The shops are already brimming with Christmas temptations, and as we are well into November, we think it’s an acceptable time to talk Christmas and Barcelona.

It’s not likely to be a white Christmas; the last decent amount of snow the city saw was back in 2010! It was certainly a rare sight to see La Sagrada Familia with a dusting of crisp white snow.  Nevertheless, Barcelona has its fair share of festive activities to get us in the Christmas mood.

Christmas Market

Probably the most charming of all the Christmas frivolities, and let’s face it, who does not enjoy a stroll around a cute Christmas market?

Barcelona has a few on offer for you to peruse and generally ease into the Christmas Spirit.

In the heart of the Gothic Quarter, the market, Fira de Santa Llucia, has a grand backdrop offered by the Gothic Cathedral.  This market is where locals can buy a real Christmas tree and all sorts of adornments to decorate it with.  You will also find ornaments which are mini figurines of all sorts of prominent public personas, from politicians to footballers, which are crouching and seemingly ‘going to the toilet’!  Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is in fact what they are imitating and locally they are called ‘carganers’.  They appear in local nativity scenes, although their origins are unknown, it’s a strong Catalan Tradition.

You may also see wooden logs with faces, legs and a cheery Christmas hat.  Locally know ass Caga Tio, children feed the animals until just before Christmas, and then to proceed to hit them with sticks to make them ‘pass’ sweets.  Another quirky tradition for you!

Other notable Christmas markets are ‘Fira de Nadal Sagrada Familia’ located right by the famous monument and also ‘Fira de Reis a la Grand Via’.

Markets normally open from the beginning of December:


Ice Skating

Without real snow or ice to play with, Barcelona makes its own fun with a temporary ice rink that opens at the beginning of December.  Historically this was located in Placa Catalunya, but has since found a new home in the area of town called Hospitalet.  A great activity for families and adults alike.  Gets those boots on and enjoy a few laps on the ice to the hits of the moment normally blasting out to create that party atmosphere.  The link below does not contain a typo, GEL is the Catalan word for ice, see what they did there?



This you can do at any time of year, but there is something decidedly Christmassy to us about a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a huge slab of cake.  The weather in Barcelona in the winter is relatively mild, but when the sun goes down, the chill arrives.  What better way to warm up than overloading on Christmas calories!  (We worry about the excess weight in January…).  These two lovely cafes, serve scrumptious homemade cakes and an array of hot beverages to warm right down to those cold feet.  Apart from the yummy offerings it is the theming and decoration that make these places such cosy hideaways.  Pudding have a fairy tale style café in Pau Claris, and a newly opened Harry Potter based one on Diagonal 515.  Well worth working a visit here into you schedule.


Christmas Lights

Like many cities the Christmas light displays are worth a visit in themselves.  In previous years the local government had cut back in this area but now the twinkle and shine of Christmas cheer is making its mark once again.  The most impressive displays are normally to be found on Paseo de Gracia, Placa Catalunya and the Ramblas area of the city, but as lights are still be switched on a time of writing, let’s see  what new additions this year may bring.  One place for a great view of the lights around Placa Catalunya, whilst nursing a glass of bubbles, is the restaurant at the top of the large department store ‘El Corte Ingles’.


Three Kings

You may not know this but the festive season here in Barcelona and the rest of Spain extends to the 6th of January which is also a bank holiday.   The tradition from the visit of the three kings to Jesus is an important one in Catholic Spain and highly celebrated by locals.  Santa Claus being a relatively new phenomenon here it is the ‘Reyes’ (kings) who deliver children most of their presents on the 6th. In fact the three kings make quite an entrance on the 5th of January; in Barcelona they arrive by boat and begin a procession around the packed streets of the city, distributing sweets to the children along the way.  A great event to witness if you are visiting.

So what are you waiting for, gets that last-minute festive break booked to Barcelona today!

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This article reveals the spots for those who are searching for some inner peace, while visiting Barcelona. So, you are packing your suitcase with souvenirs and maybe some tasty local snacks to take home, surely there is room for some spiritual happiness as well!

If your next destination to meditate and relax is Barcelona, we will nudge you in the right direction. Barcelona is, despite being a modern, vibrant place, a city for repose and contemplation. In no small way, the topography plays its part, embraced as it is by the Mediterranean Sea and flanked by green hills, with mighty mountains in the near distance. Barcelona itself has no shortage of spaces for searching for that elusive peace of mind. Let´s discover a few places in Barcelona that will feed your spirit and imagination!

 City view from ¨ the Secret hill¨

While in Barcelona, you should visit the Bunker and get the 360´ city view from the hill, where an old Spanish civil war bunker was built in the 30s. It can be considered as a ¨secret hill¨, because even many locals don’t know about this place yet. Probably one of the best panoramic view of the city – you can see almost everything – the vastness of the sea, the narrow avenues of the down town, the lights and the high mountain peaks. It is spectacular no matter at what time you get there, but it is highly recommended to catch the sunrise or the sunset. Barcelona is a city of lights as well; the nights will be illuminating in every sense. If you’re lucky with the timing, you can also catch the full moon; that is bound to make an impression!

¨Sailing towards tranquility¨

Barcelona is one of the best beach cities in Europe on the Mediterranean coastline. If your visit is in summer months, feel fortunate; beaches are easily accessible to the general public with a long boulevard of many bars, restaurants, clubs, and amazing temporary sand sculptures. The neighbourhood close by is called Barceloneta and is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood . Sailing along the Costa Brava coastline is a perfect activity to find mental, if not necessarily physical, balance! This is where you’ll hire your yacht for a day in Barcelona.

Before doing anything, though, starting the day with some yoga classes will get you in the right frame of mind for  what the day has in store.

¨Parks in Peace¨

The moment when you want to escape the city bustle, and when you are looking for something more tranquil, maybe somewhere greener, then a visit to the parks around Barcelona is in order. The magical wonderland of Park Guell, the impressive atmosphere at the Park of Montjuic, or the Park Ciutadella. For the more spiritually minded,  the Labyrinth Park is the place to spend a quiet moment just doing nothing, while contemplating the 18th century neo-classical garden with a wonderful hedge maze.  This park has the added advantage of being on the outskirts of the city and not overrun by visitors. The parks are usually crowdy, especially on the weekend, so pick your time wisely, ideally a weekday morning.

¨Touch the Sky¨

Did you ever feel the ambition to “touch the sky”? The mountain region of Montserrat is a destination with breath taking sights. Here you will come across a truly spiritual environment, where you can admire the architectural beauty of the famous monastary perching on top of the mountain. Get your place on a top peak, let your mind be free and feel like ameditating monk!  Arrange your trip to this unique site here: Half Day Tour Montserrat

There isn’t really a single answer to what brings spiritual happiness to your life. Some people can make this happiness happen through the new adventures. Travelling is always a good idea, book the flight to Barcelona, come and find your inner peace here. Be surrounded by lovely people, get to know a different culture, find quiet corners frozen in time, immerse yourself in the sea and take a trip to the mountain. Hope the article will help you to have a pleasurable or satisfying Barcelona experience in tranquillity. To get more ideas to pique and ease your mind in Barcelona, stay updated with us!

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A Break from Basilicas

When you have planned a Barcelona tour for your entire family, you and your spouse may be enthralled by the museums and basilicas, but what can you do when the kids need a little excitement? Try the family-friendly L’Aquarium de Barcelona. Located in the Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, this four-million litre aquarium is home to hundreds of amazing species of aquatic life. For a stop on your Barcelona tour that will entertain the children and provide a cool place of respite for tired parents as well, the Aquarium is one attraction you don’t want to pass up.

Creatures of the Mediterranean

Sure, you might have been to an aquarium close to your home, but at L’Aquarium de Barcelona you will have the opportunity to experience marine life from more exotic parts of the world. One notable feature of the aquarium is the Oceanarium, which is a microcosm of the Mediterranean Sea. In the Oceanarium you can enjoy a thrilling stroll through an 80-metre underwater tunnel, allowing you a close-up view of sharks as well as other fascinating sea creatures. In all, this attraction features fourteen diverse aquariums, each representing a different facet of life in the Mediterranean Sea.

Amazing Phenomena

Next on your Barcelona tour is the second floor of L’Aquarium, known as Planeta Aqua. Here you can not only get acquainted with several types of rays—stingrays, eagle rays, and more—in an open 20,000 tank, you can also observe amazing fossils and learn more about mysterious ocean phenomena such as symbiosis and camouflage. Besides that, if the kids are suffering withdrawals from their video games, here they can play a few while learning more about reptiles, mammals, and fish. And if you’re a fan of seashells, you will not want to miss the Jewels of the Sea. This amazing exhibition, housed permanently in Barcelona, displays incredible shells you won’t have a chance to see anywhere else.

Especially for Young Children

The children’s area, Explora!, is also worth a stop if you have younger travelers along on your Barcelona tour. It’s an interactive feature that includes over 50 hands-on learning activities for curious kids to try.

Plan an Exciting Visit

L’Aquarium de Barcelona is open year-round. Opening time is 9:30 AM daily, and closing times vary by season. Admission prices also vary by age, so check the website for full details. While you’re at it, go ahead and buy your tickets online to avail yourself of special discounts and avoid standing in the queue once you arrive at the attraction.  We suggest that you allow a minimum of two hours for your visit, but you can certainly make a day of it if you’d like to. You’ll be glad to know that food and drinks are available at the cafeteria, which offers a range of choices from salad, pasta, and meat entrees, to sandwiches, snacks or ice cream. Lockers are available if you need to stow some belongings for a while, but you’ll have to make other arrangements for your pets, as they are not allowed. The entire facility is handicap-accessible, and by the way, don’t miss the unique gift shop which is set up in the remains of a galleon.

All the mysteries and wonders of the sea await your family at L’Aquarium de Barcelona, making it the perfect destination for your Barcelona tour.

Barcelona is a diverse city, brimming with cultural experiences and offering its residents and tourists a wonderful variety of beaches, mountains and city buzz. However, just neighbouring this excitement awaits a whole other realm of adventures. If you have the chance, you must explore these outer regions of Barcelona, and mature your tastes of Catalonia’s culture.


This town is the epitome of an idyllic Spanish village. Meander through the narrow streets and admire the old buildings with their rustic balconies. During the day there is an area dedicated to shopping, whether it be for a new outfit, or. There is an abundance of ice cream shops dotted around the town; a cooling treat to savour as you stroll downhill towards the picturesque coastline, with its golden beaches.

If you are pushed for time, then there is a similar experience available in Barcelona itself; the replica of a Spanish town, POBLE ESPANYOL. This unique imitation is located on Montjuic hill close to Placa Espanya, and is the fast-track way to experience the lifestyle and culture found in a typical Spanish town. There are workshops, activities, shows, plenty of small shops and of course bars (it is Spain after all!) to ensure that your experience is an entertaining one.


For the shopaholics amongst you, La Roca Village is a must-do! It is the place to go for chic outlet shopping, and all just a short bus trip from the Barcelona’s city centre! You will find a range of outlet shops, all from a variety of designer brands. You´ll be spoilt for choice! At we offer a two-way bus which stops directly at the shopping area, making it an easy destination. (for details please visit our website)

The shopping complex is all outdoors, ensuring a spacious area in which you can browse the numerous boutiques offering the latest fashions, with savings of up to 60 percent!

If your purse or wallet hasn´t been completely emptied in exchange for your designer haul, you can rest your legs after a hard day of shopping and relish a well-earned breather at one of the cafés in the area for a coffee or caña, the Catalonian equivalent of a small beer.


Alternatively, the nature lover within you will be captivated by the unique beauty that is Montserrat – translated this means ‘serrated mountain’. Monserrat is Spain’s first National Park. It´s impossible to miss the jagged peaks of this 4,055 ft mountain. Hidden within this iconic setting is the town of Montserrat is. Keen hikers will love the challenge of reaching the highest point, Sant Jeromi (Saint Jerome)

Most notably, the mountain is home to the Jerome monastery, a spectacularly beautiful Benedictine monk mountain retreat about one hour North West from Barcelona by train.

The Monastery is of great religious importance, and a spectacle in itself. However, the addition of breathtaking scenery which encompasses this historic monument makes Montserrat and the treasures within it a special destination.

As well as the monastery, you will be able to visit the basilica, a museum hosting a wonderful collection of paintings and Stations of the Cross. To take a break from all of these attractions, the area includes bars and restaurants, and you can buy souvenirs of this marvellous experience from one of the available shops, and take home some local treats from the home products market.

To get to the foot of the mountain you will travelling along the Llobregat River and get a close-up view of Montserrat´s stunning surroundings.

It is well worth having a guide around Montserrat, as they will offer you insightful information pertaining to the mountain´s history and various legends created around it. A guide will also entertain you with tales, history and legends of the monastery and the shrine. The return journey will be an alternative route accompanied by recordings of a variety of traditional Catalan music.


If you have gotten to know a bit about Barcelona, you will have most likely heard the name ‘Gaudi’ frequently brought up in conversations, or cited in many recommendations for touristic visits. There are numerous examples of this artist´s works of architectural artwork scattered throughout the city of Barcelona.

Outside of Barcelona however is the smaller town of Figueres, famous for being the birth place of Salvador Dali. As such it is home to numerous works by this renowned artist. A visit to the Dalí museum is highly recommended in order to gain a thorough understanding of this unusual man´s inspiration for his creations, and to appreciate first-hand the evolution of his pieces throughout his lifetime. It is a fascinating trip for everyone, artist enthusiasts and otherwise.


Girona is a quaint town close to Barcelona, comprising of many charming medieval and Jewish quarters brimming with interesting history. The town is painted in multicolour by the colourful houses which stand next to the Onyar River running through the middle.

Girona is 2000 years old! It´s antiquity is the reason for the abundant history and the fusion of cultural influences town left behind by Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Jews, Christians. The result? A charismatic old quarter.


The Pyrenees are a must-see for any nature lover. The awe-inspiring views from this mountain range along with the surrounding nature make this visit unforgettable. For anyone looking for an outdoor day-trip outside of the busy city centre, the Pyrenees are the perfect option! During the summer months you can take advantage of the hiking trails scattered throughout the mountain range. Of course the winter months are when the slopes become crowded with hundreds of avid skiers, amongst other snow sports.


The Costa Brava (Wild Coast) is appropriately named! This jagged coastline is a treasure trove of small coves surrounded by pine forests and lapped by crystal waters.

Along the Costa Brava the most popular village for tourists is Lloret de Mar. From here you will get fantastic views of the beaches, and be able to profit from the beautiful surroundings while relaxing in the town.


Perfect for families, and sure to entertain the kids (that includes the big kids amongst you!). There are rides for all ages, from rides for the youngsters, to high-speed loop-the-loops for the thrill seekers.

Take an around-the world-trip in one day, from the mine train in Mexico to the Himilayas where you can experience the adrenalin of Europe’s highest roller coaster!

The park also includes a variety of fun shows such as flamenco dancing, which are entertaining for all ages. There are copious themed restaurants as well as stalls offering meals snacks throughout the day.


Another perfect choice for families, or groups of Friends! At the Illa Fantasia Waterpark there are numerous water themed rides to enjoy. Take the plunge on the fast, vertical drops. Challenge yourself to the tormenting twists and turns. Take a dip in the fun-for-all wave pool. This day out is a treat for all ages, and everyone will leave the park with a big grin plastered on their face after a day of splashing. Check out our website for more information, and to book your tickets.

So there you have it! Barcelona is a gem in itself; however the city’s surroundings are also abundant in entertaining activities, enchanting natural locations and cultural delights. If you feel like venturing further afield then any of these options would provide you and your friends or family with a memorable day away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Barcelona has recently become a modern avenue to many worldwide events and gatherings. It is also going to host Mobile World Congress 2017, one of the biggest social events in innovative technologies industry. A new edition of MWC 2017 Barcelona, the GSMA Fair will be held in the facilities of the Fira de Barcelona between 27th of February and 2nd of March 2017, making Barcelona for a few days the world capital of technology.


Why is MWC 2017 Barcelona important?

Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017, the GSMA Fair, will be the most important event in the world in terms of technologies for mobile telephony; the companies providing mobile services, mobile phone manufacturers, content distributors will be launching all present and future developments in this restless world of mobile telephony. The event will promise the ultimate innovative goals for the world mobile industry whilst being an almost appointment for the best professionals and companies.

Mobile World Congress 2017 is mainly aimed at having discussions and presentations in everything related to mobile telephony. To mention an idea of ​​the importance of MWC 2017 Barcelona, it is just enough take a look at the number of speakers and presentations of the last edition in 2016, which was attended by more than 95000 visitors; ¨it´s definitely to say this was a record¨ by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, MWC 2016 Barcelona attendee.

In Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017, the fair will ​​exhibit us the latest news, developments related to the world of mobile technology, bringing together the world famous IT companies, such as AirWatch, Alcatel-Lucent, Amdocs, Bharti Airtel, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, Ford, Fujitsu, Gemalto, HTC, Huawei, IBM, Intel, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, NTT DOCOMO, Oracle, Orange, Qualcomm, Samsung, SAP, Sharp, SK Telecom, Sony Mobile, Telefonica, Tellabs, Visa, Vodafone and ZTE. In its last edition 2016, the fair featured more than 1500 companies.

What is new at MWC 2017 Barcelona?

During the week of MWC 2017 Barcelona, attendees can take advantage of the many components that make up this leading industry event. The congress will be the best place to recognize the worldwide progress and achievements in mobile industry, opening the doors for opportunities in the industry, making deals and networking with IT related industries.

It´s great news to emphasise that Barcelona has guaranteed world reference event until 2023. And stay up-to-dated with all the latest event information at the following link:

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Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya has recently become a new platform for the “Worldwide” gatherings, especially for; Global Conferences, Congress, Workshops and International Conventions.  Attending social collaborations is an efficient way to establish global business relationships/partners and to stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Discover the world´s leading medical & pharmaceutical coming events in Barcelona, as there will be opportunities to network,  evolve set skills with advantages of a vast exchange of the newest knowledge. If traveling with a group of colleagues to Barcelona, we can help you set up accommodation for the whole group.

Barcelona will host welcoming venues for various pharmaceutical and medical events on agenda in Barcelona for the rest of this year, and for the next year as well:


31 Aug-03 September 2016 – Continent Congress

Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

The congress will bring about the latest medical achievements, and its impact on aesthetic environment, rapid changes in modern pharmaceutical marketing and business sectors, how internet is changing the working conditions in medicine and what home devices will be able to facilitate people´s life in the next few years.


08-11 September 2016 – World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer (CoBrCa)

Hotel Hilton, Barcelona, Spain

During the congress, the key issues will be addressed in the format of debates and discussions, which is absolutely a great chance for young researches to perform at their best. Moreover, some of the most controversial topics in breast cancer, like medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology and supportive care will be concluded with presentations, debates and discussions.


20-22 September 2016 – The International Meeting on Therapy in Liver Diseases

Hesperia Tower Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

The meeting will take a serious attention on the main alcohol issues causing liver cancer. The agenda will particularly cover areas like Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis, Treatment Strategies for Hbv, Chronic Hcv Infection, Acute-on-chronic Liver Failure, Diagnosis and Treatment of Liver Tumors.


04-06 October 2016 – CPhl Worlwide

 Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

This year Barcelona will be a new location for CPhl Worlwide exhibition series. It´s predicted to host more than 36.000 visiting pharma professionals and over 2.500 exhibitors from 150 countries, including almost every corner of the world´s pharma industry. It will be a grand market of pharmaceutical products, launching the whole scenario of medical manufacturing and ingredient sourcing, services and products in the supply chain.


20-22 October 2016 – World Congress on Debates & Consensus in Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases

Hilton Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

World Congress on Debates & Consensus in Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases will bring researchers, clinicians and orthopaedics together to discuss the main dilemmas of bone and muscle care. The speakers will perform on a common platform with an ultimate aim to standardize various procedures and techniques in healing and prevention of various kinds of bone diseases. The congress will lead to new insights in the recent debates on unsolved clinical and therapeutic dilemmas in bone, muscle and joint diseases.


07-09 November 2016 – “International Conference and Expo on Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing’’ (Generic Pharma 2016)

TRYP Barcelona Apolo Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

“International Conference and Expo on Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing’’ (Generic Pharma 2016) slated on Nov 07-09, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, will bring together the participants from all over the world. The conference aims at covering the aspects of modern pharmaceutical sciences, manufacturing, analysing the quality and originality of the products; the latest insights into the international commercial, legal, and regulatory developments concerning the pharmaceutical sector. The attendees will get the chance to discuss the main issues of drug manufacturing, legalization of those products, the sales chain, all the pros and cons of the process in general.


8-10 March 2017 – Annual European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society Conference

Venue to be announced, Barcelona, Spain

This annual conference on Neuroendocrine Tumour Therapy will address the key issues like the improvement in the diagnosis and therapy of patients with neuroendocrine tumours. The researches will be exchanging the acquired knowledge in an international, interdisciplinary and scientific context.


8-12 March 2017 – International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy

Catalonia Palace of Congresses, Barcelona, Spain

The international symposium will be targeting the discussions on like maternal fetal medicine, prediction and prevention in maternal fetal medicine, the genome and maternal fetal medicine, new technologies and maternal fetal medicine, and many other debates.


21-23 March 2017 – Infarma Expo

 Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

The 3 day expo event in Barcelona, Infarma Expo will be a quick overview of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain. The expositions will bring worldwide companies, as well as small enterprises on the same platform to see the latest development of the pharmaceutical business.


11-13 May 2017 – Fdm Forum Dental and Exhibition

Gran Via Exhibition Centre, Barcelona, Spain

Fdm Forum Dental and Exhibition is a 3 day event showcasing products like equipment for dental clinics, equipment for prosthetic laboratories, implant dentistry, consumables, instruments for dental clinics, etc.; what is the newest in the medical and pharmaceutical industry will be shown up in this exhibition.


26-30 August 2017 – European Society of Cardiology Congress

Venue to be announced, Barcelona, Spain

The congress organized by the Eurolink Medical Congresses, will put the most important subjects like innovations in scientific discovery, clinical practice, technology, education and importantly in applications to clinical care.

Social gatherings, actually no matter the agenda or the place, can be considered as the fresh initiatives for the further innovation and development. They are of high importance to young scientists as those conferences, congress, meetings encourages innovation, socio-economic development, and flow of knowledge across the world. Barcelona is absolutely a perfect platform for those pharmaceutical and medical events, since it is the city of informality and high tolerance guaranteeing the step change in trust, reputation, collaborative setting, inspiring agenda, commercial evolution, advance partnership, and innovative tracks. If you are looking for a pharmaceutical or medical meeting to attend in Barcelona, we would definitely help direct your journey. Save the data of the event you will be up to and let us make your scientific trip a huge success and full of unforgettable Barcelona memories.

There is no better time to visit Barcelona in September when the city goes back to its ancient customs and traditions for a few days. La Mercè is the festival of Barcelona, ​​held in honour of the patron saint of the city on September 24, officially took place in 1902 for the first time. It is the time for locals to celebrate the day of Mercè, however, everybody is welcome to participate and enjoy a few Catalan traditions. Although the actual feast day is September 24 (also bank holiday), the festivities begin a few days beforehand – starting from 22th of September.

Barcelona is such a festival-friendly city; each neighbourhood holds a festival at least once a year, however, this time it is the festival of the whole of Barcelona. You can experience the most potential festival spirit all around; each year almost every neighbourhood of Barcelona is taking part in the festival and contributes to making the celebrations more active and supportive.

La Mercè speciality

During the festivities of La Mercè many events are held and celebrations in the streets of Barcelona. The traditional face of the party is human towers – Castellers – devil, hawkers, drummers… main streets and squares of the city will be enlivened by them. The aim of the Castellers is to build a human tower and have a young child climb to the top of the tower and stand up; the avenue for this activity will on Placa de Sant Jaume, starting at midday. Just to mention – since 2010 the Human Towers of Catalunya are part of the Intangible World Heritage by the UNESCO. Before the Castellers arrive, in the same square the Giants will have a show at about 11am. This significant show is the procession of Giants, a parade followed by children and adults. The fire, as always, will be an essential element of the celebrations. They also highlight the Correfoc: fire show, in which demons and dragons spit fire from his mouth, the location is on Via Laietana, starting about 6PM. Of course, the typical dance of Sardana won´t be forgotten on these special days. Another popular tradition of the festival of La Merce is the Fira de Vins, held in the neighbourhood of La Barceloneta, next to the pier of Port Vell; a great chance to taste local wine. There is also a food fair in the central parts of the city, particularly dedicated to the Catalan wines, where you can try different varieties, accompanying the tops of typical tapas and other dishes.

La Mercè of Paris

This year Paris will be a guest city of Merce Festival. Locals and visitors will see the extraordinary skills of Parisian artists in diverse fields: from music to circus and street arts. Ciutadella Park will be the main space of the guest city this year which has invited some great French artists that no one should miss where you can participate in the large cardboard constructions by the artist Olivier Grossetête and see French hip-hop artists sing and dance. At Montjuïc Castle, you will also discover several French artists performing spectacular jumps, staging aerial performances. At Fabra i Coats, you will be able to see Nuage, a suspended artificial cloud upon which some French acrobats will manoeuvre.

La Mercè Closing

La Mercè is also a festival of music, recently, using the newest technological innovation, it became a showcase – audio-visual shows, surprising projections and … any proposal that applies to the festival with surprising results is already essential elements of the traditions in modern ages. Plenty of free concerts in the main streets and squares of the city, such as Plaça de Catalunya or Plaça Sant Jaume…

Finally, the Piromusical Festival, one of the most famous celebrations of the Festival of La Mercè, which closes the festive week. It is an impressive festival of fireworks and light, which takes place on the mountain of Montjuïc. The Piromusical also coordinates with the spectacle of the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, giving the festival a final unforgettable scene year by year. The combination of these shows comes in a huge burst of fire, light and colour, music and magic.

La Mercè today

Nowadays La Mercè has become genuinely popular festival thanks to the collaboration of the neighbourhoods across the city. Today, La Mercè is a festival which places in the centre of Catalan culture and history. Barcelona will bring together a huge program that will force you to choose: street arts, parades, concerts, traditional dances.

Be careful, the pickpockets will be all around, even though specially-powered security will be provided almost in every corner. Save the data of the festival this year and follow the program through the official website of the events this year:

Are you travelling in a group? In that case we can help with accommodation in Barcelona for larger groups.

If you would like to have more colourful insights into your Barcelona holiday, contact us for further information and make your Barcelona experience truly memorable. Tlf: 0034 935 008 226.