L’Aquarium de Barcelona
visit L’Aquarium de Barcelona

A Break from Basilicas

When you have planned a Barcelona tour for your entire family, you and your spouse may be enthralled by the museums and basilicas, but what can you do when the kids need a little excitement? Try the family-friendly L’Aquarium de Barcelona. Located in the Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, this four-million litre aquarium is home to hundreds of amazing species of aquatic life. For a stop on your Barcelona tour that will entertain the children and provide a cool place of respite for tired parents as well, the Aquarium is one attraction you don’t want to pass up.

Creatures of the Mediterranean

Sure, you might have been to an aquarium close to your home, but at L’Aquarium de Barcelona you will have the opportunity to experience marine life from more exotic parts of the world. One notable feature of the aquarium is the Oceanarium, which is a microcosm of the Mediterranean Sea. In the Oceanarium you can enjoy a thrilling stroll through an 80-metre underwater tunnel, allowing you a close-up view of sharks as well as other fascinating sea creatures. In all, this attraction features fourteen diverse aquariums, each representing a different facet of life in the Mediterranean Sea.

Amazing Phenomena

Next on your Barcelona tour is the second floor of L’Aquarium, known as Planeta Aqua. Here you can not only get acquainted with several types of rays—stingrays, eagle rays, and more—in an open 20,000 tank, you can also observe amazing fossils and learn more about mysterious ocean phenomena such as symbiosis and camouflage. Besides that, if the kids are suffering withdrawals from their video games, here they can play a few while learning more about reptiles, mammals, and fish. And if you’re a fan of seashells, you will not want to miss the Jewels of the Sea. This amazing exhibition, housed permanently in Barcelona, displays incredible shells you won’t have a chance to see anywhere else.

Especially for Young Children

The children’s area, Explora!, is also worth a stop if you have younger travelers along on your Barcelona tour. It’s an interactive feature that includes over 50 hands-on learning activities for curious kids to try.

Plan an Exciting Visit

L’Aquarium de Barcelona is open year-round. Opening time is 9:30 AM daily, and closing times vary by season. Admission prices also vary by age, so check the website for full details. While you’re at it, go ahead and buy your tickets online to avail yourself of special discounts and avoid standing in the queue once you arrive at the attraction.  We suggest that you allow a minimum of two hours for your visit, but you can certainly make a day of it if you’d like to. You’ll be glad to know that food and drinks are available at the cafeteria, which offers a range of choices from salad, pasta, and meat entrees, to sandwiches, snacks or ice cream. Lockers are available if you need to stow some belongings for a while, but you’ll have to make other arrangements for your pets, as they are not allowed. The entire facility is handicap-accessible, and by the way, don’t miss the unique gift shop which is set up in the remains of a galleon.

All the mysteries and wonders of the sea await your family at L’Aquarium de Barcelona, making it the perfect destination for your Barcelona tour.