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If you’re coming to Barcelona for your hen weekend, then it’s a perfect opportunity to surprise the bride-to-be with a saucy strip show. We have so many different options when it comes to making this tantalising addition to your Hen weekend. One of our most popular selections is the Meal & Stripper package.


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  • Fixed price for groups between 11 and 25 people: 75,00€ per person.

    VENUE A restaurant in the Port Olimpic neighbourhood.
    Three-course dinner
    Unlimited beer, wine, sangria, soft drinks and water (for 90 minutes)
    Private stripper.

    Picture it: it’s an evening in Barcelona, the whole group has had a great day out in the city and now you’re all hungry. It’s going to be a big night, so everyone goes back to their accommodation to get ready. You tell the Hen you’ve booked a dinner at a restaurant near the beach with drinks included; she’ll never expect that the dinner will finish with more than just dessert!

    Meal and Stripper in Barcelona: The evening

    Our Meal & Stripper option is an easy, delicious way to put a smile on the hen’s face. Here’s how we impress your best girl gang in three easy steps…

    1. Meal and Stripper in Barcelona: The restaurant

    We use a fantastic restaurant in the Port Olimpic neighbourhood of Barcelona, which is right by the beach! We have used our partner restaurant for many years and they have the perfect location for this naughty activity. Your group will have a table booked where you will enjoy a delicious three-course dinner (in the summer, you can request to be seated on the terrace). With shared tapas starters, a choice of main courses and a gorgeous dessert to finish everything off, the hen will never suspect that the food is just the start of the fun.

    The dinner also includes unlimited drinks – that’s right, unlimited drinks! – for ninety minutes. You can have beer, wine, sangria, soft drinks and water throughout the dinner, so even those who are not drinking alcohol with have plenty of options. And for those that are drinking, there’s a shot included too – cheers!

    1. A private space

    After dinner, when everyone is a little tipsy and ready to enjoy the second part of the night, the restaurant staff will show you into the private room. Having a private room helps ramp up the anticipation and the bride-to-be will start to wonder what’s happening (also stops anyone else from interrupting your group’s personal show!). You can tell her it’s just a private space for a drink and a dance before you head out to the clubs. Then suddenly, there’s a hunky policeman standing at the door…

    1. The sexy Spanish stripper

    Thankfully this policeman has come to start the party, not finish it. The professional stripper will arrive ready to give an amazing performance. With the music blaring and the lights down low, the show will begin. Watch as the bride-to-be laughs and squirms in her seat as the sexy Spanish stripper gets down to business.

    The show will last around fifteen minutes and the stripper can pay special attention to the Hen during the dance but all the girls will enjoy the show too! Once everything is, ahem, finished, there will be time for pictures with the stripper and then everyone can go back into the restaurant to calm down after all the excitement.

    And voila! Three simple steps to a very happy Hen. What do you have to do? Get in touch with us and one of our amazing team will help get your booking started.

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