The sun has pushed away the winter chill, and as we move towards summer our minds turn to the sea and all  the fabulous Barcelona Boat trips we can take!

Lots of Barcelona’s tourists walk down La Rambla, wander around the Sagrada Familia and stroll through the city’s countless markets.

But too few of them explore Barcelona by boat. With its massive coastline, Barcelona is one of the world’s best beach cities.

If you’re interested in sailing around and along Barcelona’s colossal coastline, consider boat hire in Barcelona, or one of our Barcelona boat trips. We arrange Barcelona boat trips, Barcelona boat hire, Barcelona yacht charters, Barcelona catamaran charters and more.

Our boat-based experiences are popular with an endless number of Barcelona’s tourists, including families, groups of friends, couples, staff teams and everyone in between.

We offer lots of different boats, lots of different experiences, and even distant day trips.

What types of boats can I ride on Barcelona boat trips?

We offer several types of boats, for both short jaunts and long journeys:


With our personalised Barcelona charter catamaran tours, you sail around Barcelona’s coast, enjoying incredible cityscape views and Mediterranean dips (and we don’t mean hummus).

Addable extra perks include catering, BBQ, a bar, snorkelling, wine tasting, live music, and much more. We offer both large and small catamarans for teams and groups of different sizes.

barcelona boat trips catamaran costa brava


Some of our sailboats are small, charming and humble, perfect for small groups. These diminutive boats can be rented by the hour, and come with snacks, drinks and some of the best possible views and vistas of Barcelona. Eat, swim, luxuriate, laugh and enjoy the excellent sunset views.

Feeling inspired? Check out the different options for sailboats right here

For massive groups with cash to splash, we also offer bigger boats with bigger reputations. The biggest name in our fleet is the Southern Cross, one of the most famous boats in Spain. Dating back to 1962 and popular with wedding parties and corporate groups, this thing once belonged to Frank Sinatra.

Luxury yachts

Our small luxury yachts are really more like speedboats, allowing you to zoom along Barcelona’s coastline. Again, they come equipped with food, drinks and a guarantee of being one of the best experiences that Barcelona has to offer.

Where do the boats travel to?

That’s up to you. If you just want to sail around Barcelona’s coast for an hour or two, you can. But if you want to take a day trip somewhere further afield, some of the most popular options include:

Costa Brava

Running a lengthy line all the way from Barcelona to the Spanish-French border, the so-called ‘rugged coast’ lives up to its name, with cliffs, caves, coves, shores, sands and a whole load of sun.

Barcelona boats costa brava coastline


For something a little closer to Barcelona, this long, golden, dune-packed beach sits around 20km south of Barcelona’s centre.


Just 35km south of Barcelona, Sitges is brimming with charm, but it’s also packed with contradictions. It’s upbeat, busy, and full of good nightlife, but it’s also homely, historic, and ridiculously loveable.

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Looking for team building activities in Barcelona? 

Here are some things you won’t want to do: sit in a windowless conference room. That overused activity where you fall back and pretend not to catch each other. Cringe-inducing team meditation. An in-office buffet.

If you want to avoid all those banal bore fests, Barcelona is a great choice for team building, team building activities and corporate events – and for plenty of reasons.

Why Barcelona for Team Building?

First, you get all the obvious good stuff! Including city-center beaches, constant sunshine, great weather, tasty food, Spanish smiles, countless restaurants, buzzing bars, excellent architecture, mega-famous sites, and one of the world’s best city breaks.

Secondly, and on top of the good stuff, we’ve built an incredible package of Barcelona-based corporate events and team building activities. Some of our most popular take place on the sea, in, on and around Barcelona’s shimmering shorelines.

Our most popular team building activities on the sea include: 

Escape Boat

We work with the best Escape Room company in Barcelona to offer you on-boat Escape Room experiences that are fun, unique and genuinely exciting. You get 60 minutes on the deck of a boat to show why you’re not all absolutely useless. And, even if you don’t solve the problems, at least you’ll enjoy sailing along Barcelona’s beautiful coastline.

Sailing Regatta

For those of you who aren’t well-versed in maritime lingo, a regatta is basically just another way of saying a race. For this sailing regatta experience, you and your team are split into groups and given the help of an experienced captain. All team members are active participants in the race, which is preceded by eating, training and learning about in-race maneuvers.  A fast-paced and fun activity, which really gets people working together to win the race! 

Team activity boat regatta barcelona

On-Catamaran Wine Tasting

For a gentler boat-based experience, we give you a catamaran, a trained sommelier, and a load of wine. You then enjoy it all in a tasty, relaxing, indulgent package of sun, sea, and slurping.

With space for more than 100 people, you get great wine, unbeatable panoramas, and a relaxing jaunt along Barcelona’s incredible coast.

If the sun is shining, which it probably will be, take your swimsuits to make a refreshing swim stop during the trip.

Check out the catamaran hire options for more information

Team Building Activities for Land Lovers

If you don’t want to explore Barcelona by sea, we offer landlubber-friendly team building activities and corporate events too. Our on-land options include tapas cooking, Barcelona Wipeout (our ridiculous version of Total Wipeout), flamenco nights, treasure hunts, salsa classes, graffiti projects, tours of the city and much more.

No matter whether you’d prefer a sea-based experience or an on-land event, we only craft bespoke, flexible experiences specifically tailored to what you and your team actually want to do. Want to make an event shorter? Longer? Gentler? More intense? Want to start at your hotel? Whatever you want from your Barcelona team building experience, that’s what we’ll give you.

A team building event shouldn’t feel like work – it should feel like fun.  And with us, it will.

For genuine, authentic, non-forced fun with your team, come and enjoy some team building activities and corporate events in Barcelona. For corporate events and team building activities, Barcelona is one of the best cities on the planet.

Get in touch with the Barcelona Tours team to chat about the options!