Summer Fun in the Sun
welcome to barcelona, visit famous sights

Welcome to Barcelona! A vibrant city buzzing with energy from dawn until dusk.

Of course, Barcelona is dominated by a labyrinth of cafes and bars where tourists and locals alike go to shoot the breeze, as well as several classy clubs which hundreds head to every evening to dance the night away.

Directing ourselves away from this typical scene however, there are a multitude of enriching outdoor activities just waiting to be explored. With the combination of city life, beaches and mountains, the possibilities are endless!

In the City Centre

Simple pleasure can come from a stroll through the streets of a city, simply to get to know it and absorb the atmosphere. Wander down the long avenues or wind through the criss-crossing alleyways. A great way to appreciate the city is with a guided tour. You can take a bike ride tour  a sight-seeing bus, ori f you fancy beig a bit different you can go by electric bike! With a 360 experience of Barcelona, you will be guided around the city via a variety of transports, including sailing! With a guided tour you can visit all of the iconic sights in Barcelona whilst also gaining interesting background information. Barcelona is a treasure trove of magnificent architecture, so don´t forget to look upwards so as not to miss it! Most renowned are the buildings designed by Gaudi – his unique style is imposible to miss and all of his works are well worth a visit. One of his most famous projects is Park Guell, which you can go to to admire some of Gaudi´s unique designs whilst enjoying the fresh air.

Dotted around the city you will find some beautiful parks, the most well-known being ‘Parc de la Ciutadella’. There is a lake where you can take a leisurely ride in a rowing boat and enjoy the rare tranqulity of this idyllic setting. Perfect for couples, friends and family members of all ages. Why not take a picnic along, and lunch out in the summer air?

For those looking for more fast-paced activities, hit the waves and take part in one of the many watersports available on the coast of Barcelona. All only a short walk or metro ride from the city center! Wakeboardsg, banana boats, kayaking, sailing, paddlesurfing…the list goes on. Being on the wáter is a fun way to spend an afternoon in Barcelona, making the most of that hot summer weather and staying refeshed while taking part in some memorable activities. Just a little ashore, you can also choose from a range of beach activities such as volleyball, cycling, and skating.

Escaping the City Centre

A high-key trip in Barcelona could include a classy cruise along Barcelonaçs oast in a catamaran charter or  a yacht charter. Relax and have fun on the waves with a glass of cava in hand. Buenísimo! Even the budding fisherman can make the most of the seas in a fishing charter.

Moving inland, just a short distance from Barcelona´s busy city center is the iconic ´Montserrat´. The town is located in a unique position atop the mountain, and definitely worth a visit” The mountain’s unique jagged peaks make it a treat for the eyes, and the town is rich in history. For the more adventurous traveller it is an unforgettable place to go hiking, and extremely popular for rock climbing. The surrounding scenery is stunning and the views from the top are something to remember.

Another famous mountain regions is of course the Pyrennes. A must-see, the pyrenees are spectacular with their abundance of beautiful landscapes. Nature lovers will fall in love with the lush surroundings and the breathtaking views.

Away from the mountains and moving to the hilltops whichencompass the city, one of which hosts an outdoor cinema festival during the Summer months. Even better, is is hosted at Montjuic castle!  There is a vast variety of films to choose from, ensuring something for everyone to enjoy, no matter their preference in genre. Montjuic itself is a charming day out. Enjoy panoramic views as you climb to the top by cable car. On the way back down, pass through the array of botanical gardens. Don´t forget to visit the sights at the top of the hill: Montjuic castle, the Olympic Stadium, and Poble Espanyol.

Atop another hill is Tibidabo Amusement Park! This park overlooks Barcelona city, and has been running for 100 years! Kids will love the diverse street shows, and adults will appreciate the old-fashioned rides within the park.

Whatever time of year you choose to visit this amazing city, you will undoubtedly discover a whole host of exciting activities. Barcelona is truly a remarkable city, where you are certain never to be bored!