Company name: Onna

Event date: 19 – 20th September 2019

Number of people: 60

Company details: A tech company that has employees in Barcelona, New York, North Carolina and Toulouse.

Activities provided: Photo Treasure Hunt, Basics of Mosaics, Graffiti Collective, Sangria Class, Desk Yoga class, Cava tasting, plus transport.


Team building activities for large groups in Barcelona

Event brief

Onna contacted BarcelonaTours in August to help organise some amazing team building activities for their company. The event was called “Onna Camp”. The company wanted Onna Camp to bring people together from their different offices.

This was their first global reunion, so Onna wanted to make this super fun, interactive, and inclusive. While they specifically requested to try our Graffiti Art Collective activity, they were also open to other ideas for Onna Camp.

They also informed us they had rented a villa in the city to host the event activities. wanted the activities to run concurrently, with each team member able to choose what to participate in.


Create a stunning piece of street art in Barcelona with your colleagues

What we did

We started out by providing a proposal with lots of fun and interesting ideas for the client to choose from. Onna then came back to us with a list of activities they were interested in: treasure hunt, graffiti, mosaic making, yoga, cocktail classes and our transport services too.

As Onna had already rented a space for their event, we set about organising how we could do each of their selected activities in the villa and the best rooms/areas to use for each activity. This was done through a site visit a couple of weeks before the scheduled event date. The rest of the organising was done through conference calls and emails between Onna and BarcelonaTours.

The venue chosen by Onna was called Los Tilos. This venue is available for hire for private events and has ample space for large groups.


Cava tasting for your team building event in Barcelona

The event

On Thursday 19th September, guests who had chosen to do so took part in the Photo Treasure Hunt. On Friday 20th September, guests could choose which activities to take part in at the event venue. A member of the BarcelonaTours team was on site for the full day to help with logistics and managing the day’s activities.

All the activities (apart from the Treasure Hunt) were held in Los Tilos and the space was a gorgeous spot for Onna Camp.

Each activity had skilled and professional instructors that brought along the materials for the activities where needed. The Sangria Class, Mosaic class and Graffiti Collective activity were done outside as the weather was great, while the other activities took place inside. You can see photos of the event below.

The activities, as well as being fun, were a mixture of educational, practical and relaxing. Desk yoga was included to teach people how to incorporate stretches and gentle movement into working day, something that is very much needed as many people spend most of the day seated at a desk; the mosaic and graffiti activities brought people together through artistic expression and creation, while giving guests the opportunity to take part in something they might never have tried and might never do again; finally, the sangria class and cava tastings were an educational look at Spanish wine and cocktails, and a delicious way to experience these drinks.


Sangria Making Class for a team building activity in Barcelona

The results

Onners were very happy with the event. The Google review read: “We hired Barcelona Tours for our offsite retreat in Barcelona. They were AMAZING! We organized a scavenger hunt, sangria making class, cava tasting, graffiti workshop, mosaic building, as well as transportation throughout the city. Every activity was flawless and perfectly executed. We were super pleased with their service and will definitely work with them again.”

Activities breakdown

Photo Treasure Hunt: 30 guests took part in this activity, 3 hours in duration. We also organised transfers from the company’s office in Barcelona for this. The Treasure Hunt involves exploring the Gothic quarter and taking pictures with Polaroid cameras, which Onna then could keep as a memento of the day.

Graffiti Art Collective: organised for up to 60 guests, up to 3 hours in duration. Onna stated they wanted the theme of their art pieces to be “Barcelona” and “New York”.

Mosaics Design: organised for up to 60 guests, up to 3 hours in duration. Onna means “waves” in Catalan, so the company created a design using the colour blue and the design was then to be hung in their office after the event.

Sangria making class: organised for up to 20 guests, 1 hour of instruction. They learned how to make 3 different types of Sangria (1 traditional, 1 with cava and raspberries and 1 with white wine, green tea, mint and jasmin).

Cava tasting: organised for up to 20 guests, 1 hour of instruction with professional sommelier and a tasting of 4 different cavas.

Desk yoga: organised for up to 20 guests, 1 hour of instruction.

All the activities are adaptable to larger groups.

Would you like to book an event with

Please get in touch if you would like to organise an event in Barcelona: email or call +34 935 00 82 26.

Whether you’re travelling to Barcelona with a group of friends, for a family get-together or as part of a corporate event, it’s important to have the right accommodation to make sure you get the most out of your trip. It goes without saying that there is no shortage of hotels in this beautiful Mediterranean city, but not all are the right choice when it comes to group travel.

When you’re arranging accommodation for a private group of travellers, it’s important to find a hotel which doesn’t just fit within your budget but which also is located in the right part of the city so you can see and do everything you have planned. Here, we offer you our expert advice about where to stay during your trip.

The Eixample Neighbourhood

One of the best places to stay in Barcelona is the Eixample Barrio (or neighbourhood). People often believe that the name means “example”, but it really means “extension” or “expansion”. Constructed outside the original city walls, this area was designed to connect the old city of Barcelona with surrounding towns such as Gracia.

The beautiful architecture here is one reason why so many visitors love to stay in this Barrio along with the proximity to many of the city’s top attractions including Gaudi’s many stunning buildings and the famous Sagrada Familia. If you’re planning to stay in an upmarket area during your visit to the city, Eixample is the best spot for a hotel for you.

You’ll find plenty of designer shops here along with art galleries, a thriving café culture and vibrant nightlife as well as world-class eateries. The excellent transport links here mean that you can explore the best of the area when you base yourself in this Barrio.

The El Raval Neighbourhood

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience during your visit to Barcelona, you should consider staying in the El Raval Barrio. This vibrant neighbourhood is home to young and energetic artists and is also where you’ll find the Museum of Modern Art.

It’s also the perfect place to try authentic restaurants and to experience the thriving multi-cultural environment that makes the city so popular with travellers from all over the world. This area is well-known for its quirky boutiques, late night eateries and its convenient location within walking distance of popular attractions like La Boqueria, the Gothic Quarter and the metro which will take you further afield.

Arranging Your Group Accommodation in Barcelona

If you’re planning group travel to Barcelona and need help to arrange suitable accommodation for your party contact BarcelonaTours today. Our friendly, expert team have the in-depth local knowledge necessary to find the ideal hotels for your group in the area you prefer and within your specified budget.

You can also rely on us to help with organising activities and transport for you and your party, saving you the time and effort of having to make your own arrangements. We look forward to helping you to make the most of your visit to this beautiful city.

Whatever type of business you run, having team-building activities as part of your corporate programme couldn’t be more important. Team-building activities are perfect for helping colleagues to work together efficiently, and to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

They’re also the best way to foster a community spirit within your workplace and to build up positive relationships between workmates that will translate into their employment. If you’re looking for team-building opportunities in Barcelona, you’ll be pleased to discover that there is no shortage of fun group activities that are suitable for all kinds of companies.

Here, we take a closer look at the top three for you to choose from. 

An Escape Room 

One of the best modern team-building activities in Barcelona has to be arranging a fun and exciting escape room experience for your workforce. Barcelona is home to a whole new generation of innovative escape rooms with plenty of space to accommodate as many as 240 players!

Since most escape rooms are only large enough to accommodate small groups, this is a great advantage. It opens up this fun activity to even large organisations looking for a great way to forge strong working partnerships.

The Mission: Classified mobile escape room can be held virtually anywhere and provides 90 minutes of thrilling problem solving that gets colleagues working together.

A Salsa Class

If you’re looking for team building activities that bring your workers together, there are few better options than a salsa class in Barcelona. Colleagues can unwind and relax while learning new skills and getting to know each other better.

Breaking the ice is often difficult, especially with new starters or those who speak different languages. However, a salsa class gives people of all ages and nationalities the opportunity to get together, have a laugh and get comfortable on the dance floor.

A GPS Treasure Hunt

Have you been looking for something a little bit different and more hi-tech for your team-building activity in Barcelona? Then what could be more appropriate than a GPS treasure hunt? This activity takes your workers all over the sea and land with a unique and original exercise that will get people of all ages and abilities talking, cooperating and getting to know each other better.

Participants will have lots of fun while forging stronger worker relationships that will set them in good stead once they’re back in the workplace.

Arranging Your Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Whatever kind of business you run, whether it be large or small, you can be certain that there are fantastic group activities available in Barcelona that are just perfect for team building and fostering cooperation between your workers.

Barcelona Tours is your number one choice to arrange dynamic activities for you and your workforce. We take pride in the bespoke service we provide, helping you to find the ideal experience that will perfectly meet your organisation’s team-building needs. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today and start planning the ideal activity to suit your requirements.

Send us an email at or call +34 935 00 82 26.

Corporate events are a key component of fuelling engagement with employees in any organisation. One of the best ways to ensure that your team building event creates lasting memories is to arrange it overseas.

There’s no better way for employees to have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences within a new environment while strengthening team interactions and encouraging intercultural growth. Why should you arrange your team building activities abroad? Here are just a few of the reasons.

The Bonding Benefits

Anyone who has ever travelled with family members or friends knows that nothing unites people in quite the same way as exploring new things within a brand-new environment. When people are connected outside their usual confines the team naturally becomes stronger.

Adding Unique Flavour

The fresh and new cultural insights that travelling overseas for your team building activities can bring help you to add unique flavour to your corporate event. Traditional music, entertainment and performances add more excitement and fascination to the experience, making it even more memorable.

Testing the Team

When you arrange your team-building activities in a foreign country you can find out how well your workforce can cope with challenges and stresses in an unknown environment. Not only that, but abroad events can open brand new networking horizons. The chance of establish fresh partnerships is a great reason to look overseas for your team building opportunities.

A Wealth of New Opportunities

One of the most convincing reasons for arranging your team building corporate events overseas? It opens up a wealth of opportunities for different and exciting activities which may not be available at home. By choosing activities which are unique to the country in which you are visiting, you can widen your workers’ cultural appreciation as well as their range of experience.

Visiting Barcelona For Your Team-Building Activities

Barcelona is a fantastic destination for any company’s team building activities. With a wealth of exciting venues and resources in stimulating and stunning surroundings, Barcelona has everything any workforce could want from sandy beaches to mountains with incredible views.

When your team aren’t working on reinforcing their cooperation skills and strengthening their relationships, they can enjoy the many fantastic experiences that the city provides, from dining in traditional restaurants to exploring cultural sites.

Using Our Specialist Team

If you’re ready to plan the perfect team-building activity in Barcelona, Barcelona Tours is here to help. As experts in the field, we’re here to make sure that you are matched up with the perfect experiences to suit you and your workforce. We have a wide range of group activities and private tours. These are almost all adaptable to suit your group, all organised by our talented and knowledgeable team.

Whatever size your group and whatever type of activities you’re interested in, you can rely on us to arrange group travel for you and your colleagues.

Are you ready to find out what we have to offer? Then contact our specialist team today and begin planning your Barcelona team building corporate event now.

This blog was originally posted in 2018 and updated on the 14th November 2019.

The Christmas lights are up, the air smells like roasting chestnuts and there’s a feeling of warmth even though it’s cold outside – it must be December in Barcelona! This old city doesn’t stop just because it’s chilly in the streets and a frosty wind is blowing leaves around the ankles of the locals, there’s still plenty to see and do. Read on to find out how to make the most of this month…

Barcelona Christmas Markets

Europe is known for having Christmas markets pop-up during winter, and when that first market stall appears in the street, it immediately feels like the festive season has begun. Barcelona will be covered in great Christmas markets selling traditional goodies throughout the month of December, with plants, decorations, gifts and foods all available from little tables decorated with Christmas lights. For a more in depth look at markets and shopping at Christmas, check out our Christmas in Barcelona blog.

There will also be other markets and shops that are just around for a weekend, like there is all year round, and we have selected three that will take you right through until Christmas Day.

All Those Food Market: Navidad 2019

Location: Plaça de les Arts, 1, 08013 Barcelona, Spain (in front of the National Theatre of Catalonia)

Date: Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December

All Those have become a regular on the market calendar in the last few years in Barcelona, holding events every few months with food trucks and stalls. Showcasing delicious local restaurants, bakeries, farms, wineries, breweries and all manner of food and drink suppliers, All Those is a true foodie market with the feeling of a mini-festival. Their ethos is admirable: bringing local goods to the people in a fun environment, with the goal of inspiring more people to start their own gastronomic projects. They hope this in turn will help grow the community, bringing more people together, connecting businesses with exciting new producers and the consumers at the market.

Grab a glass of hot wine to warm you up as you walk through the stalls – make sure you have a good look both inside and outside before you buy or you could spend a fortune on snacks!

BCN Makers Pop-Up Market

Location: Wallnwood, Carrer de Betlem, 53, 08012

Date: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December

Look no further for creative Christmas gifts than the BCN Makers Pop-Up Market. Local designers will bring their exciting creations to WallnWood, a beautiful bricked space, in Gracia, Barcelona’s neighbourhood located up the hill. More than 30 makers and creators of decorations, clothes, cosmetics, lamps and furniture will be showcasing and selling their wares. There has also been a promise of surprising and exciting nibbles to go with the goods!

Meals & Christmas Food

There are so many delicious, warming comfort foods in Catalonia to keep you toasty on a cold winter day. Read on for three different things to look out for on local menus…

Arroz caldoso (Rice in broth)

Everyone has heard of paella, the traditional rice dish from Valencia, Spain, and this is certainly a dish you can eat in the winter. However, we recommend trying arroz caldoso instead, which is a rich, tasty stock, or caldo, with the all the ingredients of a paella inside. This soupy offering will warm you right to the core and comes in so many different varieties so there is something everyone can enjoy. The most luxurious version is loaded with lobster – wonderful!

If you fancy learning to cook paella and learning about the other great rice and tapas dishes in Spain, check out our Spanish Cooking Class.

Lentejas (Lentils)

Lentils are hugely popular in Catalonia and still form a staple part of the day-to-day diet of the people. They are eaten in many different ways, but in winter you will find hot and hearty lentil stews on many local menus. The dishes will be a base of cooked lentils with potatoes, meats (maybe chorizo or another type of cured sausage), tomatoes, garlic and some fragrant additions like rosemary, thyme or bay leaves.

Churros con Chocolate (Spanish donuts with Chocolate)

Now, you might not find these in the same restaurant as your rice and lentils, but it’s worth taking a walk to find excellent churros with thick, melted chocolate. Visit a “granja” on Carrer de Petritxol, the street that is known as the chocolate street, for the best of the best when it comes to this traditional treat. For the locals, it’s not a dessert but a snack which is eaten in the early evening, around 5 or 6pm, but you can eat it whenever you like. Take your churros dusted with icing sugar, dip them in chocolate or even chocolate topped with whipped cream, it’s up to you.

Making Merry

Just like the rest of the year, Barcelona is all about eating, drinking and enjoying yourself in December! If the markets and munchies aren’t enough, get in touch with BarcelonaTours and we will help organising an amazing activity to boost your visit. Get into the Christmas spirit with a visit to the Poble Espanyol, or Spanish village, and see this recreation of traditional Spanish architecture decorated for the festive season. Finish the visit off with an amazing Flamenco Show with Tapas or a 3-course dinner and drinks.

You can also get your blood pumping and run some Latin heat through your veins with a Salsa Class and entry into a Salsa night club – just bring along your passion and your dancing shoes, and we’ll organise the rest.

You can also check out our other excellent activities, just visit the home page for more ideas.

Christmas parties for companies

Planning your office Christmas party in Barcelona? Get in touch with as soon as possible to start planning the best Christmas party in town! From private venues and dinners to dancing all night with VIP tables, we can help you put together a night that no one will forget.

Get in touch today at or by calling +34 935 008 226.

Are you arranging group travel overseas? It can be a challenging responsibility. Whether you’re arranging a conference, a team-building activity or an incentive trip in a foreign country, making all of the arrangements yourself can be time-consuming and stressful.

That’s why you should consider hiring a company that can take care of your group travel organisation. Wondering why finding a specialist company to help you with your trip planning is such a good idea? Read on and discover the many benefits.

Expert Local Knowledge

Unless you’ve lived in your chosen destination before, you probably don’t have the specialist knowledge you need to make the best decisions about where to stay and what to do during your trip. A specialist company will have an in-depth understanding of the city of your choice and will be able to access the best the city can offer.

Making Transportation Simple

When you hire a local company to arrange your group travel, you’ll find travelling around your destination is much easier. Quality transportation will be arranged on your behalf to get you and your group wherever you need to go. From airport transfers to sightseeing trips, it’ll all be done for you, saving you time and effort.

Accommodation For Your Group

It can be difficult to get a good rate on accommodation for large groups however with an expert local company working on your behalf you can find a comfortable stay for your entire party at a price you can afford to pay. You won’t need to make endless phone calls or browse through countless hotel websites. Simply outline your requirements and the specialist company will do the rest for you.

Arranging Activities And Events

Whether you’re arranging a family vacation, a trip for a group of friends or a corporate team building event, arranging activities for your party once you’ve arrived in your destination can be a hassle. Researching the best activities to enjoy can take a long time, but a specialist company will already know all the options that suit your requirements and can arrange them all for you in advance.

Going The Extra Mile For You

When you need a specialist company to arrange group travel in Barcelona for you and your party, Barcelona Tours is on hand to be your partner. We are experts in the city’s accommodation, attractions and activities, so you can depend on us to organise the perfect trip.

We have almost ten years of experience in arranging high-quality private tours, group travel and group activities in and around the city of Barcelona. You can rely on our extensive local knowledge and contacts to make your trip a complete success.

We can handle all elements of your stay! From arranging transportation and accommodation to helping arrange evening entertainment, restaurants and team-building activities. We’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy your visit to this stunning city to the max.

Contact today by emailing or calling +34 935 00 82 26.

Barcelona has been a hugely popular destination for corporate events for many years. From the Mobile World Conference, which welcomes people from all over the globe, to the small conferences that are just for the office team, Barcelona has many excellent resources to help you fire up your employees and business networks.

However, this blog isn´t about booking those hotel rooms or meeting spaces (although we can help with that too!). This is about how to keep your team excited and motivated before, in between, and after those all-important meetings and networking events. has advice on how to keep your group inspired with awesome team-building activities and how to unwind in those precious free hours.

Team-Building Activities in Barcelona

A vital part of a corporate event is connecting people in a fun and engaging way. Whether you’ve known each other for years or have just met, team-building through healthy competition in a stimulating environment such as Barcelona will drive your group with challenges, while providing a fun break from the serious meetings. The following activities also get your group out and exploring the city without the need for an official guide and following a guide from place to place – using maps and clues, these activities will take your group back to basics!

IPad Rally

This is a task to really get the team´s cogs turning but also to see a lot of the city! This activity is perfect for people in all industries: it will reignite a sense of adventure while challenging you to solve puzzles, riddles and also solve Barcelona’s winding streets! After a quick session to teach your group how to use the iPads and the app, they´ll be split into teams and taken to different parts of the area to start their problem-solving. The treasure hunt lasts two hours and isn´t just about progressing with your own hunt – it´s about obstructing the other teams! Block paths in a light-hearted fight for victory! Once everyone has completed the challenge, you´ll regroup at the end and prizes will be given to the winning team.

Photo Treasure Hunt

Explore the old city of Barcelona and also come away with some photo mementos! The Photo Treasure Hunt is a dynamic, engaging quest through the city, with the aim not just to score the most points, but to take the best pictures! Your guide will meet you in a central location – with your personalised booklets and instant Polaroid cameras – and give you a thorough explanation of how the hunt works. After handing over the paper maps (no Google maps here!) displaying the hunt locations and final meeting point, your guide will walk the groups to their individual starting lines and you´ll be ready to go! Over two-and-a-half hours, your group will methodically work their way through the city, looking for the answers to the questions in your booklet. We also include a list of items your group needs to collect (some of it involves chatting to the public!) and they´ll have to be on the lookout for great photo opportunities. At the final meeting point, your guide will count up the points and penalties while enjoy a complimentary drink! Just like the iPad challenge, points mean prizes, and the event will end of with the prize giving.

Please visit our team-building activities page for more options.


Once your teams have completed the formal challenges of a corporate event and the informal challenges of these exciting team-building exercises, they´re going to need a reward – especially if they didn´t win any challenges! After the adrenaline has subsided, try these activities to help your group unwind…

Private Boat Trip

No one can resist the call of the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Barcelona where you can see the water from so many parts of the city. A private boat trip is a brilliant end of conference treat, as your corporate group feels the stresses of the week flow away over the gentle waves with a drink in their hand and an unparalleled view of Barcelona’s coastline. We have boats to suit every group; from small yachts to huge catamarans, boats with private dining rooms to boats space for dancing – all your trips can be tailored to your specific needs. Add in a few bottles of cava and some “pica pica” (small snacks to whet the appetite) and your group will be feeling easy breezy in no time.

Visit our Boat Trips page for more information about our fantastic vessels.

Private Party Bus Tour

An excellent way to combine the classic sightseeing bus tour with a fun and lively environment is to hire our Barcelona Party Bus. It’s not just for birthday parties or celebrations – it’s a great way to bring people together and make the most of Barcelona’s beautiful sights. prides itself on being able to provide tailor-made experiences for corporate groups in Barcelona – our Party Bus tours are no exception.

The Bus is a great space to bring people together in a relaxed, close environment, free from the pressures of other groups invading your space. It allows you to absorb Barcelona’s big, picture worthy sights in a small window of time – something that lets your group to feel the grandeur and diversity of Barcelona’s sights and architecture. Sweep down her wide avenues in total comfort, with a drink in hand and the best view possible of the locations. The bus can also stop to allow for some photos, before whisking you off to your next iconic spot. With some drinks, music and even fun lighting, your group will feel like true VIPs.

Click here for full details of the Barcelona Party Bus.

Ready to go?

With all of these incredible options and more, is the place to plan an exciting corporate event. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter to receive great tips every month!

For those finishing touches, visit our corporate services page for information about hotels, transfers and much more.

To start your journey with and receive a personalised quote, please email us on or call now on 0034 935 008 226.