This is a simple, yet effective way to mix things up.


Including a musical or performance-based break is also a way to lighten the experience for your guests. This could be a musical interlude or a DJ at the end of a session, to allow those who feel like it to even get out of their chair and dance a little!

Dynamic Activities

During the lockdown periods, people have got creative and found ways of transforming what were once ‘in-person’ activities into things that can be enjoyed online. Incorporating these activities can help promote team building and connection between team members. Some new team members, working remotely, may have never met any of their colleagues in person before. So, allowing an element of social interaction, albeit virtually can assist in breaking the ice.

Popular virtual event activities

Some favorite activities transform effectively into an online experience. For example, gastronomic experiences, such as a Cocktail Class or Cookery Class, work very well. The ingredients are sent to participants at home, followed by a live and interactive demonstration and class.

We have also found Virtual Escape Rooms a popular choice, along with the more energetic, ‘Haka Experience’ or a taste of mindfulness and yoga.

See below for further details, prices and availability.

Hybrid Events

As we return to a time where presential events become possible in different locations, will we still need virtual events? We say yes, we will. The development of this sector has opened the door to a new level of connectivity and inclusion. Attendees no longer have to miss out just because they can’t be there in person. Companies will also be able to offer alternatives to save on both travel time and costs.

Also, let’s not forget how cutting back on travel means we can all do our part in terms of reducing our carbon footprint and living more sustainably.

Platform Choices

There are now more choices than ever before in terms of running a virtual event. So how can you choose who is the best provider to meet both your event needs and fit your budget. This is where Barcelona Tours can help. We have a wealth of information about the different platform choices available, along with the pros and cons of each option. So get in touch and we can help you find the best tool for your online event.

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