Barcelona – the guide to spiritual happiness
Find inner peace and happiness in Barcelona

This article reveals the spots for those who are searching for some inner peace, while visiting Barcelona. So, you are packing your suitcase with souvenirs and maybe some tasty local snacks to take home, surely there is room for some spiritual happiness as well!

If your next destination to meditate and relax is Barcelona, we will nudge you in the right direction. Barcelona is, despite being a modern, vibrant place, a city for repose and contemplation. In no small way, the topography plays its part, embraced as it is by the Mediterranean Sea and flanked by green hills, with mighty mountains in the near distance. Barcelona itself has no shortage of spaces for searching for that elusive peace of mind. Let´s discover a few places in Barcelona that will feed your spirit and imagination!

 City view from ¨ the Secret hill¨

While in Barcelona, you should visit the Bunker and get the 360´ city view from the hill, where an old Spanish civil war bunker was built in the 30s. It can be considered as a ¨secret hill¨, because even many locals don’t know about this place yet. Probably one of the best panoramic view of the city – you can see almost everything – the vastness of the sea, the narrow avenues of the down town, the lights and the high mountain peaks. It is spectacular no matter at what time you get there, but it is highly recommended to catch the sunrise or the sunset. Barcelona is a city of lights as well; the nights will be illuminating in every sense. If you’re lucky with the timing, you can also catch the full moon; that is bound to make an impression!

¨Sailing towards tranquility¨

Barcelona is one of the best beach cities in Europe on the Mediterranean coastline. If your visit is in summer months, feel fortunate; beaches are easily accessible to the general public with a long boulevard of many bars, restaurants, clubs, and amazing temporary sand sculptures. The neighbourhood close by is called Barceloneta and is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood . Sailing along the Costa Brava coastline is a perfect activity to find mental, if not necessarily physical, balance! This is where you’ll hire your yacht for a day in Barcelona.

Before doing anything, though, starting the day with some yoga classes will get you in the right frame of mind for  what the day has in store.

¨Parks in Peace¨

The moment when you want to escape the city bustle, and when you are looking for something more tranquil, maybe somewhere greener, then a visit to the parks around Barcelona is in order. The magical wonderland of Park Guell, the impressive atmosphere at the Park of Montjuic, or the Park Ciutadella. For the more spiritually minded,  the Labyrinth Park is the place to spend a quiet moment just doing nothing, while contemplating the 18th century neo-classical garden with a wonderful hedge maze.  This park has the added advantage of being on the outskirts of the city and not overrun by visitors. The parks are usually crowdy, especially on the weekend, so pick your time wisely, ideally a weekday morning.

¨Touch the Sky¨

Did you ever feel the ambition to “touch the sky”? The mountain region of Montserrat is a destination with breath taking sights. Here you will come across a truly spiritual environment, where you can admire the architectural beauty of the famous monastary perching on top of the mountain. Get your place on a top peak, let your mind be free and feel like ameditating monk!  Arrange your trip to this unique site here: Half Day Tour Montserrat

There isn’t really a single answer to what brings spiritual happiness to your life. Some people can make this happiness happen through the new adventures. Travelling is always a good idea, book the flight to Barcelona, come and find your inner peace here. Be surrounded by lovely people, get to know a different culture, find quiet corners frozen in time, immerse yourself in the sea and take a trip to the mountain. Hope the article will help you to have a pleasurable or satisfying Barcelona experience in tranquillity. To get more ideas to pique and ease your mind in Barcelona, stay updated with us!

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