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A Treasure Hunt in Barcelona is a fun and original way to explore the Gothic quarter with your girls. And this is no ordinary Treasure Hunt! You will also have some instant mementos in the form of Polaroid photos which you can stick into your personalised photo album and take home for everyone to see.


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VENUE Centre of Barcelona
Treasure hunt materials
Bilingual assistance
Instant cameras & films
A photo album for each team
Prizes for the winners.

All over Barcelona there are secret nooks and crannies to be discovered, so we have taken the best of the Old Town and turned it into a competition! This activity is brilliant for hen parties because it combines sight-seeing with fun, photos and lots of laughs.

Fun for everyone

Hen parties these days take everyone from mums and aunties to friends and colleagues and it can be difficult to find an activity that suits everybody. Our Photo Treasure Hunt is perfect for these varied groups as it brings together so many different fun elements into one exciting activity.

How do we know? Well, those who want to sightsee will see all the most important sights in the old town; the competitive team members will be fighting to get the most points; the lazy ones (we know there’s at least one in every group!) will love the visits to the bars along the way and finally the shutterbugs will love snapping the best photos.

How does it work?

First, you’ll meet your helpful bilingual guide in a central location – we usually meet groups in the middle of the Old Town in an easy-to-find square, but we can also meet in other areas – and they will explain the activity. Your group will be split into teams and the guide will give each team a Photo Treasure Hunt pack. This backpack will contain all the things you need to start your adventure in the Old Town.

Working your way around different zones, you will need to answer questions, follow clues and pick up scavenger hunt items (find some saucy objects for extra points!). We have divided the city into different sections and there are amazing things to be discovered in each part. The winning team will be the ones who collect the most points – so, if you’re in the team with the bride, we suggest you work extra hard to make sure you win! The winning team will win pride, bragging rights and a bottle of something bubbly for their trouble.

As each team receives their own instant camera, there are always a minimum of 20 instant photos to take home and share with friends and family who missed out on the fun.

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